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Israel Academia Monitor - Court Case and Request for Support
IAM has reported in August 2013 and again in April 2014, on Dr. Amos Goldberg, a Hebrew University scholar of the Institute of Contemporary Jewry, "[HUJ Amos Goldberg] Critical Studies Find Converts among Holocaust Studies Scholars: What do Taxpayers Pay For?". Goldberg co-authored an article which compared the Holocaust and the Nakba. The article was published in the Journal of Genocide Studies which gave this comparison an academic legitimacy. One of the goals of IAM has been to document the writings of radical Israeli scholars who push to create the regrettable equivalence between the Holocaust and the Nakba (Catastrophe), a reference which Palestinians use to describe the 1948 War. Portraying the Israel Defense Force as a Nazi-like army has been very popular among radical academics who seek to delegitimize the State of Israel.
The IAM post was accompanied by an illustrative picture, taken in 2010, of Goldberg participating in a demonstration with a group of anarchists and confronting the police. IAM credited the blogger Shahaf Pilovitz for the picture and added a hyperlink to his forum where it appeared.
Two years later photographer Abir Sultan and the photo agency Flash 90 sued IAM over copyright infringement of the photo, requesting its immediate removal and compensation. Last week, after two years of court proceedings, IAM has lost the lawsuit and is now ordered to pay NIS 40,000. The plaintiff claimed that the picture contained a hyperlink leading to the original report which shows that Flash 90 holds the copyright for the picture. The Judge, without checking if this is true, accepted this false claim. In reality, the photograph did not contain such a hyperlink near it.
It should be noted that according to the Israeli law, it is permissible to use a picture without permission if the picture is used for research and inquiry, which is what IAM has been doing. In court, IAM also claimed to be an "innocent infringer" because of crediting Pilovich who seemed to be the owner of the picture. IAM even provided a prior exchange with Pilovich who gave IAM permission to use his material. Now IAM has to fight for the truth to come out.
Over the years IAM has worked hard to expose the writings of radical Israeli academics which delegitimize Israel in many different ways. The scholars-activists have compared Israel to a colonial state, apartheid state, and above all to a Nazi state. Even by the low-standards of morals equivalence, to imply that the Palestinians have been subjected to a genocidal campaign like the Jews of Europe is beyond the pale.
IAM would like to appeal against this ruling. It is important to raise funds for this effort as IAM should not bear the burden alone. We are about to start a crowdfunding campaign, and will notify our readers once its operating. Please support IAM with any donation great or small. Thanks so much for your support.

Political Activism in the Academia
The IAM annual conference took place on the 10th of May 2018 in ZOA House Tel Aviv. A recording of the event can be found here.
On April 22, 2018, Dr. Amir Yuval, wrote in Haaretz that the Israeli academy should lead the struggle against fascism which, in his opinion, is engulfing the academy. Yuval mentioned IAM as an example of a fascist organization. Haaretz published the IAM response on April 30, 2018 Is this the Desired Activism in the Academia?
Yuvals piece was just the latest example of the call to fight fascism in the academy. In March, at King's College in London, masked anti-Fascists from the antifa movement climbed up fences, broken into the university, broke windows and penetrated the hall to shut-down a lecture commissioned by the Libertarian movement on campus, and even caused bruises to personnel who needed medical treatment. Ironically, the antifa movement adopted the tactics of the Nazi students in Germany in the 1930s to protest classes of Jewish anti-Nazi professors. Indeed, when we publicized our annual conference at the beginning of May, Roni Barkan, an activist in the boycott movement (BDS), who has 11,000 followers on Facebook, stated that our conference is "an excellent opportunity for BDS activity in Tel Aviv. Given the violent protest at Kings College, we feared that activists would invade our venue as well. Is this the activism that Yuval wishes for?
More to the point, IAM is a nonpolitical NGO which tries to improve the standards of social sciences in Israeli universities. In contrast to exact sciences, they fall below standards in the leading international indices, a fact which we repeatedly document in our postings. There are many reasons for this deplorable state of affairs and, over time, we have discussed them in details.
One factor stands out in our analysis. Social sciences in Israel are top-heavy with academics who represent the neo-Marxist, critical perspective, the type which Dr. Yuval advocates for. This has an a negative impact on the field. Ontologically, such scholarship is normative, in the sense that it does not acknowledge the validity of the positivist, empirically-based research which dominated the social sciences in the West for decades. Several committees which evaluated the social sciences at Ben Gurion University, the Mecca of Neo-Marxist, critical scholars, noted that these scholars publish in marginal outlets which are not part of the indexed journals used by the professional organizations that compile rankings for universities. IAM noted that some of the faculty have hardly published in mainstream journals.
In a related matter, these academics do not believe in providing counter arguments, something which is easy to ascertain from their assigned reading lists. So much so that reading from Marx and Neo-Marxist luminaries abound, but Adam Smith, let alone Friedrich Hayek or Milton Friedman are not mentioned. Such one sided teaching turns the classroom into an indoctrination tool rather than the market place" of ideas.
Another factor pertains to the political activism of many of these scholars who essentially use their positions to advocate for their politics. As a result, as soon as they receive tenure they stop publishing in the field for which they were hired and commence to research" the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Needless to say, this creates a surplus of publications on the conflict and a dearth of knowledge in the areas for which these activists were hired for. It goes without saying that the singular fixation with the conflict robs the Israeli social sciences of cutting edge 21st century research and teaching such as in quantitative methods, cyber security, network analysis, and so on.
The Israeli taxpayers who pay the salaries of faculty deserve better. Unfortunately, the academy as a whole has strongly objected to all efforts of accountability. To remedy this situation, IAM is proud to announce a year long project to provide an analysis of the offerings in social sciences (political science, sociology ,and anthropology), and Middle East studies departments. To avoid charges of bias, IAM would use the methodology developed by the most prominent evaluation groups. The findings of the project and a comparison to a selection of Western universities would be unveiled in our May 2019 conference.

"The Academy - Where to?" in Memory of Prof. Yakir Plessner, IAM Chairman 2013-2014
- ?
' ", "
10.05.18 13:00-18:00
13:00-13:10 - , "
13:10-13:30 ' , " "
13:30-13:50 ' ,
" , "
13:50-14:10 ' , '
" "
14:10-14:30 ' , ' " "
15:10-15:30 , -
: ''" BDS
15:30-15:50 " , -
" (): ?!"
15:50-16:10 Prof. Lesley Klaff, Sheffield Hallam University
The British Academic Boycott
16:10-16:30 Dr. Dana Barnett, Israel Academia Monitor
From Delegitimization to Antisemitism
The Fight of Our Lives by Gloria Greenfield

IAM Conference "The Academy - Where to?" on the 10th of May in ZOA House Tel Aviv " - ?" -10 ,
You are invited to the conference
The Academy - Where to?

On Thursday 10.05.18 at 13:00 to 18:00
The ZOA House Tel Aviv
In Hebrew:
13: 00-13: 10 Greetings - Prof. Gideon Kressel, Chair of Israel Academia Monitor
13:10-13:30 Prof. Alexander Bligh, Chief Scientist, Ministry of Science and Technology - "The Ministry of Science and its place in the research system in Israel"
13:30-13:50 Prof. Eli Pollak, Weizmann Institute of Science - "Council for Higher Education - Challenges, Thoughts and Applications"
13:50-14:10 Prof. Asa Kasher, Tel Aviv University - "Academic Ethics vs. Political Anarchism"
14:10-14:30 Prof. Oded Balaban, University of Haifa - "Fragile Academic Freedom"
14:30-14:45 Questions and Answers
15:10-15:30 Jacob Dalal, Ministry of Strategic Affairs - "BDS in the Academy: Overseas Trends"
15:30-15:50 Dr. Sharona Goldenberg, Netanya Academic College - "Law and (academic) Boycott: Will the two go together ?!"
In English:
15:50-16:10 Prof. Lesley Klaff, Sheffield Hallam University - "The British Academic Boycott: From the National Union of Students to the University and College Union"
16:10-16:30 Dr. Dana Barnett, Israel Academia Monitor - "From Delegitimization to Antisemitism"
16:30-16:45 Questions and Answers
17:00-18:00 Screening of the film "The Fight of Our Lives" by Gloria Greenfield
Admission is free

Israel Academia Monitor Conference on May 10, 2018 "? - "
This years conference will be conducted mostly in Hebrew and is titled Israeli Academy Where to? where a number of speakers will present topics relating to the academia:
Professor Alexander Bligh, the chief scientist of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space, will speak about the future of start-up
Professor Eli Pollak of Weizmann Institute, will speak about the Council of Higher Education
Professor Asa Kasher of Tel Aviv University, will speak about the Academic Ethics Code
Professor Oded Balaban of the University of Haifa, will debate the Ethics Code
Jacob Dallal, the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, will speak of the battle against BDS
Dr. Sharona Goldenberg of Netanya Academic College, will speak about BDS
Professor Lesley Klaff, Sheffield Hallam University, will speak on Antisemitism and BDS in the U.K.
Dr. Dana Barnett, Israel Academia Monitor, From Delegitimization to Antisemitism
Screening of the film The Fight of Our Lives by Gloria Greenfield
The documentary explores postmodernism - the ideology which defines public debate, dictates what is acceptable and turns the West against itself. In particularly in the academia where faculty in the social sciences espouse postmodernist ideology and demand student adherence to this dogma.
The conference is taking place on May 10, 2018 between 1 pm to 6 pm in auditorium 2 at the ZOA House, 1 Daniel Frisch St., Tel Aviv.

Audio recording of the 4th IAM Conference
: -
: , -, | : 10.5.16

-10 .
Charles Asher Small, (D.Phil. Oxon.) Director, Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP) New York."The BDS Element in the Delegitimization Campaign of Israel"
Lesley Klaff, a senior lecturer in law at Sheffield Hallam University U.K. "Using s. 26 Equality Act 2010 to fight back against contemporary anti-Semitism: lessons learned from Fraser v UCU (2013)"
Ronnie Fraser, Ph.D. (Barnett College, U.K, retired) a Mathematics lecturer and a member of the University and College lecturers union (UCU). Director of the Academic Friends of Israel, which campaigns against the academic boycott of Israel and antisemitism on campus. "Campus Antisemitism and issues of Freedom of Speech in the U.K."
Sharona Goldenberg, Ph.D. Lecturer - Netanya Academic College, School of Law, 2010. Head of IFOR, Academic Center which studies the academic boycott of Israel and its consequences. "Academic Boycott - Is it an Oxymoron?"
Dana Barnett, Ph.D. Researcher under Prof. Gideon M. Kressel, the Jacob Blaustein Institute Midreshet Ben Gurion. Editor, Israel Academia Monitor.
"From Anti-Semitism to Post-Zionism and BDS".


, - ISCA

Audio Recording of the 3rd IAM Conference "Who Sponsors Israel's Delegitimization on Campus?"
Manfred Gerstenfeld interviews Ofira Seliktar
The issue of who finances the so-called academic scholarship that delegitimizes the State of Israel, and of who supports the various campus activities against it, is extremely complex and multifaceted. The partial initiatives to study this subject are far from adequate.
Yet we know certain facts concerning this topic. Various foundations, mainly with Arab and Muslim donors, play a leading role in funding Middle East and Israel scholarship throughout the world. Many donations are dispersed through foundations set up by royal families..

Audio recording of the 3rd IAM conference

IAM conference 2015

Research Reveals Methods to Boycott Israeli Academy
A conference at Tel Aviv University detailed the factors that fund the delegitimization of Israel on universities around the world
Zvika Klein, NRG | 05/08/2015 8:32
"Who Sponsors Israel's Delegitimization on Campus?" - This is the title of a study presented today (Friday) in the IAM convention 2015, Tel Aviv University. The conference deals with the discovery and analysis of financial resources behind anti-Israeli initiatives on Western campuses, and this is the first study of its kind in the world, which lists a variety of factors which are funding the delegitimization of Israel in the academy.

"Academic Accountability: Who Finances Israel's Delegitimization on Campus"
The following is the summary of the Roundtable held at Tel Aviv University on May 8, 2015
Professor Ofira Seliktar (Gratz College) provided an overview of the complex process through which academic delegitimization occurs on Western campuses. She emphasized that the BDS movement is nourished by a large academic literature that has come to view the Zionist movement as a colonial creation in the Middle East that dispossessed the native Palestinian population. Subsequently, Israel has been described as an apartheid state deserving of the type of boycott and sanctions that forced South Africa to end its apartheid regime.
The funding for the scholarship that delegitimizes Israel comes from sources that support Middle East centers at major universities, think tanks, and even Islamic studies programs.
Among the major donors in this category are:
Qatar: The Qatar Foundation set up by the Ibn Kahlifa Al Thani ruling family .
Saudi Arabia: The Prince Waleed Al Talal Foundation stands out in the size of its donations in the United States, notably Middle East Centers in elite universities such as Harvard, Yale, Georgetown and Berkeley, among others. Critics have pointed out that Prince Waleed Al Talal Foundation made generous grants to the Center for Muslim Christian Understanding at Georgetown University directed by John Esposito, whom many consider to be an apologist for Islam and a prominent critic of Israel; The Sultan bin Abdul Aziz ibn Saud Foundation donated large sums of money to the Middle East Center at Berkeley and other universities; Sultan of Oman Foundation- endowed chair at Harvard University Center for Middle East Studies; Khalid Bin Abdullah, Bin Abdul Rahman al Saud Foundation, endowed chair at Harvard University Middle East Center; Sheik Mohammed bin Issa bin Jaber Foundation;
Iran: Alavi Foundation - grants to more than 30 universities in North America to promote the Shiite version of Islam and Iranian foreign policy. The Alavi Foundation is run by the Mustazafeen Foundation, the largest parastatal conglomerate in Iran created by Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979.
Funding for faculty activism comes from dues to associations, such as American Studies Association or Middle East Studies Association (MESA). Students who support BDS drives receive funding from a variety of sources such as Muslim Students Association that has branches on many campuses and funds allocated by student governance dedicated for inviting speakers and special events.
Dr. Clemens Heni, the Berlin International Center for the Study of Antisemitism (BICSA) spoke about anti-Israel faculty in Germany. He noted that the proliferation of Islamic studies programs and Middle East programs in Germany has created a cadre of academics that use their scholarship to produce negative narratives about Israel, not infrequently bordering on the anti-Semitic. Heni emphasized that some of these narratives find their way into publications, including respectable journals and presses.
Dr. Dana Barnett, King's College London and Israel Academia Monitor, offered a case study of five Israeli academics that have profited from opportunities created by foreign donations to Middle East scholarship and activism, such as Neve Gordon, Adi Ophir, Moshe Zuckermann, Yehouda Shenhav, and Shlomo Sand.
Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld, former Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, gave a review of the history of academic BDS. He noted that those fighting the academic boycott have mixed results; while some actions were successful, others went unopposed.
Dr. Gerstenfeld contended that it is beyond individual academics such as himself to challenge BDS on campus. He blamed the Israeli academic community for failing to respond in an organized manner. Most of his criticism, however, was directed toward the government. Gerstenfeld stated that the government needed to create a special unit to follow the funding and operations of the anti-Israeli activities on campus.

Abstracts - "Academic Accountability: Who Finances Israels Delegitimization on Campus?" Friday, 9am at TAU
Financing BDS and beyond: Arab and Iranian Money
Ofira Seliktar, Prof. (Em.) Gratz College; Chair Intelligence & Strategy Section, ASMEA
The talk will focus on two levels of financing. The first and more important pertains to decades-long effort to influence the substance of research on the Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. ARAMCO, pioneered this effort by creating academically-oriented foundations that funded a variety of Middle East programs and publications in the United States. The Saudi royal family, as well as the ruling families of the Gulf States, had followed suit. Presently, Qatar is the leading player in this field. Among others, it has signed cooperative ventures with some of the elite academic programs in the United States.
Iran, through its office in the Foreign Ministry and MOIS (the intelligence ministry) a later arrival in the field of academic sponsorship, has aimed at shaping the field of Islam studies and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Because of the American embargo on relations with Iran, the Iranians have focused on Western Europe, notably Germany.
The second level of financing has focused on BDS and allied infrastructure, including BDS drives, Israel Apartheid Week, etc. The financial nexus here is very complex, as contributions are funneled through a vast network, including Islamist NGOs, pro-Arab and pro-Iranian lobby groups.
The organization and legal structure of academic foundations in the United States has helped in injecting Arab and Iranian money. For instance, the Tide Foundation, acts like a "clearing house" for contributions, but has no obligation to disclosing the source.
Successive Israeli governments and civil groups have never engaged in a focused effort to analyse these networks. To the extent that when funding is discussed, it pertains to New Israel Fund, which is a very small player in the field.

German Foundations, Academic Discourse and the Delegitimization of Israel
Dr. Clemens Heni is a political scientist and the director of the Berlin International Center for the Study of Antisemitism (BICSA), founded in 2011
In his talk Clemens Heni will focus on the relationship of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies in Germany and anti-Zionism as well as on Islamism or Arab nationalism. Based on his book, Schadenfreude. Islamic Studies and Antisemitism in Germany after 9/11 (in German, 2011), he will analyze how leading Islamist figures such as Hasan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, or Yusuf al-Qaradawi, todays leading Sunni Islamist, are portrayed by todays mainstream in Islamic Studies. Many of these scholars are working at universities, which are most often state sponsored in Germany. Some authors, though, also work for NGOs in Israel or in territories of the PA, and reject or distort the analysis of the close collaboration of Nazi Germany and Arab as well as Muslim leaders during the Second World War, for example.

Funding Israeli Scholars to Produce Paradigmatic Literature: A Case Study
Dana Barnett, PhD. Kings College London; Israel Academia Monitor
To preempt charges of anti-Semitism pro-Palestinian activists have favored Israeli scholars. A number of Israeli scholars have been rewarded for producing paradigmatic literature, either by obtaining sabbatical appointments in respectable universities or being invited to conferences, workshops and panel discussions. Some have had their work published in presses supported by pro-Palestinian sources.

Developments of the Academic Boycott of Israel since 2002
Manfred Gerstenfeld, Former Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
The academic boycott of Israel is one aspect of the general boycott call against Israel which was initiated at the NGO Forum at the World Conference against Racism in Durban, South Africa, in 2001.
The first attempt at an academic boycott of Israel took place in the UK in 2002. Since then, the academic BDS campaign has gradually expanded to include a number of countries. This has become possible in part due to the negligence of both the Israeli academia and the Israeli government. The academic boycotters of Israel thus incur very little risk in promulgating their hate activities.

Audio of the IAM event on May 14, 2014 Boycott Against Israel: On Campus and Beyond

Report on the IAM Conference "BDS Against Israel: On Campus and Beyond" on May 14, 2014 in Tel Aviv University
The following is a short summary of the conference:
The four speakers at the conference dealt with different aspects of the BDS movement on campus and beyoThe keynote speaker, Kenneth L. Marcus, President & General Counsel of the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law, talked about What is Anti-Semitic About the Movement to Boycott, Divest from, and Sanction Israel?. He argued that it would be wrong to describe the entire BDS movement as anti-Semitic, but some anti-Semitic elements can be definitely identified there. Marcus used Natan Sharanskys definition of anti-Semitism as the 3 Ds - delegitimization, demonization and double standards to prove his point. For instance, those who seek to impose BDS on Israel seldom seek to apply the same measures to countries that have a truly atrocious human rights record. When asked about the double standards, one of the advocates, the head of the American Studies Association, responded that you have to start somewhere. Marcus pointed out that fighting this type of anti-Semitism in the BDS movement on American campuses is difficult because it triggers a counter-accusation of stifling free speech.
Dr. Richard Landes, an American historian and author who currently serves as an associate professor in the department of History at Boston University, talked about the Delegitimization of Israel: From the Fringes of the Internet to Mainstream Media. He spoke on the issue of demonization through media that he defined as cognitive warfare against Israel. Landes pointed out that mainstream media are prone to accept Palestinian narratives without checking out their veracity. This so-called lethal journalism was most pronounced in the story of Mohammed Al-Dura, a twelve year old boy that was allegedly killed in cold blood by the IDF. Landes noted that lethal journalism caught Israel by surprise and that there has been no effective response to this type of cognitive warfare.
Ben Dror Yamini, the Israeli columnist and researcher talked about "Foundations on which Boycott Campaign is Built On". He suggested that under certain circumstances, such as South Africa, BDS is justified. But he vehemently denied that there are any parallels between Israel and South Africa and asserted that this type of narrative is based on false assertions. The narrative about the Palestinian expulsion in 1948 is taken out of its historical context; WWII and its aftermath saw huge population movements in large parts of the world, including the forced exodus of Jews from Arab countries.
Yemini went on to argue that more recently the Palestinian narrative has been presented within the paradigm of human rights; it holds a special, appeal to young and idealistic students who dream of an utopian world of justice and good will for all. For instance, eviction notices are posted on doors in dormitories to recreate the experience of Palestinians who allegedly received such notices from the Israeli authorities.
Ofira Seliktar, a professor of political science at Gratz College, took a broader view of the BDS in her lecture "BDS as a Soft Asymmetrical Conflict: An Intelligence Perspective." Seliktar, who specializes in predictive intelligence, noted that Soft Asymmetrical Conflict (SAC) is a form of twenty first century warfare against Israel. After failing to defeat Israel in conventional wars and through terrorism, the new paradigm relies on economic, legal, political and cultural pressure waged by hundreds of NGOs and other agents of civil society. Western academy has taken the lead in this novel effort first by producing writings that redefined Zionism as a colonial movement (i.e. Edward Saids Orientalism) and deploying pro-Palestinian student groups and their allies to stage events such as Israel Apartheid Week and lead highly publicized divestment votes.
More recently, the European Union gave SAC a huge boost through its Horizon 2020 program, which states that the Geneva Conventions make it illegal to occupy territories and settle civil populations there. As a result, the program would not support academic projects located in the territories (Ariel University and potentially Hebrew University for having parts of its campus on Palestinian land) or research that has an indirect link to the territories.
Israel has been late to understand the importance of SAC, triggering intelligence failures. One involved the Mavi Marmara ship, where it was assumed that the NGOs behind the operation would behave in a peaceful manner when asked to evacuate the vessel. Horizon 2020 is another example of intelligence failure: the push by a coalition of EU Parliament members allied with pro-Palestinian elements to attach the above conditions to the document has been well known. Seliktar concluded that the SAC paradigm requires the creation of a special organization equipped with array of special skills needed to analyze this complex field.

Invitation to IAM event on "BDS Campaign Against Israel: On Campus and Beyond" 14.05.14
The public is invited to the IAM event on "BDS Campaign Against Israel: On Campus and Beyond" - Wednesday May 14, 2014 at 6pm in Tel Aviv University, Webb 1.
Entrance from gates 1 and 8, paid parking available. Attached invitation.

" : " -14 2014 18:00 1, . 1 -8, . .

"Poor return on investment" - Israel Academia Monitor responds to the Times
Regarding Israel Academia Monitor fears the enemy within (News, 16 May): your article misses an important part of our round-table debate on academic freedom in Israel.
Radical scholars who use their positions to advocate a political agenda short-change students and taxpayers. The former are deprived of a sound liberal-arts education that values the fair comparison of ideas and the latter are forced to pay salaries to faculty engaged in political propaganda.
As the round table heard, this state of affairs would not be tolerated in public universities in Germany, the UK or the US.
Israels expansive definition of academic freedom has hurt the comparative standing of its social science, which trends below Western averages (in contrast, hard sciences and engineering in the country, free from political distortion, score well above average). In a highly competitive global economy, human capital matters: by any measure, Israeli taxpayers receive a poor return on their investment.

IAM Round table in Tel Aviv on the 3rd of May 2013 - 5 videos

Times Higher Education on Israel Academia Monitor's round table: Israeli campaigners fear enemy within campus walls
Debate on academic politics in Israel has been reignited by Stephen Hawkings decision to boycott a presidential conference after lobbying from Palestinian colleagues.
Meanwhile, a campaigning Israeli organisation has claimed that universities in the country - and the state itself - are being undermined from within by academics with pro-Palestinian viewpoints.
Introducing a round-table event on academic freedom in Tel Aviv on 3 May

Invitation to a round table in Tel Aviv on the 3rd of May 2013
P.O. Box 997 Even Yehuda, Israel. Tel: +972-54-4283749. E-mail@israel-academia-monitor.com

-3 , 2013 10:00- 13:00
ZOA " ( ) 26,

" "
" ": "
( )

" - "

" "

. -09:30
Invitation to a Round-Table
Academia Hall, ZOA House, 26 Ibn Gevirol St. Tel Aviv
Friday, May 3, 2013 at 10:00-13:00
Professor Ofira Seliktar
"Academic Freedom in Israel: A Comparative Perspective"
Dr. Yaacov Bergman
"Quality Assurance of the CHE: Lessons from the Case of BGU Dept of Politics & Govt". (Members of the CHE and BGU are invited)
Mr. Michael Gross
Member of the Board of Governors of Ben Gurion University
"Institutional Corruption due to Breakdown of Corporate Governance at BGU"
Mrs. Rachel Avraham
A student in the MAPMES program at BGU
"Personal Experiences as a Student at BGU"
Simultaneous translation. Light refreshments served at 09:30

About IAM in Israel National News 2/14/13
Fewer Israeli professors are publishing anti-Israeli articles in foreign journals, according to a study conducted by Israeli . According to Israeli AcademiaMonitor editor Dana Barnett, who spoke to Arutz Sheva on Wednesday, the reason for the decline is simple: far-left professors now know that what they say abroad will be publicized at home as well.

IAM on Israel National News radio
Fewer Israeli professors are publishing anti-Israeli articles in foreign journals, according to a study conducted by Israeli Academia Monitor. According to Israeli AcademiaMonitor editor Dana Barnett, who spoke to Arutz Sheva on Wednesday, the reason for the decline is simple: far-left professors now know that what they say abroad will be publicized at home as well.
A lecturer who publishes an anti-Israel article in Australia needs to know that it will be read here, too, Barnett explained. We translate the articles and publish criticism.
We show those lecturers true colors, she added. We reveal their double standards, their anti-Israel worldview and their lies.

Dr. Mordechai Kedar, IAM chairman, on two lecture tours in the US & Canada: Sept 2012 & Jan-Feb 2013
These days the Middle East is undergoing a profound and historic transformation. Many are trying to understand the developments in the Arab world and in the Arab and Muslim culture and religion. Additionally, Irans nuclear aspirations are the cause of a deep concern to many all over the world.
Dr. Mordechai Kedar, the Director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Islam (under formation), a research associate of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies and a lecturer in the Department of Arabic at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, is one of Israel's leading figures in understanding the Arab world. He is the Middle East analyst of the daily newspaper Makor Rishon as well as other publications. Dr. Kedar is a frequent guest in the Israeli, Arab and international media. In January of 2011, Dr. Kedar gave a very insightful presentation on Capitol Hill on "Why is the Middle East Such a Difficult Area for Americans and Westerners to Understand?
Dr. Kedar will be on a speaking tour visiting North America between January 17 and February 19, 2013. He is available to be booked for lectures and various presentations. He can be a scholar-in-residence for a weekend or give presentations and lectures during the weekdays. See attached itinerary.
His lectures are about the Middle East, Israels existence within the Middle Eastern environment, the struggle over Jerusalem, Anti-Semitism in the Islamic world and Iran.

Israel Academia Monitor by Uri Blau, How Are Anti-Zionist Faculty Monitored Haaretz April 12, 2012
Uri Blaus article on IAM is a step in the right direction in the sense that it demystifies some of blanket right-wing McCarthyism accusations against a diverse group of critics of left-wing radicalism on Israeli campuses.
Blau makes clear that IAM is not the beneficiary of millions of dollars in donations, a claim that radical academics have repeatedly made. To the contrary, it is a small organization with a very limited budget, but evidently, effective enough to merit a major investigative article.
That said, Blau makes some serious factual mistakes which IAM plans to provide a detailed response to. The following is a general overview of the article.
Blau makes the assertion - common among the left- that IAM monitors anti-Zionist faculty. In fact, even a casual perusal of the articles and book reviews that are published on our website indicate that the term anti-Zionist or pro-Zionist is not used; had Blau read at least some of this material, he would have reached the same conclusion. IAM has never graded professors on how pro-Zionist or anti-Zionist their writings are.
IAM position is that the scholars whose work is mentioned, embrace the neo-Marxist, critical scholarship paradigm in liberal arts; in fact, many of these academics freely admit to being critical scholars. As opposed to the positivist (also known as traditionalist ) that views Israel in a fairly positive light, the neo-Marxist, critical paradigm denies Israel domestic and international legitimacy. Scholars who adopt the latter approach consider Israel to be a fruit of European colonialism with no legitimate right to the Holy Land. Indeed, according to some of them, Jews were invented as a nation by Zionist intellectual entrepreneurs, mascaraing as nation-builders. Moreover, from the perspective of the neo-Marxist paradigm, domestically, Israel is considered to be a creeping apartheid state, or a proto-fascist state.
Rather than acknowledging that two competing paradigms existed in liberal arts, it is easy for radical scholars to charge critics with waging a McCarthy campaign against academic freedoms. Still, they need to be reminded that true academic freedoms require a balanced academic discourse to comport with the ideal of a classroom as a marketplace of ideas. All those who need their memory refreshed on this issue are urged read the resolution passed by the Council of Higher Education in 2010.

TAU Prof. Faces Backlash for Protesting in Favor of Terrorist: Students call to fire Dr. Anat Matar of Tel Aviv University, after she led a demonstration in support of a PA Arab terrorist
A professor at Tel Aviv University is facing backlash after allegedly having deceived university administration and holding a protest in favor of a Palestinian Authority Arab terrorist.
Dana Barnett of the Israel Academia Monitor organization, which monitors and exposes anti-Israel activities of Israeli academics, told Arutz Sheva on Tuesday that last week several people at Tel Aviv University requested permission to hold a demonstration outside the university against the massacre in Syria. However, said Barnett, the demonstration was in fact a protest in favor of terrorist Hana Shalbi.
Shalbi is an Islamic Jihad terrorist from the village of Burkin near Jenin. She was arrested recently based on completely certain intelligence that she had assisted in planning a terrorist attack that was to involve kidnapping an IDF soldier. She had been released in the Shalit deal just months earlier.
Shalbi is one of several PA terrorists in Israeli prisons who are hunger striking in an attempt to force the Prison Service to release them. Several self-described human rights organizations have called on Israel to consider releasing these terrorists.
Barnett told Arutz Sheva that behind the pro-Shalbi demonstration was Tel Aviv University professor Dr. Anat Matar, who has been identified as being one of many leftist intellectuals in Israeli universities who demonize Israel.
According to Barnett, The protesters said they will demonstrate outside the university about a different issue and in reality they entered the university campus. Among them was Dr. Anat Matar who was holding a huge picture of Shalbi. To date, hundreds of signatures of students calling to fire Matar have been collected. Rather than focusing on her area of expertise, philosophy, she is busy with political activity against Israel.

Haaretz promotes anti-Israel activism "10 percent of Israeli academics labeled 'anti-Zionist' by campus watchdogs"
Haaretz reporter Talila Nesher's political bias is on display again. She essentially chose to accept the findings of the "blacklist" activists, which include Professor Neve Gordon (BGU).
IAM is not a political organization, does not adopt political positions and does not deal with politicians or any other members of the public. IAM does not oppose the right of academics as private individuals to express opinions including views that are not popular.
IAM's mandate is limited to tracking scholars that use the classroom as an extension of their political agenda. The Council on Higher Education expressed concerns that students of some politically active academics do not benefit from a well-balanced curriculum promoting the ideal of an university as a "marketplace of ideas." As IAM noted, the CHE threatened to shut down the Department of Politics and Government at Ben Gurion University if changes are not implemented, because of poor academic standards and excessive politicization.

ANTI-ISRAELISM IN ISRAEL: IAM found Israeli academic institutions misused for anti-Israeli propagandizing
The Israel Academia Monitor (IAM) watchdog, which monitors abuses of academic freedom and politicization of Israeli campuses by extremists and radicals, has found, Israeli academic institutions have been misused in recent years for radical anti-Israeli and even anti-Semitic propagandizing, often by tenured radicals with embarrassing academic records and dubious research credentials.
The deeper concern, however, is the pervasiveness of such views in Israeli institutions in the State of Israel, which highlights on the one hand how open Israeli academia is, and on the other the absurdity that it would tolerate such extreme views even at the expense of its international legitimacy. Of all the Israeli universities, Ben-Gurion University in the Negev (BGU) has become the leader and chief exporter of many of these attitudes, especially to those Middle East departments in the U.S. that want to appear balanced in the face of charges of anti-Israel biasesa move that at first glance appears welcome.

IAM-BGU Chapter

Dr. Mordechai Kedar, chairman of Israel Academia Monitor interviewed
We do not call for the execution of leftists at the marketplace. When I draw a rectors attention to the fact that a certain lecturer calls for the boycott of the institute he works for and by doing so he harms the livelihood of his colleagues, that rector will summon that lecturer and will ask him why is he harming his colleagues.
Until two years ago Dr. Mordechai Kedar was almost unknown publicly. The lecturer from the Department of Arabic at Bar Ilan University has led a rather tedious academic life, teaching and
guiding students and participating at academic conferences now and then. There is nothing that will make ones life more interesting or fill ones blood with adrenaline than this.

Dr. Mordechai Kedar - Lecture tour to North America, Jan-Feb 2011
These days, everyone wants to understand Arab and Muslim culture, religion and goals. Dr. Mordechai Kedar of Bar-Ilan University, Israel, who is also the chairman of the Israel Academia Monitor, will be in North America from January 13 to February 14, 2011 and is available to be booked for lectures.

Watching the Pro-Israeli Academic Watchers: Watching academics for evidence of anti-Israeli bias is a 21st-century phenomenon
Israel Academia Monitor
In November 2004, Israel Academia Monitor (IAM) began its work and announced itself as "an Israeli watchdog that monitors abuses of academic freedom and politicization of Israeli campuses by extremists and radicals." It claimed to be partly modeled on Campus Watch. Its opening statement continued: "Israeli academic institutions have been misused in recent years for radical anti-Israeli and even anti-Semitic propagandizing, often by tenured radicals with embarrassing academic records and dubious research credentials." Israel Academia Monitor aimed to "bring to light statements written by and about the academic extremists and university anti-Zionists...to expose their activities."
Unsurprisingly, because it used, but did not define, terms such as extremists, radicals, and anti-Zionists, the organization received a mixed - being a euphemism for "largely negative" - response from Israeli academia and others. To its credit it published, and continues to do so, the range of responses it receives, including those that are critical. In recent years IAM has sought to moderate its approach with a new mission statement and a revamp of the organization.

Editor of Israel Academia Monitor speaking at Tamar Yonah radio show
What is post-Zionism and why does the academic community all over the globe mostly take a pro-Arab stance, going so far as to call Israel an apartheid state? Dana Barnett, editor of the Israel Academia Monitor joins Tamar Yonah and speaks about the left wing slant in academic circles and why professors defy reason and morality and opt for a more politically correct ideology instead.

2 audio interviews with the editor of Israel Academia Monitor on Arutz 7: "We shall continue to struggle against lecturers damaging the state"
1. Members of staff at Tel Aviv University opposed the words of Prof' Alan Dershowitz, the American Lawyer, during a ceremony conferring him an honorary doctorate by the university. Amongst other, Dershowitz attacked lecturers abusing freedom of speech to criticize the government.
As a response Dana Barnett, the editor of Israel Academia Monitor tells Arutz 7 she is happy Dershowitz had the courage to say the truth in the face of the lecturers, "Dershowitz always supported Israel and is familiar with the phenomenon of of Israeli lecturers calling for the boycott of Israel".
2. Lecturers from Tel Aviv University came out in a petition against their colleagues at TAU who called for boycott against Israel, as a result of the Gaza Flotilla incident.
Dana Barnett, the editor of Israel Academia Monitor claims in an interview to Arutz 7 that Tel Aviv University is going through a positive process and she hopes in the end the rest of the academia will join the struggle against those negative elements.

Media war: BRICUP (The British Committee for the Universities of Palestine) reprints IAM's Appeal to Reason "Call to censor Israeli supporters of BDS"
BRICUP: The British Committee for the Universities of Palestine
News from BRICUP
Call to censor Israeli supporters of BDS

Dr. Mordechai Kedar, chairman of Israel Academia Monitor debates Dr. Shlomo Sand
12.05.10 " , " " ( ) - ? .

IAM editor interviewed on IsraelNationalNews
Dana Barnett of Israel Academia Monitor (IAM) says the number of Israeli university professors who write or speak against Israel has dropped to about 70 - partially thanks to her organization.
IAM was founded in 2004, Barnett told Arutz-7s Benny Tucker, to fight the phenomenon of Israeli professors and academics who receive their salaries from the Israeli taxpayer, yet who speak against Israel freely and call on other countries to boycott it. This is unacceptable.

IAM mentioned in "How human rights activists became public enemies" in Ha'ir Tel Aviv newspaper
University lecturers also say they are being silenced. It is done by the website of an organization called Israel Academia Monitor, which systematically documents every academic, from students to professors, who the website operators believe undermines Jewish Zionist interests, including signing petitions, attending conferences, speaking to the media and writing articles that criticize government policy towards the Palestinians. Based on that monitoring, the organization submits an annual report to the various universities boards of trustees, with the warning this is what people do with your money, says Dr. Amiel Vardi, a lecturer in classical studies at Hebrew University and an activist in Taayush.
Yes, we definitely monitor academics who want to destroy Israel, confirms site editor Dana Barnet, based on what they write or say at international conferences or interviews to the media. Academics who call at international conferences to boycott Israel, or cooperate with pro-Arab organizations such as Adala and BTselem, we all have to know what they are doing. We definitely think that just because of our monitoring those academics curtailed their activities.

Abu Dhabi Media: Watchdogs target left-wing Israeli university scholars
Dana Barnett, founder of Israel Academia Monitor, has launched a petition demanding that Mr Gordon be sacked from his position as chair, that his courses be treated as elective rather than compulsory for his students, and that he be denied travel and research funding

IAM Responses to The guardians of Israeli academia by Benjamin Pogrund, October 23, Haaretz
Permit me to respond to Mr. Pogrunds criticism of Israel Academia Monitor and his derisive characterization of our web site as a platform for vigilantes and dangerous cranks who use crude censorship to shut up academics.
As the introductory paragraph on our home page makes clear, IAM strongly supports the tradition of academic freedom that is an essential component of higher education in Israel. At the same time, it is committed to Israels security and its existence as a Jewish and democratic state. In keeping with this commitment, IAM brings to the attention of an informed and concerned public the worrisome phenomenon of a small sector in the academic community whose adherents abuse the hallmark of academic freedom to engage in activities that besmirch Israel, distort its history, lend support to calls for international boycotts, and encourage actions against the legal and democratic institutions of the country.

Israel Academia Monitor in Haaretz: The 'guardians' of Israeli academia
Israeli academics are being watched. Vigilantes check what they say or write - and, if they are judged "anti-Israel," incite donors to the universities and colleges where they teach to act against them. Students are encouraged to spy on their teachers and to report what they say.
Academics on the left are the targets. They are vilified as "Israel's academic fifth column" and "our inner scourge." They are called "traitors" and are accused of "treasonous betrayal" and of wanting "to suck up to and be accepted by the enemy."
One vigilante group is Israel Academia Monitor (IAM) started five years ago by the American-born Dana Barnett

Anti-Israel Leader Wants Boycott and Diploma
Omar Barghouti, an outspoken anti-Israel activist who has accused the Jewish state of genocide, is currently a doctoral student at Tel Aviv University. Barghouti, who is studying philosophy with a specialization in ethics, is at the same time calling on the international community to boycott Israeli academics and universities.
While Barghouti has learned at TAU for some time while calling for it and other Israeli schools to be boycotted, it was his statements following Operation Cast Lead in Gaza that apparently spurred his fellow students to action. Following Barghouti's latest speeches abroad accusing Israel of murder and genocide, and of planning a Holocaust against Arabs, more than 11,500 people have signed a petition calling for him to be dealt with. The petition offers three options: convincing Barghouti that his position is intellectually dishonest, suing him for libel, or expelling him from the school.

Academic Watchdog Works to Expel Anti-Israel Activist from TAU
IAM, the Israel Academia Monitor organization, has set itself the goal of alerting the public to the outspokenly anti-Israel professors and others in Israeli universities.
Its top project at the moment: A drive to have the positions of Tel Aviv University doctoral student Omar Barghouti clearly an enemy of Israel, IAM says exposed and publicized.
IAM has initiated a petition against Barghouti, a member of the same clan that includes convicted terrorist murderer and Palestinian Authority leader Marwan Barghouti. The petition is addressed to the Rector, President, and supporters of Tel Aviv University, and states:
Literally thousands of people all over the world are working very hard to demonize and de-legitimize Israel. An especially strident and persuasive voice is that of Omar Barghouti, whose devastating accusations against Israel can be found on dozens of internet sites, newspapers all over the world and even at international conferences. What makes his work especially repugnant is his wide use of half-truth, selective omission and outright lie. He is clearly an enemy of Israel.

Bashing the academic Left / By David Newman
Campus Watch is a disgrace for anyone who believes in the concept of freedom of speech, and so it would appear is the copy organization Israel Academia Monitor, an interview with which appeared in the April 7 Jerusalem Post. It is little wonder that Dana Barnett was unprepared, or more likely unable to give a single name of an academic who has not been hired or promoted at an Israeli university for professing right-wing political views. I sat for three years on the promotions and tenure committee of my own university faculty. Despite the fact that the members of that committee shared a diverse range of political views, not once was the political critique allowed to intervene in what was, and remains, a very tough and demanding, but very fair, system of professional mobility. ...
Too many academics here suffer from the self-need to engage in political polemics. It is especially the case among those within the social sciences whose focus of research deals with these sensitive social and political topics, and who sometimes are unable to differentiate between their personal views and professional analysis, each of which feeds into the other. But in this respect there is no difference between right- and left-wing critique, except for the fact that he who practices the former is labeled as being patriotic, and the latter as treasonous. The former is okay, the latter is to be vilified and, if possible, prevented from moving up the academic ladder.
The academic McCarthyism of the Right endangers Israeli democracy and society. It threatens the very basis of freedom of speech. The self-styled patriots are causing enormous damage to the country and should be prevented from assuming the cloak of self-appointed defenders of the common good, which they are clearly not.

"A higher degree of disloyalty?" - About Israel Academia Monitor's work today in the Jerusalem Post
When Dana Barnett decided to "pick up the ball and run with it" four years ago, by establishing Israel Academia Monitor, she "hadn't grasped fully just how crucial an endeavor it was."

Exposing the scoundrels of academia
Dana Barnett, together with a small group of volunteers, has been waging a grim battle for the last four years, countering the highly damaging activities of some very influential people in Israel. Barnett, 42, heads the Israel Academia Monitor, which through its website: www.israel-academia-monitor.com reports on libelous articles, lectures and statements by a large number of Israels senior university lecturers and professors. Much of what is propagated by these people, is based on half-truths and apparent antipathy for their homeland. Some have questionable affiliations with other elements hostile to the State of Israel.

About Israel Academia Monitor in Kibush Magazine
Israel Academia Monitor
email August 26, 2008
English-language information, though given unfriendly, about an initiative of Hebrew University students (coming from the right-wing's self-appointed and industrious 'academia monitor') [ed]
In an attempt 'to out-shine' the senior post-Zionist lecturers in their campus, a group of young academics from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem established a new left-wing organization that put the onus on Israel for all the ills in the region and see almost nothing wrong on the other side.

About Kobi Snitz in Israel Academia Monitor's postings
--- On Wed, 20/8/08, Ronnie Barkan wrote:
From: Ronnie Barkan
Subject: [againstwall] Fwd: [Bar Ilan U, Math] kobi Snitz supports Palestinian struggle against Israel
To: "AATW"
Date: Wednesday, 20 August, 2008, 2:19 PM
hehe, i just got this from IAM - Israel Academia Monitor - which is responsible for pointing a blaming finger at any israeli academic who dares to think that all are created equal. and today it's our very own kobi!
here's an email from the dark side...

Israel Academia Monitor in the news: TAU Prof. Says 'Jewish Nation? No Such Thing' - Students Protest
In his new book, Zand says that Judaism is a religion and is connected to no nation.
The video above features students protesting outside one of the professor's lectures with megaphones and signs declaring that academic freedom does not allow one to distort and slander. The professor responds.
The protest was organized by several student groups including Israel Academia Monitor.

Israel Academia Monitor / by Daniel Septimus
Last week, YNet reprinted an article by Aaron Klein, which purports to be about anti-Zionist positions held by Israeli academics, but is really only a summary of positions published on a single website Israel Academia Monitor.
Its quite possible that many of those quoted on this website are, indeed, anti-Zionist. But Kleins article does absolutely nothing to investigate the websites claims. He merely summarizes them.
And some of the sites claims seem a bit hyperbolic.

Islam Online speaks of Israel Academia Monitor study in 'Israel Academia Takes on "Nazi" Israel'
CAIRO - Appalled by incessant crimes against innocent Palestinians, Israeli professors are increasingly speaking out and encouraging students and soldiers to dissent government policies. "It is estimated that some 20 to 25% of people who teach the Humanities and Social Sciences in Israel's universities and colleges have expressed extreme anti-Zionist positions," the Israel-Academia Monitor said in a new study.
It said they have engaged in public demonstrations and sponsored petitions addressed to Israeli soldiers not serve in the occupied West Bank.

Israel a 'Nazi apartheid regime'? Bible 'full of myths'?
Watchdog monitors 'anti-Jewish trends' of Jerusalem universities
Israeli college professors who label their country a Nazi apartheid regime, urge the downfall of the Jewish state, and speak at conventions calling for the boycott of Israel?
Universities in Jerusalem that give awards to academic papers complaining Jewish soldiers don't rape enough Arab women and encourage students to protest the anti-terror policies of the Israeli military?
These trends are rampant across college campuses in the country, according to one website - Israel Academia Monitor, which has been documenting what it calls the anti-Zionist behavior of the senior staff at major Israeli universities.

The Radical Left - Endangers the State of Israel and the Jewish People
This topic will be discussed at a Symposiun at the ZOA House, Douglass Hall, 1 Daniel Frisch St., Tel-Aviv, on Wednesday, the 9th of Shevat, 5768, (January 16th, 2008) at 6 PM.
Speakers and discussants:
Prof. Shlomo Sharan - chair - Israel's Academia: The Enemy Within
Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld - Academics Against Israel- A Worldwide Perspective
Prof. Noah Milgram - Denial Mechanisms in a Society under Stress
Prof. Steven Plaut - The Media and Isreal's Academia
Aryeh Stav - The Extreme Left in Israel - from Cognitive Dissonance to Moral Collapse, or Perhaps Vice-Versa

"Academic Atrocities" - Detroit Jewish News report on Israel Academia Monitor's Work
Dana Barnett has a name for the Israeli academics who disparage Zionism and publish books and articles in open sympathy with the Palestinians. The name is traitor.

Israel's Campus Watch from Frontpage Magazine
A specter is haunting the far-left fever swamps found inside Israeli universities: "Israel Academia Monitor." It is Israel's new cousin to the "Campus Watch" web site that operates in the U.S., which has been controversial because of its practice of publishing some of the loopier citations and statements made by faculty members in North America who pose as Middle East Studies "experts." Israel Academia Monitor provides a well-d'ocumented record of the most outrageous statements and seditious a'ctivities of Israel's own academic extremists. Organized by campus, it makes no secret of its desire to see the informatio'n reach donors to those universities, as well as alumni, journalists, and others. And it has the extremists running scared.

Understanding of the radical Islamic Agenda
The following is a transcript of a radio show discussing the radical Islamic Agenda in education and how it is also being carried out by more than just radical Muslims. Universities worldwide are being targeted for Holy Jihad and the show emphasizes how even some Jews and Christians are behind what is happening. This has even extended into the universities inside Israel itself, something most people in the West (and even Israel) are unaware of. Now, Israel-academia-monitor is changing that by informing its readers of the academics in Israel who are working diligently to dismantle the Jewish state.

Far-Leftist Haaretz Writer claims Israel Academia Monitor is A 'McCarthyite attempt to brand academics' - But Only a McCarthyite would think that Criticism of Far Leftists is McCarthyism
'The author of the latest paper was aided by a group called the "Israel Academia Monitor," which keeps an eye on the leftists scattered in Israel's universities. The operation is conducted in English, and the site's homepage (www.israel-academia-monitor.com) warns donors about where their gifts to Israeli universities are liable to end up.
It would be sad if it were not pathetic to the point of ridiculousness. ... Now this enlightened attitude has given way to the irresponsible use of the terms "anti-Semitic" and "anti-Zionist," which accompany the names of senior academics in Israel, and to wretched pseudo-psychological analyses of the pathological motives of your average Jewish left-winger. '

Israel Academia Monitor on Tovia Singer Show: Bash-Israel Conference Coming to Jerusalem Featuring Numerous Israeli Academics
A Trojan Horse in Israeli universities! ...I was speaking as his guest for Israel-Academia-Monitor.com and giving details about an upcoming conference to be held this November in Jerusalem titled Dialogue Under Occupation
http://israel-academia-monitor.com/index.php?type=large_advic&advice_id=5795&page_data. The Conference, featuring Arab college professors mostly from United States universities all presenting the usual mantra against Israels existence, also features numerous Israeli
academics to represent supposedly the Israeli side. The dialogue part of the conferences title is a deception though; the Israeli college professors will do nothing less than to validate the Arab professors unending complaints against and their goals of dismantling the Jewish state.

Israel Academia Monitor: Bash-Israel Conference Coming to Jerusalem Featuring Numerous Israeli Academics
Bash-Israel Conference Coming to Jerusalem Featuring Numerous Israeli Academics
Lee Kaplan, investigative journalist for Israel-academia-monitor.com, reports that Israeli professors are planning to gather at Al Quds University for a Dialogue Under Occupation anti-Israel conference on November 14-16.

Anti-Israel Israeli academics react to Israel Academia Monitor

(Israeli Committee for Right of Residency) ICRR, a communist front group, upset by IAM
'Our friends are monitoring us well and ICRR has come under scrutiny. Joe McCarthy is alive and well in Israel.'

Tel Aviv University's Ran HaCohen, comparative literature, threatens to sue IAM for citing him correctly
you have copied and posted an article of which I am the author. You have done this without asking or obtaining my permission to reproduce my text, thus breaching both mine and Antiwar.com's copyright

Israel Academia Monitor' website acts as Big Brother, warns students of anti-Israel professors and courses at Israeli universities

Hebrew University's Ofer Neiman (computers) denounces Israel Academia Monitor
Just for our collective information, the highly distinguished "Israeli Academia Monitor" has been following communication on this mailing list. Note that some of the manipulations made by the brilliant editors of the website are libelous, prima facie

Memo From Israel Academia Monitor To: Members of the Board of Governors of Ben Gurion University
We at Israel Academia Monitor are the Israeli analogue to "Campus Watch" in the United States. We monitor and expose the anti-Israel political extremism rampant among the faculty members at Israeli universities, including Ben Gurion University. These activities include collaboration with anti-Semites from around the world, promotion of international boycotts of Israel and Israeli institutions, calls for Israel's annihilation, and open endorsements of terrorism against Israel.

Israel Academia Monitor On TV Channel One News with Keren Noybach, 15.5.07

So just what do we do here in IAM?

Translation of "The Post-Zionist Bias on Israeli Campuses"

About those Academics who war Against Israel

Ben Gurion University's Neve Gordon denounces Israel Academia Monitor - How dare we criticize defamers of Israel?

Israel Academia Monitor Academic witch-hunt or a digital defence?

Of course, critics of the Israeli academic left have been attacked for some time. David Newman, professor of political geography at Ben-Gurion University, complained in The Times Higher in April about right-wing McCarthyists attempting to suppress academic "diversity". This from a man whose department does not include one non-leftist. Free speech is indeed what the hysteria is all about

London Times Higher Educational Supplement: Israeli Website attacks anti-Zionists (Israel Academia Monitor)
It represents a "group of donors, concerned academics, students, researchers and others" who wish to "bring to light statements and articles written by and about the academic extremists and university anti-Zionists" and highlight "abuses of academic freedom in Israel".

Exposed: Israel's Tenured Radicals by Robert Kornfield
The scandal of anti-Israeli, anti-Zionist, and sometimes anti-Semitic radicalism among Israeli academics is now highlighted on a new website. Modeled after Campus Watch, Daniel Pipess site for monitoring Middle East studies on North American campuses, Israel Academic Monitor was created by a group of academics, journalists, donors, students, and others with the aim of monitoring abuses of academic freedom in Israels universities. These abuses include not only writings and statements that deny Israels legitimacy, advocate its destruction, or compare it with the Nazi and other worst regimes in history, but also calls for widespread insurrection and mutiny by Israeli soldiers and support for international efforts at boycotting Israel and ostracizing the teachers and students of these universities themselves.

The following discussion concerning the launching of Israel Academia Monitor took place on Alef

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