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Tel Aviv University
TAU's Anat Matar (philosophy): help us flush out war criminals (meaning Israeli army officers)!

[alef] FW: [Yesh-Gvul] help us flush out war criminals !

Anat Matar matar at post.tau.ac.il
Mon Sep 19 21:44:21 IDT 2005


[alef] FW: [Yesh-Gvul] help us flush out war criminals !
Anat Matar matar at post.tau.ac.il
Mon Sep 19 21:44:21 IDT 2005




 From: YeshGvul at yahoogroups.com [mailto:YeshGvul at yahoogroups.com] On BehalfOf peretz kidronSent: á 19 ñôèîáø 2005 17:49To: YeshGvul at yahoogroups.comSubject: [Yesh-Gvul] help us flush out war criminals !Dear friend, As  you probably know from media reports, Yesh Gvul has taken a furtherstep in its campaign against Israeli officers suspected of human rightsabuses or war crimes. Operating on material we supplied, a UK law firm hasformally filed criminal complaints with the local police, against a numberof senior IDF officers.  One such, reserve general Doron Almog, narrowlyescaped arrest when he remained on board the El Al plane that brought him toLondon, and returned to Israel without disembarking. Alongside Almog, more senior figures now under investigation in Britaininclude IDF chief of staff Dan Halutz, after Israel's judiciary and lawenforcement agencies systematically evaded our demands for an investigationinto his role in the killing of civilians in the bombing of a Gazaresidential building. Having exhausted Israel's judicial process, we decidedto take the Halutz case to a foreign court in the hope of getting thethorough investigation denied here in Israel. That initiative has aroused enormous anger from Israel's political andmilitary leadership, and we have come under furious attacks in the media.On top of the resentment such an initiative would evoke in other lands, itis also a direct challenge to the traditional Jewish reluctance to "washdirty linen in public", and the equally traditional hatred within minorityJewish communities toward the "moiser" ("snitch"). The publicity has spawnedlegal initiatives to penalise Israelis who take cases to foreign courts.Equally sinister: hate mail and death threats directed at Yesh Gvul membersassociated with the case.  As you can imagine, we are currently under heavy pressure, and we're inurgent need of aid, moral and material.  We will welcome any declaration ofsupport.  We'll welcome it even more if it's backed up with a financialdonation, because our already strained resources are simply not up tomeeting the challenges and opportunities now created.   Peretz Kidron * Ram Rahat  PS. For full details of our campaign against war crimes in the occupiedterritories, contact us for a complete brief, including the legal actions wehave taken in chronological sequence.  DONATIONS TO YESH GVULIsrael: cheques to PO Box 91068, Jerusalem 91068or: bank transfer to: Yesh Gvul,  Acct. no. 36666, Bank Hapoalim, KingGeorge St., Jerusalem  (POALILIT) You can also make a contribution (tax-deductible in the US) by credit cardat  <http://www.refusersolidarity.net/> www.refusersolidarity.net (click on"Donate Now" and be sure to select "Yesh Gvul projects" as the RSN project)or by sending a check to:Refuser Solidarity NetworkP.O. Box 53474Washington DC20009-9474(202) 232-1100Be sure to write "Yesh Gvul" on the memo line of your check!

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