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Readers Forum
Academic Integrity defended when anti-Semitic professor fired as fraud
   As The Jewish Press reported, Norman Finkelstein was turned down for tenure at DePaul University, a Catholic institution in Chicago (news story, June 15). Finkelstein is best known for defaming Holocaust survivors, calling them liars and thieves, and for claiming that Germany is the victim of Jewish extortion. Finkelstein also praises Holocaust denier David Irving and cheers when Israel is the victim of Islamic terror.
   Finkelstein tried to build an academic career on anti-Jewish hate and defamation. DePaul made the proper and courageous decision to deny Finkelstein tenure, maintaining serious academic standards.
   But DePaul’s courage just serves to dramatize the cowardice of others. A few weeks back, the spokeswoman for Ben Gurion University wrote a letter to The Jewish Press defending school’s lack of academic integrity and its refusal to take actions similar to DePaul’s. At Ben Gurion University there are numerous anti-Israel extremists who have built academic careers by manufacturing anti-Israel political propaganda and calling it scholarship.

   DePaul has behaved in an honorable and principled manner. It is sad when an Israeli university fails to do the same.

Jeff Weiss

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