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University of Haifa
Sociologist Yuval Yonay invited people to Commemorate the Nakbah, or the Catastrophe of Israel's Creation

Department of Sociology and Anthropology, University of Haifa-

From: Yuval Yonay <yyonay@soc.haifa.ac.il>
To: <Segel-Plus@list.haifa.ac.il>
Cc: Forum Smol <forumsmol@list.haifa.ac.il>
Subject: [Segel-plus] Arab-Jewish Seminar on the Nakbah
Sent: 28 March 2007 12:43:50

Jews and Arabs commemorate together
Memorial Day, Independence Day and the Nakba

A group of Arabs and Jews, in cooperation with Middeway,

Invite you to a Unique Bi-National Gathering

On Monday-Tuesday, 23-24 April, in Saint Gabrielle hotel in Nazareth

On the Israeli Independence Day Palestinians in Israel and beyond
commemorate the "Nakba", meaning "Disaster"¨

For many years Jews commemorate their pain and loss on the Rememberance Day and Celebrate their Joy on Independence Day, as exclusive events of the Jewish population in Israel
On the other hand, Arabs in Israel got used to hide and suppress their pain for the great loss they have suffered with the establishment of the state of Israel
The Israeli annual Independence festive naturally offers nostalgic celebrations for the victors and ignores the defeated
On this celebration day people from the two nations living in Israel experience an amplification of feelings of separation and alienation towards each other¦s symbols.
Facing this severe gap in the feelings of the two peoples, we, Arabs and Jews, invite you to a truthful and courageous meeting where we will experience deeper observations than usual and share our feelings with honesty and transparency

We will express that which is unique for each side in it¦s culture, story and the roots of it¦s pain. We will join together in expressing human pain and suffering and in the shared aspiration for mutual understanding and forgiveness, for repair and wholeness. We will celebrate the
conjunction points that enrich our inner and outer lives

These processes and our coming together on these days will allow us to plant the seeds of Revealing, Healing, and Bringing change to reality

the two days comprise a whole process. Food and board will be available from the Hotel
Times: Monday 13:00 pm to Tuesday 18:00 pm.
 Prices: 230 NIS (regular room)
            Please register by Sunday 15th April.
Dependent on pre-registration there will be guided activities for children aged 4-14.
We'll Rejoice in your Company!
For further details:  Gamal Dagash: 2760402-050
  Shiri Barr: 04-9831843
For details & registration:  Manal Hreb: 7924785-050
Alina Edmonds:  8201964-052


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