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Hebrew University
BARUCH KIMMERLING (sociology) supports Arab terrorism against Jews

[alef] Goldstein

Baruch Kimmerling mskimmer at mscc.huji.ac.il
Tue Oct 19 14:02:56 IST 2004
I would like to draw all of your attentions that till the Goldstein massacre the inhabitants of the occupied territories were successfully "pacified" by a mixture of carrot and stick. The expressions of armed resistance was very rare and wasn't support by the majority of population, in spite of the growing colonization of the WB and the obstacles put by the Israeli authority to internal economic  growth and foreign investment. The Israelis were addicted to the cheap Palestinian labor and the occupation look like no-price for the Israeli state and society.The massacre changed at once this "ideal" relationship, and transformed its perception as a religious warfare. As well triggered the reaction to years long hidden frustration of the Palestinians following their oppression and deprivation. 40 days (the mourning period in Islam) the Hamas and other religious groups began their vendetta campaign against the Jewish civilian population inside Israel. This was in fact the real start of the second Intifada and the escalating chains of mutual violence. I would like to add that every nation have the legitimate right for self-determination as well to armed presence against occupation. This right is limited by protection of civilian population and most of the recent "military operations" of the Palestinians are not less war crime then the indiscriminate killings of civilians by the Israeli military. And by the way the settlers can't be included under the term of "civilian population".  This because several reasons:1. The settlements are the main if not the only "reason" for the continuation of the occupation.2. The settlements are the extension of the military presence in the territories and it is a symbiotic relationship between the settlers and the military.3. Most of the settlers are well armed and in fact constitute a militia-like body. As for the killing of non-combatant people by Israeli military machine, it is far not to be intentional. There are two military-political purposes (there is no such thing like "pure military" considerations):a. Its come to break the moral of the Palestinian, expecting that the civilians will exercise pressures on the military to refrain their actions and even to surrender. The same was the logic of the German blitz against Britain and of the allies bombardments of German civilian cities like Dresden.In our case there is a clear political reason for the systematic killings and destruction of public infrastructure - the hope to suffocate the Palestinian willing for self-termination, the Sharon's vision (and we don't needed Weisglass testimony to know that.Wish all of you a nice day.
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