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Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv University sets up "Refugee Clinic" in Collaboration with Anti-Semitic Propaganda Organization
Just when you think that Tel Aviv University could not get any more
politicized and self-conscripted for the anti-Israel activities, along
comes the TAU Law School and sets up a "Refugee Rights Clinic" as a joint
project with the pro-terror anti-Israel extremist group "Physicians for
Human Rights" or PHR.  This organization has never had a word to say in 
defense of the human rights of Jews not to be blown up by terrorists nor
the right of Jews to defend themselves. It is so extremist (for
background, see
(http://ngo-monitor.org/archives/infofile.htm#center ) that a few years
ago a petition of professors and others denounced it as anti-Semitic for
distributing anti-Jewish caricatures (for details, go to
The Law School at TAU has set up its own propaganda "clinic" in
conjunction with this same group
(http://www.tau.ac.il/law/clinics/english/refugees.html ). Among its main
activities has been its campaign to force Israel to accept as "refugees"
Palestinian homosexuals claiming they are being persecuted by the Hamas
and the PLO in "homophobic violence"

Other politicized "clinics" already operate in the Law School, such as
the "Human Rights Clinic", which boasts that it represents "Palestinian
Israelis" (the code word for Israeli Arabs . see
(http://www.tau.ac.il/law/clinics/english/human.html ). There is not a
single word in the web site of the "refugee clinic" about any concern for
the rights of Jewish refugees from Arab countries (or from any other
country, for that matter!)!!
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    1.  This clinic is nasty, but it also dates back to 2002.
     From Carl and Adina, Sent in 16-04-2006
    2.  Have any protests been made at TAU?
     From Trudy, Sent in 16-04-2006
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