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University of Haifa
The "ALEF" list of far-Leftist anti-Zionists, operating under the auspices of the University of Haifa and controlled by Haifa U professor Avraham Oz

More on the Israeli Connection to 9/11

Here is an email that I received that provides information on possible
connections of the Israelis to 9/11. This view is controversial but
there are a number of interesting questions that remain about 9/11. The
jury is still out on this issue but no serious investigation of 9/11 has
addressed these and other issues, for example who profited on the stock
market in the flurry of trading in airline stocks shortly before 9/11.

Ed Corrigan
*Subject:* More on the Israeli Connection to 9/11--spread the word!

Here's a link with plenty of information, in case you're interested
about the Israeli Connection to 9/11:


On top of that, here are some more smoking guns that you can research
doing a google search on.  By the way, some of these news stories can
ONLY be found at European and foreign websites since they have been
"spiked" or removed from USA news websites, for example, the verified
story that at least 5 to 8 of the identities of the 911 hijackers were
cases of STOLEN identities--- they are alive and well in Saudi Arabia
and were not even in the US at that time.  Sounds like a frame-up, eh?

Here we go:

    * again, the stolen identities of the hijackers; AND please note how
      absurdly  the obvious planting of Mohammad Abba's passport found
      on top of WTC rubble intact!
    * all the airports in the USA at the time of 911 were under contract
      to an ISRAELI company (do a google search, you'll see.  Now
      they've been cut back.  Now there's a law that 3/4 of the
      contracts must be awarded to a US based company, but since the
      Israeli company has some offices in the US they still keep some of
      the business)
    * "dancing Israeli spies" (do a google search on these words)
    * "Israelis orchestrated 9/11" (do a google search-- very
      interesting stories with lots of circumstantial evidence)
    * Fox News report on Israeli spying in the US with Brit Hume and
      Carl Cameron (for more detailed info on this, e-mail me)
    * "A Clean Break" Netanyahu
    * Project for New American Century (www.newamericancentury.org)
      called for "Pearl Harbor style catastrophe"
    * "Larry Silverstein  World Trade Center" do a google search; plus
      he even said he had building 7 of the WTC "pulled"
    * Netanyahu said that 911 was "good" for Israel
    * Israeli spies monitoring / protecting 911 "Arab" patsies
    * the Israeli-based company Odigo had offices in the WTC and it has
      been confirmed in the Israeli paper the Ha'aretz that they were
      warned a few hours before 911 happened.

Here's a link:

You get the picture.  Can you connect the dots yet?  The whole idea was
to escalate Israel's war on it's neighbors, especially the ones that
refuse to subjugate themselves to Zionist tyranny.  Of course, the
Palestinians are on the front lines, along with the Iraqis now.


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