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Hebrew University
Amiel Vardi [Senior Lecturer in Classics], invites people to go for "Nakba tours" to learn why Israel should not Exist

"Amiel Vardi" avardi@mscc.huji.ac.il

Saturday, December 16
Tour To Al-Ramle

During the Nakba of 1948, 17,000 Palestinians were expelled from Al-Ramle, nearly all of the city's inhabitants, despite it was not included in the Jewish territory according to the 1947 UN Partition Plan. One can not understand the origins of racism expressed by Ramle's Mayor Mr. Yoel Lavi, without being familiar with the ethnic cleansing of Al-Ramle in July 1948.
Mozaic House and Zochrot will hold a tour to the old city of Al-Ramle on Saturday, December 16. Meeting at 12:00 pm at 20 Shafik A'das street, Ramle. The event will include a guided tour about the history of Al-Ramla, signposting of street names in Arabic and testimonies from 1948.
Transportation will depart from Arlozorov Central Train Station in Tel-Aviv at 11:15 am .
For further details please contact Zochrot, tel: +972 (0)3 695 3155 or 050-6314229

Tuesday, December 26
The Battle of Safad in the 1948 War

A lecture by Mr. Mustafa Abbasi from Tel-Hai Academic College about the battle of the city of Safed will take place on Tuesday, December 26.
Address: 61 Ibn Gvirol St., Apt. 2, Tel-Aviv
Tel: +972 (0)3 695 3155 

Saturday, January 13
Tour To Kafrayn

Zochrot tour to Kafrayn village will take place on Saturday, January 13, 2007



Zochrot ["Remembering"] is a group of Israeli citizens working to raise awareness of the Nakba, the Palestinian catastrophe of 1948.

The Zionist collective memory exists in both our cultural and physical landscape, yet the heavy price paid by the Palestinians -- in lives, in the destruction of hundreds of villages, and in the continuing plight of the Palestinian refugees -- receives little public recognition.

Zochrot works to make the history of the Nakba accessible to the Israeli public so as to engage Jews and Palestinians in an open recounting of our painful common history. We hope that by bringing the Nakba into Hebrew, the language spoken by the Jewish majority in Israel, we can make a qualitative change in the political discourse of this region. Acknowledging the past is the first step in taking responsibility for its consequences. This must include equal rights for all the peoples of this land, including the right of Palestinians to return to their homes.

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