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Hebrew University
Ofer Neiman from Hacampus-lo-shotek calls to prevent Israeli army from catching terrorists

 Hacampus-lo-shotek (The Campus shall not remain silent)-
From: Ofer Neiman, Hebrew University, "Ofer N" <ofern321@gmail.com>   Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 15:16:04 +0200

Subject:  [Hacampus-lo-shotek] Fwd:**EMERGENCY ACTION NEDDED** 17 years old kidnapped by the Israeli army

 Faculty For Israeli-Palestinian Peace, FFIPP-USA  Bulletin, April 2007
     To: Jacob Katriel, jkatriel@tx.technion.ac.il


On April 18, around midnight, the Israeli army attacked the home of  peace activist Refai Fayyed in the village of Zbabdeh near Jenin. The IDF terrorized the Fayyed family with attack dogs, beat them, forced them out of their home, trashed their home, destroyed computers and personal property, and kidnapped Refai's brother Mohammad Abdulla  Asaad Fayyad who is 17 years old high school student. The family has not received any information about the whereabouts Mohammad since
that night. Three other students at Alzababdeh Secondary School where taken as well.
We ask you to send email to Israeli officials to express your concern for the fate of these students, including Mohammad Abdulla Asaad
Fayyad, ID Card number is: 852514207, and the brutal Israeli
treatment of Palestinian youth and their families.

**The next FFIPP International delegation of faculty to
Palestine/Israel is planned for July 6 -17, 2007**

There is still room for faculty to join the delegation.
Information <http://www.ffipp. org/delegations. html>

**FFIPP 2007 Summer Student Internship for Peace and Justice in
Palestine/Israel* *

Due to large number of applicants we can NOT accept any more
applications for the summer 2007 internship program.
Students are encouraged to apply for the winter 2007-08 internship program: December 28, 2007 - January 11, 2008.
Information <http://www.ffipp. org/internships. html>



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    1.  Let me emphasize 2 things:
     From Ofer Neiman, Sent in 24-08-2007
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