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General Articles
Professors Showing Solidarity with Convicted Nuclear Traitor Mordecai Vanunu

Consider the petition in Haaretz this week supporting Mordecai Vanunu. Vanunu is now out of jail, thanks to Israel's stupidity, but he served a very long jail sentence for nuclear espionage. Vanunu had joined Israel's HADASH Stalinist party while a student at Ben Gurion University, that same school that has produced so many traitors. He somehow got a job at Israel's nuclear facilities in Dimona. He then decided to try to reveal to the world the details of Israel's nuclear programs. He was arrested and convicted of treason and espionage. Meanwhile, he converted to Christianity and has continued his anti-Israel activities since being released from prison.

Of course, Vanunu has long been the hero of the neo-nazis, the anti-Semites, and all those who want to see a Second Holocaust of Jews in our time. There are hundreds of pro-Vanunu web sites, most run by various communist parties. Vanunu's fans want
Israel to be stripped of its nuclear deterrent. You see, as long as Israel has a nuclear deterrent, the Islamofascist world cannot realize its aim of annihilating Israel and its population.

Let us be clear and unambiguous. Those who want
Israel's nuclear deterrent negated and destroyed are the people who want a genocidal end to the Jewish state. Israel's nuclear arsenal is what ultimately denies the Arab world its ability to exterminate the Israeli Jews. There can be no other explanation for the behavior and determination of the groupies of Vanunu than their hope of making a nuclear-free Israel that will be vulnerable for armed destruction.

This week, a petition appeared in
Israel's daily Haaretz, calling for support for Vanunu.  While not in prison, Vanunu is subject to certain restrictions on his movements and he is under surveillance. Israel's defense establishment and Attorney General still consider Vanunu a clear and present security risk. In fact, he should have been left in prison for life, but Israel's pusillanimous government capitulated to the pressures on Israel from the Vanunu lobby overseas.

This week's petition calls for removal of all restrictions and limitations on Vanunu, denouncing the continued surveillance on Vanunu as totalitarian abuse from "Big Brother". The signers want Vanunu to continue his struggle for the annihilation of the Jewish state and its Jewish population.

The signers of the petition include communist Jews and Arabs, Arab fascists, tenured traitors, anti-Zionist self-hating Jewish moonbats, and Jews for a Second Holocaust. Among the signers are many of the familiar names from Israeli universities, anti-Israel "post-Zionists" and academic extremists who hate their own country. These include Ilan Pappe from Haifa University, long in favor of Israel's annihilation, Teddy Katz, Pappe's mini-me, Neve Gordon from Ben Gurion University, the groupie of Holocaust Denier Norman Finkelstein who has long endorsed Vanunu's treason, Anat Matar from Tel Aviv University, recently arrested for violently attacking soldiers protecting Israel's security wall, Baruch Kimmerling from the Hebrew University, who has justified suicide bombers, Colman Altman, retired Stalinist from the Technion, and his Technion comrade-in-Stalin Jacob Katriel, Uri Ram, anti-Zionist from Ben Gurion University, Tanya Reinhart, who has never met a terrorist she does not like, Rachel Giora, who has replaced Tanya Reinhart as Tel Aviv University's main jihadnik of linguistics, Gadi Algazi, another Tel Aviv University ultra, Shlomo Zand, a Tel Aviv University pro-Palestinian Marxist historian, Ruhama Merton, who writes anti-Israel propaganda with Neve Gordon, Vered Krauss and Yuval Yonay, fanatic anti-Zionist sociologists from Haifa University, Adi Ophir, extremist Tel Aviv University professor who was a founder of Peace Now and others.  All of these are people whose income comes from taxes paid by Israeli taxpayers, salaries paid by the Israeli state these signers want to see destroyed.

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