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Hebrew University
Dr. Haggai Katriel, Mathematics department at HU, is facing prosecution for violation of public order and violence

Sent by the parents
Tamar & Jacob Katriel


On Thursday Feb. 9 at 9:30AM there will be the opening of Haggai Katriel's trial in Beit Mishpat Hashalom in Jerusalem in front of Judge Kalmanovitz. This is one
of a series of trials in which peace activists who took part in the nonviolent protests against the Wall in Bil'in are charged with violation of public order and violence. Haggai, who was beaten up and detained for a weekend at the beginning of September, is falsely charged with "entering a closed military zone" and "attacking a public servant." The presence of a supportive audience
in these trials is important. We will be grateful to anybody who can be present at the hearing, and will appreciate it if you can disseminate this message among your friends and acquaintances in Jerusalem.

With best wishes,

Tamar Katriel

POSTSCRIPT by Jacob Katriel:

Dear Friends,

This request for attendance in the court is addressed to those of you living in Jerusalem. I have also emailed it to several friends elsewhere, whom I am asking to distribute it on their lists.
I would just like to add that this trial concerns the events in Bil'in on September 2, 2005, which, I am sure many of you recall, was probably the day the army was even more violent and aggressive than its weekly routine. On that
day the army started its violence, that included tear gas and stun granades, rubber bullets and, as the army eventually admitted, EVEN a round of live ammunition (!), inside the village, before the demonstartion had a chance to get organized.
For my report, and for links to relevant media reports concerning that very day, you are welcome to examine my website:

You presence in the court is important, and will be greatly appreciated.



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