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BGU's solicitation for donations sent to me in the mail

Greetings from Israeli BDS activists

I will present at the end of January in Vicenza, Italy, Shlomo Sand's
I will present at the end of January in Vicenza, Italy, Shlomo Sand's "The invention ...', translated in Italian language from the english edition. I will oppose reasons against his positions, even because italian people has been invented for Savoia's Kingdom 150 years ago! But no one want to wipe us away from our place.... Thanks. Ilia Pedrina

Lea De Lange

øàåáï àãéáé

From: Michael Sherbourne
To Dana Barnett
Dear Dana,
I applaud your sending of this letter and now it needs a similar letter to all the other universities and schools of higher education.
Can I assume that you send all your e-mails on this subject to donors of funds to the Universities.
Kol ha-kavod for your magnificent efforts.
I don't know if there is anything I can do from here in London, with my limited ability,(I am 93 and partially house bound),
but if there is, please suggest it to me.

BDS- Israel- Ireland

First Name : Joelle

Thank you for what you are doing!

Dr. Miriam Adahan

Name : Yechiel Shulman, Sc.D.

Pele Viera

Thanks alot for your work, I bet ur not well funded but i hope you keep on doing the good work for us exposing the people who are trying to harm us. I mean, just to make it clear, if there is injustice i'd like to be informed, but many of the so called "human rights" organizations, have proven to have a very narrow political agenda. Thanks again, Kobi

Micah Leshem

Erella Shadmi

you seem to have missed prof. yitzhak hen

My Diary made the Headlines!...of a wingnut witch-hunt site by Assaf Oron

[alef] Academia monitor and the truth.

rozenbaum mordechy

howard hersh page

Exchange of Emails between Ofer Naiman and IAM

In less than one year you have evolved the site into a dependable

Recognition of the Bedouin Villages? --- Wonders, questions and answers regarding Prof. Oren Yiftachel‘s article “Toward Recognition of the Bedouin Villages” ---

Am very interested in what is happening in the academic community.
This is an age-old way of changing the way future decision makers feel about issues but subverting students during their formative years. It worked very well in the US during the anti-vietnam war erra, and again in Israel concerning just about every aspect of life.

Dont send me any more emails you fascist pigs!! nurit nuritpeled@gmail.com

Try them as traitors! also a law must be brought in : "Death penalty for Terrorists seeking to destroy the Jewish state Israel". It's the only way in which to try to put a stop to Arab terrorism

Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 1:48 PM First Name : Ronny : content : I just wanted to thank you for your service!

content : I am left utterly disgusted. I think they are like Nazis. It is my conviction that these people should be left to suffer a tortureous death.

To the Editor of "The Guardian", May 1st, 2008. I am celebrating Israel's 60th anniversary
A number of British Jews made public their decision not to celebrate sixty years from the establishment of Israel ("We're not celebrating Israel's anniversary", The Guardian, April 30). The mere fact that they felt the need to let the world know about this decision is strange. Would Italians living in the U.S., or Indians living in Zambia, feel the need to approve or disapprove of Italy or India celebrating their independence? This group is, however, united by their absolute rejection of the very existence of Israel, as it is today, and by their wish to replace it by an entity in accordance
with their ideological and political tenets. I am signing this letter
as an individual, who immigrated to Israel from an East European
Communist dictatorship and was educated in Israel, the U.S., and England. My upbringing, education, life experience and, I dare to assume, my liberal outlook are, most likely, quite similar to that of many of the authors of the letter. Thus, I feel the need to respond to their call by questioning the soundness of their arguments, in a manner fitting a dialogue among persons who are willing to listen to

Exchange of emails between Rav Ascherman and IAM

I heard a rumor that Ran HaCohen from TAU is endorsing Ernst Zundel, neo-nazi, got any details? Thanks, Gerald.

from Samuel Goldman
Mar 2
Name : Samuel Goldman
I was at a major fundraising event last week in Los Angeles (actually in Beverly Hills, but served all of Southern California) where IAM was mentioned, but someone there announced to all that IAM had been shut down. I see your web site is still operating though. I'm glad of that.

University of Michigan's actions, Very important!
Hello everybody, I wanted to inform you on how "great" the University of Michigan is. Next week, they are promoting "Palestine awareness week (surprisingly or not, my
Arab-Israel professor Neve Gordon is going to speak)." This is such anti-Israel propaganda that I wanted to let all of you know!

Here is ammunition to be used against these fools and traitors


Finally, what many were waiting for, was born!

Today I received by mail an invitation to a "public event" with the title "Collapse of the Palestinian Authority? - Internal Crisis or Lose-Lose Situation"

Political activity at Tel Aviv University under the pretext of a “Public Event” co-sponsored by the University Institute of Diplomacy and Regional Cooperation.

I would like to inform you about a new website which is dedicated to creating more activism in Israel. We are concerned individuals

Rape in the Village of Chelm

No rapes in IDF: World outrage at Zionist Racism

i want to thank you for having put me on your SHITLIST !

It is very refreshing that your site is providing such an essential sevice
Regarding the intellectual myopia based upon a total misreading of history and comtemporary events by using a perversion of Marxist/Leftist ideology which ceases to defend what Marx so vehemently insisted upon...

Further Thoughts by Jeremiah Haber
Further Thoughts on the Hannah Diskin Affair, AICE, and Israel Studies

Talkbacks in response to Lily Galili's Haaretz piece: A McCarthyite attempt to brand academics
find Israel Academic Monitor a very helpful and informative source of information on Israeli radical-Left academics. Their opposition to Israel's most essential values and existence, their identification with its enemies, are quite amazing and the Monitor concentrates these very important data. There is nothing McCarthyite about making information available to the public and offering analyses and discussions of this information.

peretz kidron, cherryk@zahav.net.il on "mcarthyite shit."
Stop sending me your mccarthite shit

Rivka Lissak To: comment.is.free@guardian.co.uk on the British boycott of israeli institutions
The UCU is unaware of what the British army did to Jews during the British mandate in Israel.
Your organization has to learn how the British mandate government treated Jews who escaped from the holocaust in Europe during 2 world war to the holy land.
Do you know that some of them were returned to Europe and many were put into camps in Cyprus.
The League of Nations gave the holy land as a mandat to Britain, in order to help Jews to resettle in their homeland.
.The British government betrayed the Jews because of its oil interests in the Arab countries, in 1939 and promissed the whole country to the Arabs after the war.

The Rewriting of History - the New (Pseudo-) Historians
Nearly sixty years have passed since the establishment of Israel. Surely enough time has passed whereby one can review the history of Israel’s establishment and examine new sources of information in an objective and honest way. ...
Many attempts have been made by various Israeli academics (also known as the “New Historians”) to reexamine the archives and review the history of Israel’s establishment. Some academics who have attempted this are Dr. Ilan Pappe (from Haifa University, presently a lecturer at Exeter University in England), the late Dr Baruch Kimmerling, a sociologist-anthropologist turned historian, Benny Morris, Tom Segev and Avi Shlaim.

Why Israeli anti-Zionists do not recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state
Exposing Counterpunch anti-Semite Michael Neuman

End the Occupation Conference has Terrorist Connections
We are writing to you about the “End the Occupation” conference that is scheduled for September 7-10 at George Mason University. There are things this organization might not have told you, and that might have affected your decision to allow it to use George Mason University facilities had you known about them. You should be aware that End the Occupation is part of the International Solidarity Movement (aka Palestine Solidarity Movement)./
The ISM says openly that it has direct contacts with Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs)

12 July 2007 - The case against Israel 101
I’ve just received part of the syllabus for a course I’m taking this fall on “legal issues” in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. I was invited by the professor, whose views I had challenged in the past, to help him prepare the Israeli case. I had severe reservations about accepting his challenge, but I decided to take him up on it. So I’ve been spending time here in Israel investigating source, both “for” and “against.”

I-A-M should be compiling a list of all Jewish donors to Israeli universities
I-A-M should be compiling a list of all Jewish donors to Israeli universities and forwarding this self-hating treachery to them with a request for them to cease funding until their staffrooms are cleansed of this filth.

Academic Integrity defended when anti-Semitic professor fired as fraud
As The Jewish Press reported, Norman Finkelstein was turned down for tenure at DePaul University, a Catholic institution in Chicago (news story, June 15). Finkelstein is best known for defaming Holocaust survivors, calling them liars and thieves, and for claiming that Germany is the victim of Jewish extortion. Finkelstein also praises Holocaust denier David Irving and cheers when Israel is the victim of Islamic terror.

Finkelstein tried to build an academic career on anti-Jewish hate and defamation. DePaul made the proper and courageous decision to deny Finkelstein tenure, maintaining serious academic standards.

For years Israel-Academia-Monitor.com warned about the breakdown of direction of Israel radical academia.
Does Israel pay salaries to those who do their atmost to destroy the democratically elected Israeli government? Israel government should appoint a minister to "advance Israel Identity".

In light of the recent vote
"Scholarship is intended to be based on an honest search for truth that examines all sides of a given issue and context. The fact that the UCU voted to reject this basic premise and boycott Israeli scholars and academic institutions goes against the very nature of real scholarship.

Why don't you start adding "regular" citizens to your "special" list?
Call it the citizen watch, register an"Amuta", start asking for volunteers, give them uniforms, send them by the dozens to check up on citizens and intimidate them...

I commend you for the important work you do
I have lost any patience with those who are undermining the country

Jewish Enemies of Israel
The Anti-Israel Professors
I suppose we’ll never know their exact numbers. Nevertheless, many are highly educated academics. Professors who command respect for their primary interests. One of their secondary interests however, campaigning against Israel and for the Palestinians, pains us deeply.
While we have some handfuls in Israel itself, most of our Jewish enemies live and work abroad. They don’t hesitate to exploit their teaching positions to spread their anti-Israel mission among their students and other faculty members

Your Tax Shekels At Work
In today's web-surfing, I found the Israeli Campus Watch at Israel-Academia-Monitor.com, which is not only informative, but hilarious. Of particular hilarity was the outrage of Tel Aviv University head Itamar Rabinovich, who waxed apoplectic at the revelation that TAU's psychology department offered an anti-Israel brainwashing course called "The Psychology of the Occupation" taught by another tenured Israel-hater, Uri Hadar. This class, of course, failed to address the effects of daily blowing-up-buses-and-pizza-parlors-full-of-mothers-and-children on the Israeli psyche.
Apparently when the Israel Academia Monitor writer revealed this in the mainstream media, Rabinovitch, who like most Leftists considers himself an icon of free speech and promotor of the marketplace of ideas, ranted and demanded that his superiors silence him!

Victoria Buch
"Zionism, as Marx might say, has moved well beyond tragedy and into the realm of the blackest kind of farce."

Israel's Big Brother?
First, I must make clear that I see no issue of censorship here whatsoever. IAM is a website which, primarily, presents quotes and statements from the academics in question and leaves it up to the reader to make up their own mind. On this point, I have no objections. Its specific purpose of informing donors does not strike me as problematic either. Donors have a perfect right to put their money where they wish and critics of certain universities are free to advocate their cause as much as these institutions supporters are free to do so. In other words, whatever its faults, IAM is very far from Big Brother.

Who is Distorting Whose Image?
We unfortunately heard Noam Chomsky,Neve Gordon, and Michael Lerner of Tikkun, who are opposed to Zionism and the rights of Jews to live in their ancient homeland, speak about the theme of Palestinian victimology; and to downplay Palestinian violence and terrorism as a result of Israeli occupation. I was surprised that they weren't joined by Naturei Karta in this propaganda film.

Boycott BGU
The fact of the matter is Ben Gurion University (BGU) is increasingly earning its nickname as the "Israeli University of Treason" and the "Bir Zeit of the Negev." While all Israeli universities have some anti-Israel and antisemitic lunatics on their faculties, all the other schools openly repudiate theirs!

How to be a successful ISRAELI ACADEMIC
Be sure to start by suggesting that every bad thing that happened in Palestine is due to the Israeli Jews. "We are guilty" declare, the Palestinians are our victims. We missed the peace offers, we preferred to killed Palestinian children, not that we wanted to drink their blood, this is an old fashioned accusation.

Rev. Edgbaston Release on Ilan Pappe
I would like to clarify and confirm that the International
Christian Embassy Jerusalem has no affiliation with Rev. Charles J. Edgbaston of Canada, and that no one associated with the ICEJ made the representations he alleges we made concerning Haifa University Prof. Ilan Pappe. While we cannot agree with many of Pappe's views, it is beyond the mandate of our ministry to go charging him with "committing slander against the holy state of Israel" or to question his citizenship in this country

Uri Avnery, AKA Helmut Osterman
As much as one cannot offend the Prophet Muhammad, Avnery cannot and should not feel that he can offend the people of Israel. Audience have also rights. Incitement or defaming the core of ones existence as the cartoons did to many Muslims clearly violated their rights. Telling people to do criminal activity, stealing, murdering or persuading them to do harm is not free speech. Unfortunately Uri avnery is not acting alone: there is a cadre of hard core professors that exercise neo-Fascism in our universities. They extensively publish in foreign media ugly anti-Israel propaganda and made their classes nurseries of anarchists and neo-Fascists.

Comments taken from Ynet talkbacks
They dont debate, they force their views on the students, you will never see a clean debate with anti zionists, just a force feeding of their propoganda. It has to be stopped from brainwashing our students. This is great and they must be exposed

To the Editor,
If the theory of Chomsky, Soros, Bronfman fails they do not have a responsibility or accountability to answer failures. Those who are in office have both as was evident after the Hizbullah-Israel war. People who live in their ivory towers safe and secure do not have the right to tell Israel what to do. Well, they can pack and move and live permanently in Israel, some did just that, and than their vote will count.

In the 1930's, when the Nazis were burning Jewish books

content : Good work!
Keep up the good work you do, I always thought such monitoring of un-patriotic activities and tendencies is required.

content : I hate what you stand for
this site is a disgrace to teh (sic) Jewish people


RE: Anat Biletzki from TAU calling Israel's military operation "A disproportionate response"
The Tel Aviv University faculty member who wrote the email below (my comments are interlinear in CAPS) demonstrates a strange and troubling myopia. I have commented on this myopia.

I most sincerely encourage you to pass this email and my comments on to your lists, and especially to any of the signatories whom you may know.

Israel has both the right and the obligation under international law to protect its citizens from criminal acts of terrorism. Should it ever decide to yield to Palestinian perfidy in its indispensable war against escalating terror violence, Israel would surrender this important right and undermine this fundamental obligation. The clear effect of such capitulation would be to make potential victims of us all.

Report from IHRC Anti-Zionist Conference in London
What happened on that Sunday was not just an academic disagreement on a hot London summer afternoon, but represents a critical failing of the Western Palestine solidarity movement; one that amounts to allowing certain self-decribed "anti-zionist" Jews who have assumed key positions in the movement over the years to continue to provide a protective shield for the well-documented destructive activities of the pro-Israel lobbies both in the US and the UK and no doubt, elsewhere. They clearly need to be confronted and challenged even as the lobby itself needs to be confronted and challenged and the issue thoroughly discussed and understood among movement members.. Those who think otherwise should examine the sorry record of the solidarity movement thus far and ask whether or not the failure to recognize the importance of the lobby's role is one of the reasons for its failure.



Myopic abusers
I read with anger that Jewish and Israeli academics in the UK are making life uncomfortable for Jewish students on campus

I really don't understand why
I really don't understand why those extremist do not move with the Palestinians. They can share their life together and also, will be were they really belong.

Like the Roman Empire and the destruction of the First and Second Temples, the rot from within can be a substantial contributing factor. Sanford N. Diller

Boycott Israeli academics? The Numbers Don't Lie: They're Already Blacklisted.
Israeli academics seem to have been unofficially boycotted long before the first calls for an organized boycott, and some data might indicate that such boycott, although until now weaker, might exist also for US-based journals.

Indoctrinating students
Those Israeli professors may be US- educated, brain-washed liberals. Many of the US universities are ivory towers from where they disseminate their liberal, leftist, anti-capitalistic, anti-American ideologies

So What is New?
A liberal "intellectual" who teaches on the university level who hates his or her own country

Israeli Jihad
There's not much use in emailing or writing or ranting and raving about

I would never have believed it....
I would never have believed that this could be true had I not

Is it me or is this not treason?

Jewish Profs Wage Jihad;TAU Must Be Boycotted By Orange Cell
I have long crossed most of Israel's universities off of my extensive donor list.

Your synopsis of articles of such people like Avraham Oz etc. are very good form to inform the public.Keep on with that. Shana Tova!

Has anyone asked this miscreant Shulman if he will be blocking the bulldozers who come to the "settlers" homes because they are indeed his brothers and sisters?

To the President Prof. Avishay Braverman,
Not only the palestinian representatives but it became universal knowledge how Israel robbed Palestinians and stole their land and kicked them out of their homes in '48 and on and on the lies spit out.

The sad truth Prof Braverman is the culprit who started it all is a Israeli Professor whom y ou hired to teach no less at Ben Gurion University, a specific moron by the name of Benny Morris. I have enclosed his "new found history" book that is a mantra among all the ANTI SEMITES WHO WISH TO SEE YOU AND ME DEAD!


Having been an academic for some 30 years in America, and reading over the twisted nonsense of some of your writers who support a boycott of their own university, I would offer this choice:

Had Israel not existed, individuals like Ilan Pappe would have not existed either -- Now, that's a comforting idea! Prof. Dr. Ofer Ben-Amots, Colorado College

misguided fools Dr.Netta Kohn sabidan@netvision.net.il

I read about another grievous outrage at BGU
How is it possible that this school is able to intimidate students to such an extent that they have to remove their t shirts showing support for Gush Katif?

I resent the audacious abuse of so-called Israeli academics who take advantage of state funds to besmear the state of Israel.
In addition to the e-Letters you will find relevant correspondence with newspapers as well as conference organizers. Specifically my last chapter in Volume 2 is dedicated to the correspondence I had with the organizer of the London conference.

some comments concerning Tanya Reinhart. Is that just an incident that the most active and malicious anti-Israel "philosophers" are linguists
The most active and malicious anti Israel "philosophers" are linguists

you are very ill go and see a doctor. From: dalia sachaf

You have convinced me to make a large donation to one of your featured universities. Richard Rabin

What punitive measures are actually being taken against Pappe and Gordon and others of their ilk?
Time to take action!

"Warm" responses to: Zionism is the real enemy of the Jews
from the "Electronic Intifada" - any relation to the Electronic Shoah?

About ILAN PAPPE in: Last Night at Columbia: Eyewitness Accounts
Israeli Jewish Ilan Pappe a lecturer at Haifa U, a member of the Commie party list in the Knesset and cats paw for the PA, who was nearly expelled from the professoriate at Haifa U. in 2002 because a graduate student was requested by him to lie about the facts of an alleged Israeli version of Abu Ghraib that never happened during the 1948-1949 War of Independence. ... He started this diatribe by talking about a "division of Palestine into an 80% Jewish controlled state and a 20% non-contiguous one controlled by the PA. In reality he considered the PA as essentially two batustans" surrounded by an 8 meter high wall without a capitol in E. Jerusalem ...The auditorium at the Law School was packed giving you some idea of the "enthusiasm" of the left anarchist crowd world revolutionary and pro Palestinian crowd for the demographic genocide of Israel, the Jewish apartheid oppressive militarist state and base of America in the Middle East.

You're doing excellent work
Keep it up!

Sol Shalit
Emeritus Professor of Economics
B.A. Hebrew University, MBA, Ph.D. Univerisy of Chicago

Re: Zionism today is the real enemy of the Jews
The fact that you stress your Jewishness is by no means an asset, absolution, or any vantage point. On the contrary; given the virulent anti-Israel and anti-Semitic activity by Jews and Israelis (3 of whom will serve as your panelists),
If debating Israel is legitimate then it need not be a priority among the nations of the world as there are far pressing: issue to world peace. How about "Is Iranian theocracy a danger to the world's existence?" Such a debate might actually do some good for the world.

They should NOT be on the payroll supported by the State they seek to destroy!
I am appalled that these seditious profs, under the guise of freedom of speech(really hate speech) are able to undermine Israel's security at will.

*We appreciate very much your affords in constructing this site.A great job! We'll send this adress to all my friends abroad! Hazak ve ematz

I have been reading with much alarm the outrageous canards being spewed by this Israeli academic and others.
While every individual is entitled to their own opinion, it is reprehensible that any Israeli university would continue to employ anyone that would call for the destruction of the country.

One would have thought that academic institutions, supposedly in pursuit of truth
It seems, the arrogance of ignorance allows them to ignore the truth and carry on , unwittingly, promoting anti-semitism to a global wave that will strike much like a tsunami;

*First Name : PNM : E-mail : cleanthes@gmail.com content : How incredibly boring.

I find your site very strange
I find your site very strange... It seems to me that you are witch
hunting under cover of being just the opposite of what you are... you pretend to be democratic but you object to the democratic rights of people who have different opinions than yours... You feel me with dread.

I have made several contributions to the Hebrew University in the past.
I have made several contributions to the Hebrew University in the past. After reading about the horrific comments and activities of so many of the faculty there, the can kiss my gifts goodbye until they put their house in order.

I went to a meeting yesterday,about why Israel has no right to exist,
they should also look at their leadership, and see that a lot of the responsibility lies with Arafat and Saddam, who are funded by the likes of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, and more. I was more appalled, not by the vitriolic lies that were said at this forum, but their condemnation of our right to ask questions, to speak, and pass out information. This, under their idea of utopia, is what the future will hold.

Like Campus Watch, this site's purpose is to kill any information unflattering to Israel
Like "Honest Reporting" this site is a propaganda tool.

How about an article for your site, tracing each of them to their Ford Foundation funding?
I won't be able to be in Israel to go, but maybe you can help us to organize a protest at Ford Foundation headquarters in New York on the same day as the conference.

PART B - funding the Israeli Far Left

Apparently, "politically correct" Israeli academics will not be boycotted...
Ilan Pappe, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Political Science at Israel's Haifa University, told the conference that the boycott should be comprehensive for it to work, even though he would be adversely affected. Perhaps the time has come for Haifa University to fulfill Pappe's prediction and take some measures against academics who take an active action to hurt the university where they are employed.

tel aviv university outrage
Prof. Peled's loathing for Israel was so fulsome that he approved the Bir Zeit lady's justification of murdering Israelis in the name of "reistance." Prof. Peled added a crude Marxism to his remarks as if economics had not advanced beyond Gosplan. How your leftists squeal when their slanderous slogans are accurately reported!

Why has Pappe still got a job?
c. Israeli academic and peace activist, Ilan Pappe,
recently said (full interview below):.

I am happy that there is now a site to monitor the anti Israel radicalism
Personally I can understand how opinions and viewpoints may differ among thinking people, but many if not all of the academics you cite either fabricate their facts, or simply ignore facts which fail to support their thesis. This is purely and simply academic failure, all too common in departments like sociology, political science, and history. If an academic in physics, biology, or chemistry tried to falsify his facts and then tried to present a theory or thesis based on this false imformation to his collegues, he would at best be laughed off the stage, and at worst relieved of his teaching responsibilities

I do not see what you want from this article or any other of David Newman
I do not see what you want from this article or any other of David Newman. His opinions seem to be to be middle of the road in Israel today, he is not an extremist and certainly not an idiot like Lev Grinberg, whose sheer stupidity is his main characeristic. But, even in the writings of Greenberg, I could not find any indication of "anti Israel" or "antisemitism", unless your definition of those terms is that anyone who opposes the CURRENT government's ideology is anti Israel and anti Semite, or even worse, anyone who opposes the ideology of the writers of this site is labeled. In that case, what were you when you opposed Oslo during the Rabin governement ? Anti Israel ? Anti Zionists ? We will judge your integrity if you post this reponse on the web site, of course...

I am impressed by the counter energy spent in this effort of black listing.
I am impressed by the counter energy spent in this effort of black listing. History goes on repeating itself, the North Americans are good at it, for lack of imagination and brains. Shouldn't we be working together in diffusing a more open view of Israel round the world, to the definition of which most of the cited academics are working ?

Please continue to inform us of the ultaleftist menace which eminates from the Israeli universites.
11/30/04 love your great website. Please continue to inform us of the ultaleftist menace which eminates from the Israeli universites. These anti Zionist academics are an ominous threat to the survival of israel as a Jewish state. By their influence I am deeply afraid that the Jews of Israel will not want a Jewish Zionist state no longer

I would like to commend you for publishing and entering responses

Front Page Magazine - Exposed: Israel's Tenured Radicals
Israel’s academic institutions are, indeed, a crucial resource for the state, but if they become nests for people who identify with Israel’s enemies and promote their causes, they risk harming the Jewish state more than they benefit it and, ultimately, contributing to its destruction. These universities are highly dependent on overseas donors and contributors. The IAM site seeks to bring to these people’s attention some of the atrocious things being done with their money, hoping they will condition their future contributions more carefully.

Regarding the School of Oriental & African Studies upcoming conference

I was ready to throw a party when I found out about this much needed site. It is utterly outrageous and appalling that these treasonous profs are able to aid Israel's enemy while hiding under the guise of freedom of speech

The Ashkenazi universities that you support are racist against Arabs and Mizrahi Jews.
Please monitor my writings and spread my words to Jews everywhere, and in exchange I promise to monitor your shit-list and your shit in general.

The "Israel Academia Monitor" website is a nicely organized
It is galling that this kind of absurd outfit can accuse academics of abusing academic freedom, while they - not being academics - are free to shovel bullshit in massive quantities under the guise of being 'watchdogs' for the purity of the Israeli academy.

I am impressed by your commitment to fighting
you will be combatting extremists such as Professor Paul Eidelberg or Mordechai Nisan who use their university positions to condemn Israeli democracy.

content : you are a bunch of fascists. NO PASSARAN!

Why are you so afraid of the truth?

It is a sad day when web sites like yours operate
We will all loose

A very disturbing phenomenon, indeed. So much for the "only Democracy in the ME", as Israel is often described. Yael

The installation of this website represents a sad sad day for Israeli academia. It apes the very worst of American political culture--watchdogging , terrorizing and listmaking instead of conversing, listening, and arguing. I hope, in the name of Israel

First Name : kobi snitz content : dear israel academia monitor. i agree with a lot of the expressed opinions of my colleague and friend Neve Gordon please addm my name to the list of academics on your watch list. dept of math, bgu

i wonder what do you think of this
"I think the reactions here thus far are a little hysterical, totally irrational, and even childish

I think the reactions here thus far are a little hysterical, totally irrational, and even childish.
The leftist academic boycott says "BOYCOTT Israel academics because of the actions of the Israeli GOVERNMENT".

"Israel Academia Monitor alreadying Upsetting Israeli Campus Extremists"
The following discussion concerning the launching of Israel Academia Monitor took place on the Alef chat list of Israeli and non-Israeli far-leftist anti-Zionist extremists.

Glad to see a legitimate activist organization
Glad to see a legitimate activist organization going after these self hating Jews. We have themhere in the US too. Too many to count. Kol Hakavod

Congratulations on the establishment of this VERY important site!
Congratulations on the establishment of this VERY important site! The plague is much deeper than this site so far reflects (and I realize the site is still under development.) As a professor in both the US and in Israel, I have witnesses the differences between the American interpretation of Academic Freedom to the Israeli one. The strong bias against faculty who do not belong to the political left (like myself) has led me to the conclusion that being a Zionist professor at Tel Aviv University, for example can be hazzardous to your academic career.

Again, congratuations! I am looking forward with great anticipation to the development of your site and will help as much as I can. Please keep me on you mailing list.


New Website to Monitor Academic Bias in Israel
The Israel Academia Monitor has inaugurated its website this week (http://israel-academia-monitor.com). The Monitor is an Israeli watchdog group that monitors abuses of academic freedom and politicization of Israeli campuses by extremists and radicals. The organization says that it is modeled in part on the highly successful "Campus Watch" organization and monitoring group in the United States, headed by Dr. Daniel Pipes.

Our institutes of lower learning, Daniel Doron, The Jerusalem Post, Nov 11, 2004
Instead, in most humanities and social science classes, they get indoctrinated in crypto-Marxist ideas, "post modernist" nihilism, and a hostility toward markets and enterprise.

Consequently, most university students graduate with a Third World statist-welfarist orientation. They believe that the national income somehow descends from heaven like manna, and that the only problem is how to divide it equitably according to the mantras of "social justice."

I am a Professor Emeritus
more important, to my mind, is to put together the picture of how these insitutions function in terms of their political orientation. Heads of departments, in fact entire departments of faculty, are often selected on the basis of political orientation, while far more worthy people are ignored.

Ladies and Gentlemen
Ladies and Gentlemen,
As a concerned observer of the tragic continuation of injustice, hatred and violence in and around Israel, I cannot but approve of any effort to denounce heinous and biased propaganda. I am sure the high ethical level of your preoccupations will make you turn your monitoring eye on fanatic and extremist Zionists too. Distortion of facts and ideas does not become conducive to justice and peace just because it is practised on one's own side.

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