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Other Institutions
BIU, Kobi Snitz was arrested, but then released, alas

Bar Ilan University, Mathematics Department, Kobi Snitz

Daharia Action Update - 5 Arrested
Thu, 17 May 2007 17:32:57 +0300
From: "Kobi Snitz" <ksnitz@gmail.com>

All 5 of us were released thanks to the excellent work by Gaby who  made the  prosecution seem especially ignorant today.  We were not required to deposit any money and the conditions of release are that we stay 500 m away from daharia junction and (the israelis) do not participate in illegal assembly. The internationals will have to stay in a specified home of a friend (but not be under house arrest). he prosection still say they will try to deport them but that is a lot less likely now that they are not under arrest anymore.

thanks to everyone who came to court to support us, collected evidence did legal support and brought food.


On 5/16/07, Sarah A < hybridscifi@gmail.com> wrote:

Three Israelis (Kobi, Yoav and Becca) and 2 internationals were arrested today at the action in Daharia...
They are all spending the night. The Israelis are accused of illegal assembly, interference of a police officer in duty and property damage.  They will be brought to court in Jerusalem tomorrow at around noon (hour not yet confirmed).

As for the 2 internationals... it is still not clear.  They may be sent today to the ministry of interior and face deportation or may be brought to court tomorrow in Jerusalem along with the Israelis.

Gaby, the lawyer, still does not know the exact hour of when they will be brought to court tomorrow.  I will know in the morning.  If someone wants to go, call me so I can update you on the hour.

It seems the police/army did not get over having their picture plastered all over the news last week...

0523 899 286



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