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Hebrew University
Louise Bethlehem Praises Haaretz' Gideon Levy (who wants Israel to be annihilated) for his "highlight the shameful capitulation of Jewish-Israeli civil society to "chauvinism and ruthlessness",
Title: Praise Levy's and Mijali's brave civil dissent
Name: Louise Bethlehem
City: Hod Hasharon State: Israel


At times of "moral blackout" Gideon Levy's insistence on reminding us of the importance--and vulnerability--of Lebanese civil society and Nazir Majali's corresponding focus on Palestinian citizens of Israel in the north, are especially valuable. Together they highlight the shameful capitulation of Jewish-Israeli civil society to "chauvinism and ruthlessness", with some notable exceptions.

In 1915, a celebrated Jew, Sigmund Freud published an essay entitled "Thoughts for the Times on War and Death". In it, he warned that war "overwhelms, with blind rage, anything that stands in its way, as though there were to be no future and no peace afterwards. It tears up all bonds of community among the warring peoples and threatens to leave behind an embitterment that will make any renewal of these bonds impossible for a long time to come".

When moral blackout devours the present, consolidating precious civil bonds--of solidarity and dissent--offers a slender chance for the future.

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