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Hebrew University
When Arabs murder Arabs, BARUCH KIMMERLING (sociology) thinks that all Jews are to Blame

The Other Israel

Voices of Refusal and Dissent

edited by Roane Cary and Jonathan Shainin

The New Press, 2002, paper

by Baruch Kimmerling
February 1, 2002

I accuse my prime minister, Ariel Sharon, of creating a process that will not only intensify the reciprocal bloodshed, but which may lead to a regional war and the partial or nearly complete ethnic cleansing of Arabs of "Greater Israel."

I accuse every Labor Party minister in the present Israeli government of partnership with the ultra-nationalist right wing in implementing its evil "vision?'

I accuse the Palestinian leadership-and primarily Yasser Arafat-of shortsightedness so extreme that it has become a collaborator in Sharon's plans. If there is a second nakba (Palestinian catastrophe of 1948), this leadership, too, will carry partial responsibility.

I accuse the American government, and especially the administration of President George W. Bush, of complicity in the deaths of both Jews and Palestinians through its complete misunderstanding of the situation in the Middle East expressed by its willingness to give Sharon free rein in implementing a policy of "politicide" against the Palestinians. The United States government, as Israel's patron, bears full responsibility, not only for the recent escalation but for the coming bloodshed as well.

I accuse the military leadership of using its supposed expertise to incite public opinion against the Palestinians. Never before in Israel's history have so many high-ranking officers and members of military intelligence, some of whom cloak themselves as academics, taken part in public brainwashing. When a judicial committee of inquiry is established to investigate the 2002 catastrophe, they will have to be considered responsible along with the civilian leadership.

I accuse the Israeli electronic and print media of being submissive to various military spokespersons by granting them the access needed to exercise almost total control over an increasingly aggressive and bellicose public discourse. The military controls not only Palestinian cities, but Israeli radio and television as well.

I accuse those people, politicians and officers of all ranks, who order the black flag hoisted above them, and those who follow their unlawful orders. The late philosopher Yeshayahu Leibowitz was right: The occupation has ruined every good part of Israeli society and destroyed the moral and social infrastructures on which it rests. Let's stop this march of fools and build society anew, a society free of militarism, oppression, and the exploitation of other people.

I accuse everyone-mainly the majority of Jewish intellectuals in Israel and the United States-who sees and knows these things of doing nothing to prevent the impending catastrophe. The Sabra and Shatila massacres were nothing compared to what has happened-and what will happen-to us, Jews and Arabs, following this ethnic war ...

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