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Readers Forum
The "Israel Academia Monitor" website is a nicely organized


The "Israel Academia Monitor" website is a nicely organized setup
slanted at Jews who donate to Israeli universities basically telling
them to pay attention to where their money is going. Much of the
information seems to be taken  from a 'publication' which has an
academic appearance (footnotes etc) called "Middle East Quarterly",
published by something called the MIddle East Forum, which is patently
an interest group. One article that the Academia Monitor highlights on
their site (from this quarterly) is authored by someone named "Solomon
Socrates". The article is a simple bashing of every academic who was
ever critical of any Israeli policy. Scrolling down pages and pages one
learns that "Solomon Socrates" is the "pen name of a working group on
Middle eastern affairs". Apparently writing as an anonymous group under
a pen name has become an acceptable practice in academic journals....
'Socrates' acknowledges that some of the aforementioned academics have
acceptable academic records (Kimmerling for example) but most are
accused of publishing only in Marxist journals or other partisan
journals (as opposed to unbiased and objective journals like theirs,
presumably), or not publishing at all. There's a lot of invective,
insult, ridicule, half-truth (no, make that one-percent truth), but
nothing that can be identified as objective reading or analysis. It is
galling that this kind of absurd outfit can accuse academics of abusing
academic freedom, while they - not being academics - are free to shovel
bullshit in massive quantities under the guise of being 'watchdogs' for
the purity of the Israeli academy.
Aaron Aristotle

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