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University of Haifa
Ilan Pappe denounces the Zionists as Criminals

An excerpt from: Memoirs of a Nice Irish American 'Girl's' Life in
Occupied Territory
Eileen Fleming

The Red House

"On March 10, 1948, in Tel Aviv, eleven men had a meeting in the Red House
headed by Ben Gurion. The eleven decided to expel one million Palestinians
from historical Palestine. No minutes were taken, but many memoirs were
written about that fateful meeting. A systematic ethnic cleansing of
Palestine began and within seven months the Zionists managed to expel one
half of all the Palestinian people from their villages and towns."-Dr.
Ilan Pappe.


Dr. Ilan Pappe is Israeli born and a graduate of Hebrew University and
Oxford who teaches at Haifa University. He is a well known revisionist or
"post-Zionist" Israeli historian who has been both acclaimed and
demonized. His most recent work is A History of Modern Palestine: One
Land, Two Peoples which documents the expulsion of Palestinians as an
orchestrated crime of ethnic cleansing.

On Nov. 8, 2006, on the seventh day of Sabeel's 6th International
Conference; The Forgotten Faithful, Dr. Pappe spoke to over 330
International ecumenical Christians in the Ramallah Cultural Palace. His
topic was the "Dynamics of Forgetting" and because of the "fierce urgency
of now" [Rev. MLK, Jr.] the world is beginning to remember that once there
was a Red House, where a most diabolical plan was hatched.

Dr. Pappe informed the crowd, "The Red House in Tel Aviv is gone now. It
was a typical building in Tel Aviv that had all the characteristics of
Mediterranean homes but with the local Palestinian architecture of the
'20's. Today a USA Sheraton Hotel stands in its place. The Red House was
the home of the Hagganah; a Jewish underground organization but before
1948 it was the home of a socialist movement, from which it received its

Haganah is Hebrew for "The Defense" and was a Jewish paramilitary
organization formed in what was then the British Mandate for Palestine
from 1920 to 1948. It began as a small group of "Jewish immigrants who
guarded settlements for an annual fee. At no time did the group have more
than 100 members until after the Arab riots of 1920 and 1921. The Jewish
leadership in Palestine believed that the British, whom the League of
Nations had given the Mandate of Palestine in 1920, had no desire to
confront the Arabs about attacks on the Palestinian Jews, and thus created
the Haganah to protect their farmers and settlements. The initial role of
the Haganah was to guard the Jewish Kibbutzim and farms, and to warn the
residents of and repel attacks by Palestinian Arabs.

In the period between 1920 and 1929, the Haganah lacked a strong central
authority or coordination. Haganah "units" were very localized and poorly
armed: they consisted mainly of Jewish farmers who took turns guarding
their farms or their kibbutzim. Following the Arab 1929 Hebron massacre
that led to the ethnic cleansing by the British authorities of all Jews
from the city of Hebron, the Haganah's role changed dramatically. It
became a much larger organization encompassing nearly all the youth and
adults in the Jewish settlements, as well as thousands of members from the
cities. It also acquired foreign arms and began to develop workshops to
create hand grenades and simple military equipment. It went from being an
untrained militia to a capable army."

The British did not officially recognize the Haganah,but the British
security forces cooperated with it by forming the Jewish Settlement
Police, Jewish Auxiliary Forces and Special Night Squads. By 1931, the
most right-wing elements of Haganah branched off and formed Irgun
Tsva'i-Leumi (the National Military Organization), better known as "Irgun"
(or by its Hebrew acronym, pronounced "HaEtsel"). The members were
discontented with the policy of restraint when faced with British and Arab
pressure and "terrorists" in their own right. Irgun later split in 1940,
and their off-shoot became known as the "Lehi" (Hebrew acronym of Lochamei
Herut Israel, standing for Freedom Fighters of Israel, and also known by
the British as the "Stern Gang" after its leader, Abraham Stern. Because
the British severely restricted Jewish immigration to Palestine, in 1939
the Haganah created the Palmach - the Haganah's strike force, which also
organized illegal Jewish immigration of over 100,000 Jews to Palestine.

In 1944, in response to the assassination of Lord Moyne, the British
Minister of State for the Middle East, by members of the Jewish Lehi
underground, the Haganah worked with the British to round up, interrogate,
and, in some cases, deport Irgun members. This action was called the
Saison (or hunting season), and seriously demoralized the Irgun and
reduced its activities.

But, the Saison could not stop the Irgun, Haganah and the Stern Group from
working together. The three groups had different functions, which served
to move the British out of Palestine and to make Palestine a Jewish state
rather than create a Jewish home in Palestine.

Menachem Begin, an Irgun commander, stated in a 1944 meeting: "In fact,
there is a division of roles; one organization advocates individual
terrorism (the Lehi), the other conducts sporadic military operations (the
Irgun) and there is a third organization which prepares itself to throw
its final weight in the decisive war."

Dr. Pappe's opening remark on November 8, 2006, still sends chills though
me, "On March 10, 1948, eleven men had a fateful meeting in the Red House
headed by Ben Gurion. The eleven decided to expel one million Palestinians
from historical Palestine. No minutes were taken, but many memoirs were
written about that fateful meeting. A systematic ethnic cleansing of
Palestine began and within seven months the Zionists managed to expel one
half of all the Palestinian people from their villages and towns.

"The New York Times followed Israeli troops and reported the truth of the
expulsion and separation of men and women, and of the many massacres. The
world was well informed in 1948, but a year later not a trace was reported
in the USA press or books. It was as if nothing ever happened.

"From March to October 1948 the USA State Department stated what was
happening was a crime against humanity and ethnic cleansing. When ever one
ethnic group expels another group they should be treated as War Criminals
and the victims should be allowed to return. This is never mentioned in
the USA about Palestine.

"Israel is so successful in their ethnic cleansing because the world
doesn't care! The ethnic cleansing continues via the apartheid policies of
the Israeli government and because of the denial of the truth by the USA

"To claim Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East is bullshit! The
Six Day War of 1967 escalated the ethnic cleansing and today in Jerusalem
every Palestinian who fails to pay taxes, or has a minor infraction will
loose their citizenship.

"In 1948 the mechanism of denial and ethnic cleansing as an IDEOLOGY, not
a policy but a formula began. When Zionism began in the 19th century it
was meant to be a safe haven for Jews and to help redefine Judaism as a
national movement, not just a religion. Nothing wrong with either of those
goals! But by the late 19th Century it was decided the only way these
goals could be achieved was by ridding the indigenous population and it
became an evil ideology.

"Israeli Jewish life will never be simple, good, or worth living while
this ideology of domination, exclusiveness and superiority is allowed to
continue. The mind set today is that unless Israel is an exclusive Jewish
State, Palestinians will continue to be obstacles. However, there has
always been a small vocal minority challenging this.

"The only thing that can save Palestinians is for the world to say "ENOUGH
is ENOUGH!" The way to challenge and change the ethnic cleansing is to
pursue true democracy and the use of sanctions and divestment, for money

Since 1948, USA taxpayers have provided nearly 100 Billion dollars to
Israel. However, America's $84.8 billion in aid to Israel just from fiscal
years 1949 through 1998, and the interest the U.S. paid to borrow this
money, has cost U.S. taxpayers $134.8 billion, not adjusted for inflation.

The original hope of Zionism was that the Jewish people would have a safe
and peaceful dwelling place. Jews remain a traumatized people and their
Holocaust hangover affects all of us. For millennia the Jewish people have
been threatened and oppressed, but in the 21st century, they have become
the oppressors. In the 60's the comic strip Pogo critiqued Vietnam, and
the words still echo four decades later, "We have seen the enemy and he is

If America had forced Israel to abide by International Law and not
supplied billions of weapons of destruction at bargain basement prices and
financial aid, Israel would have made peace with her neighbors long ago. A
safe and peaceful dwelling place cannot be had through the barrel of a
gun. Nonviolent Palestinians must be supported and encouraged, and all
violence must be unequivocally renounced. During World War II the Nazis
cold bloodedly murdered six million innocent Jews because good people did
nothing for far too long. Afterwards, the UN, the USA, and the European
states decided to create a Jewish state in Palestine.

In 1947, with the termination of the British Mandate and rising violence
and terrorism between Jews and Palestinians, the UN called for a
Jewish-Arab partition of Palestine. Neither side liked the deal, but the
secular Zionists jumped at the chance while the Palestinians and Arabs
opposed it, citing the injustice of demanding Palestinians pay for
Hitler's atrocities.

Israel proclaimed it's independence in May 1948 by affirming: "One the day
of the termination of the British mandate and on the strength of the
United Nations General Assembly declare The State of Israel will be based
on freedom, justice and peace as envisaged by the prophets of Israel: it
will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its
inhabitants irrespective of religion it will guarantee freedom of religion
[and] conscience and will be faithful to the Charter of the United

Britain withdrew from the land and war erupted. The well equipped Israeli
forces created a triumph for the Jews and birthed the ongoing disaster for
Palestinians and the world. Over 750,000 Palestinians became refugees and
the roots of 21st century terrorism began. There is one small piece of
property that two peoples who have been victimized, terrorized and
oppressed are fighting over and neither side will ever give up.

There can be no remedy, no winning any war on terrorism without going to
the root: the history and suffering of both people must be addressed and
only with an honest third party seeking justice will there ever be
security and peace. World leaders have failed at the task and both sides
distrust the other, but repeated polls in Israel and Palestine prove the
people are way ahead of their leaders. Majorities on both sides want a
negotiated peace, but compromise on both sides must occur.

The bad news is that many Israelis and Palestinians lack HOPE that peace
is possible. Peace requires justice and that demands dialogue not
unilateral action and open hearts to feel and acknowledge the pain of the
other. Everything is connected and the law of karma is what ever we send
out will return to us. USA and Israel are best friends, and the rise of
fundamentalism within all faiths, the increasing spread of anti-Semitism
and the fear of Islam in America are wake up calls to all people of good
will to do something. A change in course must be chartered, or we will
pass onto our innocent children a legacy of endless war.

Six decades ago six million innocent Jews were cold bloodedly murdered
because good people did nothing for far too long.

In 1973, Ariel Sharon told Winston Churchill III, "We'll make a pastrami
sandwich of them. We'll insert a strip of Jewish settlement, in between
the Palestinians, then another strip of Jewish settlement, right across
the West Bank, so that in 25 years time, neither the United Nations, nor
the United States, nobody, will be able to tear it apart."

But all things are possible and miracles do occur. Imagine if we the
people in the USA held our leaders accountable to the promises they make,
and President Bush made a noble one: "In the long run, there is no justice
without FREEDOM. There can be no human rights without LIBERTY. All who
live in tyranny and hopelessness can know the United States will not
ignore your oppression or excuse your oppressors. When you stand for
liberty, we stand with you."-President George W. Bush, Second Inaugural

When candidate Bush claimed his favorite philosopher was Christ, I
believed him. Thomas Jefferson weeded out the miracle stories from the
gospels and clarified the teachings of Christ in The Jefferson Bible: The
Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth which clarify what Christ was really
all about:

To be just and justice comes from virtue which comes from the heart. To
treat people the way we want to be treated. To always work for PEACEFUL
resolutions, even to the point of returning violence with COMPASSION. To
not judge others and bear no grudges, and those who think they know the
most are the most ignorant.

The most radical and revolutionary of all of America's founding fathers
was Tom Paine, who wrote, "Soon after I had published the pamphlet "Common
Sense" [on Feb. 14, 1776] in America, I saw the exceeding probability that
a revolution in the system of government would be followed by a revolution
in the system of religion... The world is my country, all mankind are my
brethren, and to do good is my religion."

Christ's other name is "The Prince of Peace" and he walked and preached
the good news that God is within all people. To truly follow Christ means
one will rise up in defense of the poor, the oppressed, the outcast, the
widow, the orphan, the poor, the prisoner and refugees. Christ taught that
we are to pursue justice, and justice is the only way to security and

The "war on terror" must be fought at the root and all roads do indeed,
lead to Jerusalem.

Common sense understands that democracy nor security can ever be achieved
through the barrel of a gun. Justice and equal human rights for all people
is the only way to security and peace. May we all do something as
Americans and rise up and demand this Congress and Administration uphold
the promise of President Bush's Second Inaugural Address. For then, we
truly can bring into this reality Tom Paine's vision of what America was
originally based upon.

WE The People United For Peace and Justice are Marching in Washington DC
on January 27, 2007. http://unitedforpeace.org/ In Solidarity "we have it
in our power to begin the world again."-Tom Paine. eileen fleming,
activist, author, reporter and editor WAWA: http://www.wearewideawake.org/


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