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Hebrew University
Anti-Semite ISRAEL SHAHAK endorsed MOSHE ZIMMERMAN (history)

Yerushalayim, 12 May 1995

Letter to the editor by Israel Shahak

Jewish Nazis exist

I would like to express my agreement with the views of professor Moshe Zimmerman and my deep appreciation of your paper's courage in publishing them. Since some of Zimmerman's detractors have invoked the memory of Holocaust victims and - impudently in my view - claimed to speak in the name of all its survivors, let me mention that I am myself a Holocaust survivor. As such I recall that my impression, and the impression of some friends who are Holocaust survivors is that German Nazis whom I had seen in action were motivated by their tacit or explicit belief in the Nazi ideology, including especially the belief in the sanctity of obedience to legally issued orders. It can not be doubted that an enormous majority of the Jews of Kiryat Arba (and even more of the Jews settled in Hebron itself) who supported the building of the magnificent memorial on the grave of the Jewish Nazi Baruch Goldstein5 did so because they believe in the same Judeo-Nazi ideology as he did. Had a German city constructed now a magnificent memorial on the grave of a Nazi who committed a murder similar to that of Goldstein we would label it a Nazi city, disregarding the exceptions that might exist in it. In exactly the same way we should regard Kiryat Arba as a Judeo-Nazi city and the Jewish settlers of Hebron as Judeo-Nazis of an even worse kind.

At this opportunity let us, the Jews, recall that the Nazi ideology which had caused the extermination of six millions of Jews and of so many millions of human beings from other peoples, had also brought on Germans themselves the worst humiliation and gravest calamity of their history. Because a part of the German nation had supported Nazi ideology, Germany lost territories which it possessed for centuries, suffered a loss of millions of its people and underwent enormous destruction. The same thing can yet happen to us, the Israeli Jews, if we shall not see in time the horrible dangers inherent in Judeo-Nazi ideology whose pioneers are now concentrated in Kiryat Arba and Hebron.6

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