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Readers Forum
First Name : Steven Mills
        E-mail : endalabias@hotmail.com
   Pappe managed to get himself booked as a lecturer on April 25, 2004
at the main branch of the Brooklyn (NY) Public Library, in conjunction with the Library's Jewish Heritage Month celebration, at that time.  This is in part how the Library described the lecture that he was scheduled to give:
" Ilan Pappe, teaches politics at Haifa University (Israel).  He examines how the elusive search for equilibrium in the Middle East has affected the lives of the Jews and Arabs who call Israel home.."      Unsuspecting Brooklynites, most of whom had never heard of Pappe before and were unaware of the fact that he calls for the annihilation of Israel, would have gone to the only program which even  touched on Israel inf the Library's Jewish Heritage Month and were going to get hit by the anti-Israel  venom that spews out of the sewer that is Pappe's self-hating mouth.
Several Brooklyn members of Librarians for Fairness, a much-needed,  emerging organization formed to support Israel, started calling the Library to point out how inappropriate it was to schedule the Pappe lecture in a Jewish Heritage Month celebration.  The Library refused to either cancel the lecture, or at least have a pro-Israeli lecturer for balance.  So the Librarians for Fairness members got politicians involved, pointing out to them how foisting the Pappe presentation on Brooklynites would cause a public relations disaster for both the Library and for Brooklyn.  Pappe's participation in the Library's Jewish Heritage Month was consequently cancelled.  I might add that there is currently a controversy involving the Brooklyn Public Library.  It had refused to purchased the newly published      
(2006), pro-Israeli book, LONDONISTAN, by Melanie Phillips.  After some negative publicity, the Library has ordered ONE copy of the book for its collection.  The Broooklyn Public Library's website mentions that it serves 2.5 million Brooklyn residents...only ONE copy of a well-reviewed it's been praised by Natan Sharansky, Daniel Pipes, and Steven Emerson, among others), pro-Israeli book has been ordered..the Brooklyn Public Library and Ilan Pappe should both be ashamed!!

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