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Boycott Calls Against Israel
Anti-Israel Conference at the University of London On December 5th 2004
Anti-Israel Conference at the University of  London

On December 5th  2004 a full  day conference will take  place at the
School of Oriental and African Studies, University of  London, "Resisting Israeli Apartheid and Principles". 

This  conference will deal with the cultural and economical boycott of 
Israel.   One of the important objectives of this conference is  building
the Boykott of Israeli Academics. See the programe at:
List of  Speakers:
    *   Tom Paulin, Oxford University, UK
    *   Mona Baker, UK
    *   Omar Barghouti
Palestinian Campaign for the  Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel,
supporter of the Presbyterian Church's  Decision to Divest from Israel
    *   Haim Bresheeth, UK, Chair ofd Media and Cultural  Studies,
University of East London
    *   Victoria Brittain, UK  research associate at the  London School of
Economics in the Crisis States Program, (formerly associate  foreign
editor of The Guardian)
    *   Lawrence Davidson, USA Professor of Business  Economics and Public Policy, Indiana University
    *   John Docker, Author of "Raphael Lemkins History of  Genocide and
Colonialism" published for the United States Holocaust Memorial  Museum,
Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, Washington DC, visiting fellow  in the Humanities Research Centre, Australian National University; currently  he
is an adjunct visiting professor in the Australian and New Zealand, Studies 
Centre, Georgetown University.)
    *   Betty Hunter, PSC, UK
    *   Nur Masalha, Senior Lecturer and Director of Holy  Land Research
Project; St. Mary's College, University of Surrey 
    *   Karma Nabulsi, UK Research Fellow, Nuffield College  Department of Politics and International Relations,  University of  Oxford
    *   Ilan Pappe, Israel, University Haifa 
    *   Hilary Rose, UK and Steven Rose, UK who launched the  boycott of
Israeli institutions
    *   Ur  Shlonsky, Israel & Switzerland, Associated Professor,
Département de  linguistique générale, Université de Geneve
    *   Dr. Lisa Taraki Coordinator, Palestinian Campaign for  the
and Cultural Boycott of Israel; teaches sociology at Birzeit  University
in Palestine An Open Letter in Support of the Presbyterian Church's  Decision
to Divest from Israel
    *   Ben Young, UK, Jewish Students for Justice for  Palestinians, UK

Please help to monitor this  conference and support the Protest against
call for  European Boycott of Academic and Cultural Ties with Israel  -
Petition at _http://euroisrael.huji.ac.il/_ (http://euroisrael.huji.ac.il/

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