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General Articles
The Scourge of Jewish Anti-Semites

The Jewish New Year is a time of renewal and a time for

cherishing the ties between Israel and the Diaspora. But this

year, it is essential that Jews in all communities learn about

a growing menace, one that threatens from within Israel

and Jews everywhere.

Understanding this menace is particularly important in

the wake of the war with the Hezbollah this past summer.

Over the past decade or so, there has been a bizarre sort of

convergence between Israel and the North American Diaspora

in the emergence of a dangerous pathology. I refer to

Jewish anti-Semitism. That sounds like an oxymoron, and if

only it were so!

Jews who are themselves anti-Semites have long been an

unavoidable part of Diaspora existence. Indeed, anti-Semitic

Jews go back at least as far as the Hellenist collaborators

against the Maccabbees, and probably even before that.

What is new is the growth inside Israel of this pathology.

Let me be clear. People commonly refer to assimilationist

Jews as “self-hating Jews”, but the application of that term

to them is somewhat misleading. Assimilationist Jews are

simply indifferent to their own Jewishness, with little interest

in living as Jews.

Jewish anti-Semites, however, are people of Jewish extraction

who actually hate Jews and wish them harm. In most

cases, the main focus of their anti-Semitism is in their opposition

to Israel’s existence and their endorsements of the

barbarous forces warring against Israel and Zionism.

The Jewish community of North America has produced

quite a number of Jewish anti- Semites. In extreme cases

these include Jews promoting Holocaust Denial and neo-

Nazism. And in recent years, these self-hating Jews are being

joined by Jewish anti- Semites from the fringes of the

Israeli far Left and especially from Israeli academia. In the

US, there is Norman Finkelstein, a pseudo-scholar on the

faculty of DePaul University in Chicago, who has been declared

a Holocaust Denier by the Anti- Defamation League.

Finkelstein is often described as the Jewish David Irving,

and proudly proclaims that “We are all Hezbollah now!”

Noam Chomsky, Professor at MIT, certainly is a contender

for the most anti-Semitic Jew to emerge in the United

States. The only thing not clear is whether he hates America

more than he hates Israel. Chomsky, a Stalinist who served

as apologist for the Khmer Rouge while it was conducting

genocide, is himself a promoter and champion of Holocaust

Deniers and terrorists of all sorts.

Canada has also produced its share of anti-Semitic Jews.

While hardly the only one, probably the very worst is Michael

Neumann from Trent University, a pseudo-academic

basher of Israel and a regular Jew-baiter for the left wing

pro-terror web magazine Counterpunch, published by

Stalinist anti-Semite Alexander Cockburn. Like Cockburn,

Newmann regards America and Israel as barbarian states.

Perhaps his most memorable comment has been: “I think

we should almost never take anti-Semitism seriously, and

maybe we should have some fun with it.”

This was followed by: “Israel has committed war crimes.

It has implicated Jews generally in these crimes, and Jews

generally have hastened to implicate themselves. This has

provoked hatred against Jews. Why not?” The Canadian

Jewish Congress wrote a letter of complaint to Neumann’s

employer, Trent University, about his naked anti-Semitism.

Neumann proudly proclaims himself a follower of the

Swedish neo-Nazi “Israel Shamir.” Neumann, author of The

Case Against Israel, recently informed a neo-Nazi website

that he is “not interested in the truth, or justice, or understanding,”

unless it serves the Palestinian cause. Last year

Jonathan Kay from Canada’s National Post did a superb job

of “outing” the jihadnik from Trent.

Britain hosts an ex-Israeli neo-Nazi named Gilad Atzmon

who is so openly anti-Semitic that he has been repudiated

by British bash-Israel anti-Zionist groups. He has called for

the burning down of synagogues. North America Jewry

has begotten a cult of anti-Israel far-left paganism called

the “Tikkun Community” or “Renewal” or “Aleph”, led by

people like pseudo-rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of Tikkun

Magazine, who believes that anti- Semitism is caused by the

evil of Jews. These and other Jewish anti-Semites are the focus

of the recent book by Paul Bogdanor and Edward Alexander,

The Jewish Divide Over Israel (Transaction Publishers,

March 2006).

Israel in recent years has produced hundreds of Jewish

radical anti-Semites, and many of these hold faculty positions

at Israel’s tax-funded public universities. These are

people who justify and celebrate Arab terrorism, who help

initiate campaigns of boycott and “divestment” directed

against Israel, who collaborate with anti-Semites all over the

world, who attempt to get Israeli military officers indicted

as “war criminals” before courts outside Israel. Some of

them openly call for Israel to be annihilated. Some campaign

for and promote Holocaust deniers. Many of them

cheered as northern Israel was bathed by katyusha rockets

this summer. They are Israel’s version of “Taliban John”.

In-classroom anti-Israel indoctrination is becoming more

common at Israeli universities. Battling against Israel is becoming

the chief scholarly credential of a growing number

of Israeli academics.

Ilan Pappe from the University of Haifa was the driving

force behind recent attempts in the UK and Canada to boycott

Israel and Israeli universities. Scores of Israeli university

professors have been involved in organizing mutiny and

insurrection among Israeli soldiers, and some leftist professors

have been arrested for violently attacking police and

soldiers or for other forms of law breaking. Many make the

University of Colorado’s Ward Churchill look like a sane

moderate. The university authorities wink at such behavior.

Among the worst extremists in Israel is Neve Gordon

from Ben Gurion University, a “political science” fan of neo-

Nazi Norman Finkelstein, whom Gordon compared ethically

to the Prophets in the Bible. Gordon is so venomously

anti-Israel that his articles have been carried by the web

site of deported neo-Nazi Ernst Zundel. Gordon regularly

denounces Israel as a fascist, apartheid terrorist state. He

served as a human shield for wanted murderers being hidden

in Yassir Arafat’s headquarters in Ramallah and was

arrested when he interfered with Israeli anti-terror military

operations. Gordon launched an international campaign

of vilification against his own army commander, accusing

him on anti-Semitic web sites of being a “war criminal.”

Gordon and hundreds of other Israel-hating faculty

members in Israel continue to enjoy backing by the campus

authorities. At Ben Gurion University a policy is in place in

the political science department by which no Zionists nor

Israel supporters may teach. Israel-hating faculty members

are almost as common at Tel Aviv University and the University

of Haifa. Rigid anti-Israel uniformity is to be found

in many academic departments in Israeli universities, especially

in the humanities, the soft social sciences, and education.

Israeli leftist anti-Semites have been instrumental in fanning

the fires of anti-Semitism all over the world and in

leading the campaign to delegitimize Israel. Israeli traitors

with tenure continue to collaborate with the enemies of

their own country in time of war. To date, very little has

been done to stop them.

The activities of Israel’s anti-Semitic Jews is the focus of

Israel Academia Monitor, a group that monitors and exposes

the anti-Israel activities of Israel’s academic Fifth Column

(see www.israel-academia-monitor.com).


Prof. Steven Plaut, University of Haifa


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