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Boycott Calls Against Israel
[alef] British group cancels boycott of two Israeli universities / Lev Grinberg
Dear Yehudit and alfoids,
I must say that despite the fact that I am aginst the boycot I am very
sad of the AUT cancellation. I am sad mainly for our Palestinian
colleagues that were encouraged by the boycot, and now they must be
strongly discouraged. However more than sad I am also
very  upset with all my "poltical friends" that supported the boycot
without taking in consideration the demages it will cause. Now
the situation is even worst than before the AUT desicion, but this
probable outcome was clear from the begining. The AUT Boycot
desicion was an expression of our impotence and incapacity the design
effective strategies of resistance against the Busharon Axis of Evil.
Now our impotence is clear and visible, the AUT couldn't stand even a
few weeks of Israeli pressure. Now my dear radicals are
you satisfied ? Isn't it better to think and calculate the consequences
our our acts before we act ? Isn't the time to discuss why we
are so weak instead of the righteous position of blaming the others ?
Lev Grinberg
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