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Tel Aviv University
Aharon Eviatar (emeritus, geophysics), who also runs local Amnesty International, justifies persecution of Israeli officers for "war crimes":

[alef] war crimes trials

I append a description of the war crime court martials going on now in
Britain.  It provides an answer to stupid questions such as Yaron London
asking Ishai
Menuchin why Israel does not arrest Blair.  First, Blair is a serving PM
and thus immune to prosecution, but more important, these trials are a
result of complaints of Iraqi civilians to the ICC.  The ICC delegated
the trial to the UK on the principle that countries should have a chance
to try their own first.
There are more in the pipeline including officers.  In the UK, they try
war criminals, in Israel we promote them.
This still leaves unansweredthe question of why the ElAl flight with
Almog on board was allowed to take off and why the police did not enter
the aircraft.

Aharon Eviatar

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    1.  War Crimes?
     From Norman Epstein, Sent in 22-12-2005
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