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University of Haifa
Ilan Pappe joins the head of the Neturei Karta in a panel on "WHY ANTI-ZIONISM IS NOT ANTI-SEMITISM" for Islam Channel TV.
To attend a panel presentation of, and participate in debate about,WHY ANTI-ZIONISM IS NOT ANTI-SEMITISM

The date: Thursday 15 June 2006
The venue: Brunei Gallery, SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square WC1 HOXG
The time: 7.30pm
The Panel

* Dr. Hajo G. Meyer. German born, captured by the Gestapo, survived Auschwitz. Distinguished research scientist and top multi-national manager.Board member of Another Jewish Voice, which is part of a European Jewish alliance for a just peace. His latest book is The End of Judaism.

* Professor Ilan Pappe, Senior Lecturer of Political Science at Haifa University. His latest books are A History of Modern Palestine and The Modern Middle East.
* Rabbi Ahron Cohen of Neturei Karta, (loosely translated as Guardians of the Faith).

* Dr. Ghada Karmi. Her latest book, In Search of Fatima, is the story of her exile (from Jerusalem in 1949 to England) and displacement.

* Alan Hart, formerly an ITN and BBC Panorama correspondent and a participant at leadership level in the secret diplomacy of the search for peace. His latest book, an epic in two volumes, is Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews.

The Panel on the need for all of us to be clear about what anti-Semitism is and is not:

There is one reason above all others why a resolution of the Palestine problem, the cancer at the heart of international affairs, has remained beyond the reach of politics and diplomacy. Since the obscenity of the Nazi holocaust and Israel's unilateral declaration of existence in 1948 to the present, informed and honest debate about who must do what and why for justice and peace in the Middle East has not been possible throughout the mainly Gentile Judeo-Christian world. Why not?

The short answer is fear - the fear of being accused of anti-Semitism for criticising the Zionist state of Israel, fear which Zionism has exploited,brilliantly, to silence criticism and suppress debate. We will argue that this accusation or charge is not merely false and blackmail of a kind, but is itself anti-Semitic.

We believe that exorcising the fear of being falsely accused of anti-Semitism is the absolute pre-requisite for the informed and honest debate which must take place if the cancer at the heart of
international affairs is to be cured before it consumes us all.

The presentation and debate, chaired by Alan Hart, is to be recorded by Islam Channel TV for transmission as a 90-minute or two-hour special programme and for syndication and sale of the transmitted programme as a  DVD. RSVP to
Camilla.leyland@islamchannel.tv This is advised for reserved seats.
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