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ðéá âåøãåï 3.2.2002 éãéòåú àçøåðåú

Political science lecturer Neve Gordon wants Israel to capitulate to terrorism rather than fight it, in: "The Military Cannot Strike a Death Blow to Terrorism
'Insofar as terrorism is determined by the nature of the act and its causes are tied to the structure of social life, then the U.S. is also culpable. It has carried out, financed and supported terrorist acts in the past; it has upheld neoliberal economic policies which have had devastating effects on billions of people around the globe; and it has undermined the establishment of institutions such as the international criminal court or a mediation agency -- which would hear and judge grievances -- that could potentially prevent terrorism by providing non-violent alternatives. The U.S. has also weakened the United Nations itself by it periodic unilateralism. Rather than wreak more havoc by crying war, Haberman, Friedman, and their colleagues in the mainstream media would do well by adopting a long term vision that offers suggestions of how to curb and perhaps even eliminate the social forces that engender terrorism.'

Neve Gordon, BGU political science, compares Israel to Nazi Germany
Its domestic advocacy is unceasingly critical of Israel even as it downplays Palestinian human rights abuses and ignores Palestinian terrorism. An op-ed on the Alternatives website by Neve Gordon on the subject of the construction of the security fence accuses Israel of 'ethnic cleansing' and ignores the complex reasons behind the wall. Instead, Gordon resorts to simplistic slogans such as exhorting "international leaders" to "tell Prime Minister Sharon that at this historical moment he has an option between walls and ethnic cleansing, on the one hand, and open borders and freedom, on the other." Moreover, Gordon simplistically compares the State of Israel to Nazi Germany: "As the government of the Jewish state forces the Palestinians in ghettos, history must be turning in its grave… yet the so-called security wall does not separate these Palestinian residents from Jewish Israelis, but rather from their brethren in the West Bank."

Corruption of Academic Freedom in Israel by the anti-Zionist Far Left
Another post-Zionist who chaired the geography department refused to serve in the so-called "occupied territories," two other 'Humanists' (chairing other departments there) blame Prime Minister Sharon for murder and advocate around the world that he be jailed, and a famous writer incited to kill the settlers even before Oslo's inauguration.

One yarmulke-wearer is always a good cover for extreme leftists as an argument that they are not discriminatory. Such a professor here was recruited from the North American Peace Now movement to compare the responsibility of Jewish mothers who expose their kids to dangers in the "occupied territories" to that of Arab mothers who send theirs to become homicide bombers.

OREN YIFTACHEL (BGU, geography) propagandizes against Israel with Arab propagandist in the US
Terms like "ethnic cleansing," "apartheid" "colonialists" and "war criminals" are noticeably and deliberately absent from their seemingly objective assessments of Israel and its policies.

Unlike their more rowdy compatriots, Yiftachel and Hammami are a far greater threat to the image of Israel in this country because they understand the art of propaganda. They scrupulously avoid the code words that tend to turn off all but the most committed Israel-haters. They preface their presentations with a disclaimer that what they are promoting is "pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian." From there, they proceed to lay out the "facts," for those who are unfamiliar with the facts, in a such way that any reasonable person would conclude that Israel is a monstrous obstacle to peace in the Middle East.

Oren Yiftachel (BGU, Geography) on "Israeli Brutality"
After the failure of peace talks in the summer of 2000, the eruption of the violent intifada, the October 2000 events within the Green Line, the growing brutality of Israel's occupation of the Palestinian territories, the wave of Palestinian terror attacks in Israeli cities and the September 11 events, ethnic politics in Israel-Palestine are highly volatile. Framed by growing public hysteria about "us" and "them," anti-Arab sentiments and practices have become common in Israeli Jewish discourse, leading to a notable marginalization of the state's Palestinian minority.

The Terrorism in the Arab-Israeli Conflict is that done by Israel says BGU political science lecturer Neve Gordon
The pro-terror Marxist Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame, pays Gordon to denounce Israel as a terrorist state.

BGU geographer Oren Yiftachel Claims Israel Maps are being Used To Brainwash Israelis About "Palestine"
The Israeli government has been playing around with their maps since 1967. The result has been what Professor Oren Yiftachel of Ben-Gurion University, a political-geographer and urban planner from Beer-Sheva, refers to as 'spatial socialization' which is used to buttress Israel's claim to Palestine...."Zionists and Jews throughout the world use propaganda maps that instill 'spatial socialization' along with claims to rightful ownership of the entire 'Eretz Yisrael' where Palestinians and Palestine are presented as illegitimate or incidental," Yiftachel said. "These maps are props that pretend to present the objective reality but are actually a form of brainwashing."

DAVID NEWMAN. Political science, says that academic freedom in Israel is under threat because critics of Far Leftists are being allowed to speak
The political atmosphere in both the United States and Israel during the past two to three years has brought, in its wake, an emerging McCarthyism aimed at preventing pro-peace and left-of-center academics from expressing their opinions.

Political science lecturer NEVE GORDON claims Israel is dispossessing and oppressing "Palestinians"
As the facts on the ground attest, the separation barrier, which was ostensibly built to satisfy security needs, is being used as an extremely efficient weapon of dispossession and violation. The Palestinians' basic rights to freedom of movement and livelihood as well as the rights to education, health and even burial are being systematically abused--not only with guns, tanks and airplanes but with Caterpillar bulldozers and Fiat tractors.

"The murder of Sheikh Yassin is part of an Israeli policy that can be described as symbolic genocide". This claim was made by Ben-Gurion University professor Lev Greenberg in a recent article published in the Belgian daily 'La Libre Belgique'. Greenberg, a member of the university's political sociology department, served as spokesman for the "Yesh Gvul" peace organization in 1982, was imprisoned in 1987 for refusal to serve in the territories, and is an outspoken supporter of soldiers who currently refuse to serve there.

Israel's Apartheid Wall on Trial
The major reason Israeli citizens are not safe is because the government has decided to continue the 37 year-old occupation and oppression of another people. The only way Israelis and Palestinians will ever be safe is if Israel ends the very occupation that this separation wall intends to perpetuate by confiscating more and more land.

Martin Kramer from Tel Aviv University blasts BGU Geogrpaher Oren Yiftachel's propaganda and Bias in "How NOT to Promote Israel Studies"
I'll let you judge for yourself. Start with his article "'Ethnocracy': The Politics of Judaizing Israel/Palestine," where he makes the argument that Israel, far from being a democracy, is an ethnocracy—a state predicated on an ethnic preference that cannot be reconciled with democracy. (This is also the title of his next book.) Continue to his article "From Fragile 'Peace' to Creeping Apartheid," where he argues that Ehud Barak's peace offers were humiliating to the Palestinians, and that Israel is heading down the road of apartheid South Africa. This quote pretty much summarizes Yiftachel's position:
The failed Oslo process, the violent intifada and—most acutely—Israel's renewed aggression and brutality toward the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, have cast a dark shadow over the joint future of the state's Palestinian and Jewish citizens....The actual existence of an Israeli state (and hence citizenship) can be viewed as an illusion. Israel has ruptured, by its own actions, the geography of statehood, and maintained a caste-like system of ethnic-religious-class stratification. Without an inclusive geography and universal citizenship, Israel has created a colonial setting, held through violent control....Occupation and settlement, which necessitate ever intensifying oppression of Palestinians with or without Israeli citizenship, have clear potential to make Israel gradually cave from within. Yiftachel has called for "a conceptual shift, from Jewishness to Israeliness as the core of the country's national identity." To that end, he advocates the cancellation of Israel's Law of Return, and the effective abolition of the Jewish Agency and the Jewish National Fund.

Daphna Levit, Economics Department, Ben Gurion Univeristy, finds Israel disgusting
As I said in the previous question - Israel has created a culture, a mystique, an identity as the ultimate victim and I am DISGUSTED with this phenomenon.

Political science lecturer Neve GORDON denounces Israel as an apartheid regime: "Silence in the Face of Israeli Apartheid"
On November 9th, these international leaders have a unique opportunity to raise their voice against the Apartheid wall and 36 years of Israeli occupation. On this day, the world will be commemorating the 14th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall and the 65th anniversary of "Kristallnacht," the state orchestrated pogrom against Jews in Nazi Germany.

BGU political science lecturer NEVE GORDON denounces American "occupation" in Iraq, claims it is a plot to oppress Palestinians
“Based on our experience from 1991, we fear that massive repressive measures could be launched against Palestinian civilians during this period. We urge all peace-loving people in Israel to join forces in order to preempt such policies, and call for international protection of the Palestinian people living under Israeli occupation.
“We, Israeli and Palestinian members of civil society, are against this war, as it is not about security or justice, but about power, hegemony, control and greed. We firmly believe that security as well as freedom for the peoples of this region cannot be achieved through war, violence and death."

Against the Academic Boycott / Neve Gordon, Ben-Gurion University
how to challenge the brutal occupation of the Palestinians. In my opinion, we should strengthen the struggles taking place from within and be very wary of writing them off or disparaging them. Wittingly or not, this has been one of the outcomes of the call for an academic boycott. To fight the anti-intellectual atmosphere within Israel, local academics need as much support as they can get from their colleagues abroad. A boycott will only weaken the elements within Israeli society that are struggling against the assault on the universities, and in this way will inadvertently help those who want to gain control over one of the last havens of free speech and critical thinking in the country.

Gone to soldiers: Dan Bar-On believes that young Israeli soldiers are becoming the unintended victims in the war to defend the occupation

Self Deceiving Nation / Idan Landau
An entire nation is involved in self-deception, entangled in its own lies, and the world watches in wonderment. The deception industry first moved into high gear at Camp David

Subject: Haim Yacobi, a lecturer at the Department of Politics and Government at Ben Gurion U, Examines the “Settler Society” in Israeli Mixed Cities
Yacobi found that two areas in Lod are dominated by Palestinians. These segregated enclaves are the locus of the Palestinian citizens’ daily lives “and reflect the debate concerning city space and citizenship as theoretically discussed.” Lacking basic infrastructure, the spaces are characterized by massive informal construction. According to Yacobi’s estimation, “65 percent of the Palestinian population in the city lives in ‘illegal’ structures.” As in other mixed cities in Israel, “this demographic flow embodies political, cultural, and economic tensions that are expressed spatially. In the city of Lod, within the same city, two separate 'places' exist.”
Policy toward the Palestinian citizens of Lod, Yacobi says, has not changed over the years: “They are still the enemies, subjects of spatial and demographic oppression.”

BGU Geographer Oren Yiftachel, denounces Israel in Paris as an oppressive "ethnocracy."
We are glad he found a new polysyllable he likes.

Geographer OREN YIFTACHEL demonizing Israel on US campuses, denounces pro-Israel activists
At most of the campuses, members of the audience raised the question of anti-Semitism and attempted to tie criticism of the Israeli occupation and violence to what they see as rising anti-Semitism in the United States. This view has been echoed by major figures in academia, including the president of Harvard University. Recent racist statements by Islamic organizations in the United States have added fuel to the fire.
While any manifestation of anti-Semitism should be condemned, this subject often became the focus and overshadowed the question of Palestine. The American audiences were more interested in dwelling on swastikas on the wall of a public library than in the brutal occupation of Palestine, the on-going Israeli violation of international laws and norms, and the mass killing of innocent Palestinian and Israeli civilians.

Idan Landau (foreign literatures and linguistics) calls for mutiny and insurrection among Israeli soldiers
The refuseniks, on the other hand, face not just punishment, but social exclusion and accusations of undemocratic behaviour.

The objectors reject the undemocratic label. They call the occupation itself undemocratic and say they have a duty to resist it. The army is used for deeply political purposes, asserts Idan Landau, a 34-year-old reserve captain from Tel Aviv who refused to serve in the territories last year but did not sign the petition.

BGU political science lecturer Neve Gordon on Israeli "Fascism"
The fascisization of politics takes many forms, some more apparent than others. Perhaps most conspicuous is the dramatic change in the Israeli landscape, currently covered by thousands of billboards, posters, car stickers, and graffiti with slogans like “No Arabs, No Assaults,” “Expel Arafat,” ...and “The Criminals of Oslo should be Brought to Justice.”

BGU political sciencs lecturer Neve Gordon calls for mutiny and insurrection among Israeli soldiers, claims Israeli army serves no purpose other than to oppress Arabs
We, combat officers and soldiers who have served the State of Israel for long weeks every year, in spite of the dear cost to our personal lives, have been on reserve duty all over the Occupied Territories, and were issued commands and directives that had nothing to do with the security of our country, and that had the sole purpose of perpetuating our control over the Palestinian people.

OREN YIFTACHEL (geography) recruits Stanford students for anti-Zionist demonization of israel. Calls for binational state.
This long-term solution is one that hasn’t yet made it into the political mainstream. Widely known as the single-state solution, it calls for the creation of a bi-national, democratic state encompassing the present-day state of Israel as well as the occupied territories.

Oren Yiftachel, Geography Department, Ben-Gurion University thinks Israeli soldiers should mutiny unless Israel adopts his own ideas for a "binational state" (like Rwanda)

Idan Landau (BGU foreign literatures and linguistics) arrested for insubordination
Captain (res.) Edan Landau has been jailed for refusing to escort operatives of the Shabak (security police) in the occupied territories.

At his trial, Landau made the following declaration: "In progress in the occupied territories is a war of repression entirely subservient to the ideology of the settlement drive. The Palestinian population is being subjected to starvation, denial of medical treatment, demolition of homes and economic strangulation. I will take no part in these war crimes, nor will I serve as a fig leaf for them."

Dan Bar-On, BGU psychology, promotes Post-Zionism and postmoderist psycho-babble
'Unlike certain Israeli historians or sociologists who have developed a critical Post-Zionist approach, we find only a few signs of a similar critical trend among Israeli psychologists. This is especially disquieting in light of the latest transition from warfare to the Peace Process a transition that created many new social and individual dilemmas that would benefit from an open debate within social and clinical psychology. '

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