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Technion's Jacob Katriel, Professor Emeritus (chemistry) and communist party leader, rallies the masses to support jailed terrorist accomplice Tali Fahima
Subject:  [Alliance] Fw: [JPLO-OLPJ] International campaign  to release
Ms. Tali Fahima, and all other political prisoners held by  Israel.
Date:       Sun, 26 Jun 2005 01:41:20  -0700
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Dear friends,  signatories of the international petition calling for the
release of Ms. Tali  Fahima from solitary confinement,

We hereby launch an international  campaign calling for the immediate release of Ms. Tali Fahima, along with all  other political prisoners held by the State of Israel. This campaign  coincides with the resumption of Mr. Fahima's trial in the Tel Aviv district  court, on July 17, on most ridiculous charges. Her real crime has been trying  to reach out
compassionately, seeking understanding and peace, to  Palestinians in the occupied city of Jenin.

Attached please find a  call destined to reach solidarity movements around the world, mainly those  interested in just peace in the middle east and the in the total end of any  form of occupation of the Palestinian people.
In the call we ask activists to  take action and to organize events. One very simple way to take part is join  a Women-in-Black or similar vigil in which Ms. Tali Fahima will be mentioned.  Contacting the printed or
electronic media would also be very  helpful.

We thank you in advance for your support. We would greatly  appreciate being informed of any relevant activity.

Sincerely  yours,
Jacob Katriel
Professor Emeritus, Technion,  Haifa


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