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Ben-Gurion University
Math Department's Kobi Snitz wounded while battling Zionist soldiers in Bil'in



Soldiers inflict head wounds to a demonstrator in Bil'in
Eleven people were injured today, after the army attacked the
demonstration with a volley of teargas, concussion grenades and rubber coated steel bullets. An Israeli anarchist, Kobi Snitz, was repeatedly hit in the head with metal concussion grenades, used as brass knuckles. The scene took place as Snitz tried, together with others, to prevent a provocative arrest of a Palestinian demonstrator. He was later evacuated to Tel Hashomer hospital and had three of his wounds stitched.

Soldiers trying to arrest a Palestinian demonstrator
Amongst the other wounded are Reuters cameraman Emad Burnat, who was shot in the leg, and another Israeli who was directly and deliberately shot in the stomach with a teargas canister.

Demonstrators marching to the wall
As every week in the last few months, demonstrators spotted a heavy presence of border police inside the village as they marched to the gate. On arriving at the gate demonstrators were attacked with batons as they tried to remove the razor wire in front of the gate in order to allow passage to village's lands.

Soldiers barricaded behind the gate
When a few children hurled a small number of stones, soldiers used the opportunity to storm through the gate shooting and pounding in an attempt to disperse the entire demonstration.

After standing their ground for a while, and before returning to the village, demonstrators found a breach in the first obstacle of the wall, and managed to get between the first two barriers. Soldiers on the far side of the wall threw concussion grenades directly at the protesters to try to disperse them.

A soldier trying to push demonstrators out from between two barriers of the wall
Eight of Bil'in's residents were injured as they tried to stop the weekly border police invasion into their village, facing the guns and armored jeeps with stones.

Next week's demonstration, on February 23rd, will mark two years of weekly demonstrations in Bil'in. Hundreds of Palestinians from all over the West Bank, and hundreds of Israelis and internationals are expected to participate.


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