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University of Haifa
AUT Denounced by Pappe for Rescinding boycott of Israeli schools
----- Original Message -----
From:  <
To: "Dorothy"  <
Cc: "Alef list"  <
Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2005 9:14  AM
Subject: Re: [alef] AUT Rescinds boycott

Dear Dorothy

do  not be saddened and do not be disamyed by those in alef who have poured
more words on the boycott then they ever did against the occupation. This is  the
academic world, it is academia and not reallity, that concerns them  most.

The sanctions and boycott, including that of the academia, will  take place,
if not this year, then next year. This is inevitable. This is  beyond me or you -
it has to do with the energy of good people abroad who  were there when the
Vitenamese needed them, when the South Africans needed  them and when people
in Latin America needed them.  They will succeed  eventually, despite the fact
that this decision was overturned.

It was  not overturned because it was 'stupid' as someone, obviously wiser than
all  of us, argued here, nor becasue of tactical mistakes. It was  overturned
because the Zionist state was using its usual mixutre of  intimidation, manipualtion of Holocasut memory and money. This time they even  had some help from within the more progressive camp in Israel. But evil does  not prevail for ever and the efforts agaisnt it have to  continue.

ilan pappe

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