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Tel Aviv University
Dr. Yossi Schwartz (law) -Israel is agent of the "imperialist order" - Marxism in the Law School of TAU

Here is the writing of a Marxist from Department of Law, Tel Aviv
University, who defends Palestinians in need for legal services:
Taken from the website "In Defence of Marxism"
25 September 2006

Israel-Lebanon: The illusions of peace under imperialist order / By Dr. Yossi Schwartz 
"...The root of the problem is that the entire imperialist order based on decaying capitalism is an obstacle to the development of the productive forces, an obstacle that keeps the majority of the population in the region in dire poverty. This contradiction id destined to get bigger. The only way out is for the working class to place itself at the head of the masses in the struggle to solve the democratic tasks. Only if the working class takes power into its own hands will there be any hope of a solution. The contradictions within the present socio-economic order to not allow for any long-lasting "peaceful" solution. The underlying contradictions will come to the surface again and again. That is why genuine socialist in the region must join together in a common struggle for socialist
transformation of the entire region. And this can only take place as part of the common struggle of workers in all countries for the socialist transformation of the world."



More of Yossi Schwartz:
Interviewed by an Arab to British Radio program, 6th April 2006


Gaza: a turning point in Israel's post-1967 history / By Yossi Schwartz 
"...For many years we Marxists have stood out against all the left sects who repeated the like parrots the idea that all the Israelis are one reactionary body. This is actually an idea that suits the ruling class of Israel. They want to fuse together the people of Israel as one, under the idea of Zionism. In reality Israel is a class society like any other, where the interests of the workers, the poor and the declining middle classes are the opposite to those of the ruing class and its servants.  We have to understand that as long as the Israeli ruling class remains in power we will not have peace between the Israeli and the Palestinian people. The only real long-lasting solution can be provided by the working class. We must say no to war of nation against nation and raise the perspective of war of class against class."
10 July 2006 





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