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University of Haifa
Sociologist Yuval Yonay Indoctrinates Students in anti-Israel Propaganda Course at the University of Haifa

By Steven Plaut

   A few months back, I published a short news item <
http://moonbatcentral.com/wordpress/?p=1032> concerning an anti-Israel propaganda course at Tel Aviv University, taught by an anti-Zionist extremist named Uri Hadar, in the psychology department.  The course was entitled "The Psychology of the Occupation."    It was a "course" of naked indoctrination into "anti-occupation" and anti-Zionist political ideology, all in the guise
of a serious course in psychology.   At the time, instead of canceling what
was obviously a biased and indoctrinating course, the President of Tel Aviv University Itamar Rabinovich wrote to the heads of the University of Haifa and demanded that they take action *against me* for the crime of revealing the existence of this propaganda course at Tel Aviv University in the media.  Rabinovich clearly is opposed to free speech and democracy and favors on-campus indoctrination.  The chiefs of Haifa University laughed him off.   Rabinovich's letter was then
published by a foul-mouthed spokesman at Tel Aviv Universitynamed Danny Shapiro.

    At that time, several people contacted me and asked me directly if I would have exposed and condemned a similar course at the University of Haifa, my own home campus.   After all, it was one thing to bash someone
*else's*campus, but would I have the gumption to suggest that my own
campus heads be contacted and lobbied,under similar circumstances?

     Well, the answer is yes and here is the proof.  I would like to invite
you all to take a moment to tell the heads of the University of Haifa what
you think of the following scandal.

     The University of Haifa currently offers a propaganda indoctrination
course similar to that offered by psychology at Tel Aviv University.  It is in the Department of Sociology and is entitled "The Sociology of the
Occupation", number  204.1025 B01..  It is taught by an anti-Zionist
lecturer who is probably the Hamas' *second*-favorite lecturer at the
University of Haifa.  Dr. Yuval Yonay is a close collaborator with Ilan
He works intimately with
including in promoting boycotts of
He helped to organize<
series of "Naqba Days" at the
University of Haifa with Pappe, in which Israelis were called upon to mourn the creation and very existence of their own country as a "catastrophe" (Naqba in Arabic).

     Yonay is a cheerleader for
traitor Mordecai Vanunu, promotes
the Palestinian "right of
means their "right" to destroy Israel, and has been active in the
groups in Israel that organize
soldiers and refusal to serve <
http://www.notes.co.il/ben-hateva/14698.asp>. He has petitioned
to prevent<
officers in Israel from speaking with high school students and is
active in both the anti-Israel pro-Hamas Gush Shalom<
and the Israeli communist
http://www.banki-shabiba.net/tur/_________________________-19.html> .

    Yonay is a sociologist with a special interest in what he calls "Queer Studies."  Yonay's academic work includes such groundbreaking articles as:
"A Queer Look at the Arab-Jewish Conflict." in *Theoria Uvikoret* 19:
265-75. (Hebrew), which is a hardcore Marxist magazine;  "Between Silence
and Damnation: The Construction of Gay Identity in the Israeli Legal
Discourse, 1948-1988." in *Israeli Sociology *1(2): 257-93. (Hebrew); and
"The Law on Homosexual Orientation in Israel: Between History and
Sociology." in *Mishpat u Mimshal* 5(1): 531-86. (Hebrew).  Yonay likes to
think of himself as a serious critic of economic theories, although I have
never met an economist who thinks Yonay understands the first thing about economics.  I happen to have a PhD in economics from Princeton myself and I consider Yonay an economic illiterate.

   The "Sociology of Occupation" course in question taught by Yonay has a course outline or syllabus that can be viewed by Hebrew readers here:
http://hevra.haifa.ac.il/~soc/lecturers/yonay/1025.doc. For others, let me summarize what it says.   The course outline is crawling with postmodernist Newspeak and gibberish, about conflicting "narratives" in the Middle
Eastand about "colonialism".
The course outline by Yonay makes little attempt to hide the fact that
Zionism will be represented in the course as a form of colonialism and

     The course description contains the following caveat:  "The course is
built on the presumption that a complete separation between science (sic) and ideology is not possible, because ideological perceptions affect the way in which facts are understood and gain relevance."   Well, let us put aside the question of whether sociology is even science.  This course also promises large doses of "New History", meaning historic revisionism, meaning pseudo-history.  New Historians generally think that facts never matter especially when they stand in the way of destroying Israel.

      Required course texts in Yonay's re-education camp include material by
Edward Said and assorted Marxists and anti-Zionists, as well as non-academic
propaganda diatribes.  Yonay, by the way, is very active in various
homosexual militant groups.  He teaches a pro-homosexuality course in "queer theory" (his term), whose syllabus - I am told by some students - is so explicit that I could not post it here without fear of jeopardizing my "PG" rating.

    So, after all that, if you would like to tell the chiefs of the
University of Haifa what you think of Yonay's course on "Sociology of the
Occupation", please contact:

*President of the University of Haifa
Prof. Aaron Ben-Ze'ev
Fax:** 972-4-8240281
abenzeev@univ.haifa.ac.il <abenzeev@univ.haifa.ac.il%20>*


*Rector of the **University of **Haifa
Prof. Yossi Ben-Artzi
Fax**: 972-4-8342101
Email:** **
yossib@univ.haifa.ac.il* <yossib@univ.haifa.ac.il>


*Chairman of the Board of Govemors
Prof. Manfred Lahnstein
Fax: 972-4-8342104 *
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