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Boycott Calls Against Israel
Boycott of Israel

Boycott Campaign -

The Palestinian people are experiencing their thirty fourth year of military occupation. The siege by the Israeli army and the economic blockade have devastated their daily lives so that 'normal' life is impossible.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign, with the support of many individuals and organisations in Britain, the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel, has launched the BIG Campaign - a campaign to boycott Israeli products and tourism. The campaign was launched in the House of Commons on the 4th July. There have been calls for a boycott from within Israel itself as well as in the Occupied Territories. Our decision to launch this campaign follows decades of Israel's refusal to abide by UN Resolutions, International Humanitarian law and the Fourth Geneva Convention. We will organise supporters to boycott Israeli goods and services, to persuade businesses to stop trading with Israel and to campaign for an end to European Union and British government trade agreements with Israel.

Statement of Intent:

Stand Up for Palestinian Human Rights -

Oppose Israeli Oppression - Boycott Israeli Products

For too long the world has ignored the relentless military oppression of the Palestinian people. Since the 29th of September 2000, over 1,531* Palestinians have been killed and more than 19,172* injured by the Israeli army and settlers. The Government of Israel has intensified collective punishment on the Palestinian civilian population, laying siege to their land, preventing free movement and devastating the Palestinian economy. "Normal" life is impossible as people are unable to work, move around freely, attend school, get to hospitals, or to obtain water.

We call for mass consumer action, along the lines of the boycott of South African produce during the anti-apartheid campaign. By joining this boycott individuals and organisations can take concrete steps to stand up against the gross human rights violations by the Israeli State.

We, the undersigned, call for an immediate, unconditional lifting of the siege of the occupied territories, an end to the occupation, and the implementation of UN resolutions and international humanitarian law in relation to the Palestinian people.

We therefore support:

A boycott of Israeli products

A boycott of Israeli leisure tourism

An end to UK firms' investment in Israel

Suspension of British government trade agreements with Israel

[*figures are likely underestimates due to Palestinian Red Crescent Society inability to access many areas]

Amongst the signatories:

Dr Meir Amor

Prof Hagit Borer

Tzvi Cohen

Neta Golan

Irit Katriel

Prof Moshe Machover

Dr Anat Matar

Yael Oren Kahn

Prof Tanya Reinhart

Inbar Tamari

Tirtza Tauber

Benjamin Zephaniah


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