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General Articles
Pappe and Reinhart in "Ayoon Wa Azan (An Existence Born of Nil)"

Jihad el-Khazen     Al-Hayat     - 26/10/06//

I hope that the reader will be patient with me until the end of the article.

The Kingdom of Israel was stated in the Bible as a legend without any historical evidence at the basis, an existence born of nil. This was mentioned in a book, called: 'In Search of the Bible's Sacred Kings and the Roots of Western Tradition', by Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman, who are two Israeli archeologists. They talk about two Kingdoms, a Jewish one and Israel. The first Kingdom is the most important. They cast doubt on the existence of Kings and Prophets of Israel. I remember that Finkelstein said in a previous book that if the Biblical Jerusalem had been found, it would just be a small village that has nothing to do with the current Jerusalem. The new book reiterates this view, based on archaeological findings, specifically those that have not proven the alleged history.

To summarize 3000 years of history, current Israel exists, and its crimes against humanity attest to its existence. Once again, I am not giving my personal opinion, because Israeli Professor Ilan Pappe documented these crimes in 'The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine'. Also, Israeli Professor Tanya Reinhart said, in a lecture she gave this month in Melbourne, that Israel practiced ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians in 1948 and in 1967, and that it is on its way to practice a third cleansing. The last issue of Oxford University's journal includes 28 articles documenting the accusation.

I ask the readers to note that I am citing two Israeli scientists who refute the legend of ancient Israel. I also cite the most famous university in the world, and two professors at the Haifa and Tel Aviv universities, to confirm that when Israel was created, it committed crimes against humanity.

There are Israeli and Jewish academicians around the world with refined humane attitudes, and we must all appreciate their work and courage. However, we should focus on the daily crimes perpetrated by Israel. Our Israeli reference in this regard is the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories (B'Tselem), the figures of which I always cite. If Israeli academicians do not tell lies against Israel, then figures do not lie to all the people.

B'Tselem says that the number of Palestinians killed in six whole years, since the outbreak of the second Intifada on September 29, 2000, until September 30, 2006, is 3738 in the occupied territories, 60 in Israel, and 41 killed by Israeli civilians (settlers); totaling 3839. During the same period, the Palestinians killed 235 Israelis in the occupied territories, and 462 in Israel; totaling 697 (about 300 military Israelis were killed, but I mention only the civilians here, simply because the killing of civilians who are not involved in any fighting is terrorism). Palestinian casualties rose in the following two weeks, specifically, until October 15. The latest statistics available affirm that there were 3769 deaths in the occupied territories, 61 in Israel, and 41 killed by settlers, coming to a total of 3871 deaths. (There are others that were killed after October 15, including five from one family.)

In order to avoid any controversy over civilians and Palestinian 'terrorists', I chose to quote the number of minors killed by Israel. According to B'Tselem, there were 775 Palestinian minors killed in the occupied territories and Israel, compared to 119 Israeli minors. The killing of minors is definitely terrorism. The latest figures show that Israel was seven times more a terrorist than the Palestinian factions put together, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Now we move on to the summer wars on the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon. There was daily news about Israel's crimes, but Israel denied them. I give three examples here:

Israel used phosphorous bombs. Phosphor is a chemical used in bombs, missiles and rockets, and it causes third-degree burns. In reply to a question in the 'Knesset', Israeli Cabinet Minister Jacob Edery admitted the use of white phosphorus, which is not internationally prohibited. He said that white phosphor is used in the Israeli Army's ammunition.

An Italian television show revealed that Israeli forces test new weapons on Palestinians, and talked specifically about a substance, DIME (Dense Inert Metal Explosives). It is an American weapon which causes a huge explosion in a limited space. Palestinian physicians noticed uncommon injuries in the dead and wounded. An Italian laboratory confirmed that the use of DIME was the cause of these injuries. The International Red Cross is also investigating into the matter.

Israel used cluster bombs. One bomb fires dozens of small bombs. UN experts and others estimate that Israel left one million small bombs behind in Lebanon. Every day, there are three or four deaths, mainly minors who stumble over these bombs or find and play with them.

I hope that the reader will note that I cited Israelis, who talked about the legend of the Biblical roots of Israel, and who also quoted Israeli, Western, and international sources to reveal the crimes that it perpetrated against humanity since its establishment and its continuing terrorism up to last summer.

However, there are apologists for Israel's crimes. An example is an article, called: 'Human-Rights Falsehood' by Gerald M. Steinberg in 'The Washington Times', which, like him, is hard line. In this article, Steinberg attacks the US and international human rights organizations that recorded Israel's crimes. He argues that Israel defended itself against Hezbollah's rockets, even though not a single rocket was launched before the start of the Israeli raids on Lebanese civilians.

Our comfort lies in the fact that for every Steinberg, there is a Finkelstein, a Pappe, a Reinhart, and hundreds of others, as well as human rights organizations in Israel and around the world.



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