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University of Haifa
Yuval Yonay (sociology) is upset about "Racism" at his own university

Message published by Yuval Yonay, a lecturer in sociology at the
University of Haifa and expert in "queer studies".  The following
semi-literate statement is his response to two articles in the local Hebrew newspaper about anti-Israel radicalism among Arab students at the University of Haifa:

From:  Yuval Yonay
To: (various lists)
June 30, 07
Subject:  Racism at U of Haifa

Dear friends and colleagues,

Attached is a disturbing story from yesterday (sic) local newspaper. It might serve a model in fascist classes how to use use (sic) half truths, straight lies, fears and demagogy to foster polarization and hatred. Arab students (who, for the authors, are all muslims (sic), as all Hadah (sic)
supporters are) dare to be visible; they are threatening because they put Che Gavara (sic) on their
shirts; they are politically active -- what a cynical exploit (sic) of democracy. They can demonstrate everywhere and whenever they want (in reality, they can demonstrate for 2 hours every week, on Mondays and Wednesday, 11:45-12:15 and 13:45-14:15). It is also their fault that there are no dukhanim of Jewish organization. In short, you don't have to learn fascism to talk like Gobbles (sic).

I hope our spokeperson (sic) do (sic) something about it.



Further reading on Yuval Yonay:







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