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Anti-Israel Petitions Supported by Israeli Academics
Israeli Academics Applaud and Endorse the anti-Israel Resolutions and Declarations of the Durban Conference


The following statment by Israeli citizens was written at the last moment, and signatures were collected in 24 hours, which may account for the absence of many familiar names. The organizers, Alegra Pancheo, has suggested that an additional statement, more carefully worded, may be coming soon. She can be contacted by email (removed)
3 Sep. 2001
We, citizens of Israel, applaud the various declarations coming out of Durban that Israel is an apartheid state. After 53 years of racism and discrimination, it is time for the world community to organize and publicly challenge Israeli policies against the Palestinian people. Even as we write, Israeli politicians unabashedly declare their support for Jewish supremacy and Judaization of the land, in an attempt to sustain Jewish control over 7 million Palestinians through military occupation, as second-class citizens or denial of return to their homeland.
Especially because we are citizens of this state, we see our struggle as no less than ending such apartheid and discrimination and attaining, simultaneously, political, social and economic equality for all. Your support from Durban is consistent with our view that the struggle to liberate Palestine from this regime and to return the Palestinian refugees to their homeland, is part of the global struggle to end racism, political and economic oppression and terminate the colonialist project in the Middle East. We call on you to continue your loyal solidarity with us, as we strive for freedom and dignity for every person in Palestine.
1. Diaa Asaade
2. Arar Abdel Razek
3. Ahmed Abbas
4. Rizik Aibed
5. Rony Armon
6. Yochai Avrahami
7. Walid Asleh
8. Samer 'Azzezeh
9. Fouad AbuRiya
10. Ahmad Abu Salah
11. Rama Ashuach
12. Rachely Bar Or
13. Tamar Bar-Din
14. Danial Boyarin
15. Chava Boyarin
16. Shamma Boyarin
17. Micheline Beth-Levy
18. Rashid Baranzi
19. Hillel Barak
20. Rafram Chaddad
21. Moran Cohen
22. Karin Eliyahu
23. Tirtza Even
24. Shraga Elam
25. Arie Finkelstein
26. Sam (Uli) Freed
27. Galit Gelbort
28. Neta Golan
29. Maya Gal
30. Anat Greenstein
31. Itay Greenstein
32. Dafna Hirsch
33. Ismail Hamoud
34. Ali Hamada
35. Yair Hilu
36. Tikva Honig-Parnass
37. Maya Johnston
38. Haggai Katriel
39. Irit Katriel
40. Jacob Katriel
41. Chava Keller
42. Mohammed Kayyal
43. Yael Oren Kahn
44. Michael Posen Kahn
45. Vida Kahn
46. Yusuf Khalili
47. Murad Khatib
48. Peretz Kidron
49. Liad Kantorowicz
50. Liora Kaplan
51. Israel Levy
 52. Naomy Levy
53. Tamar Levy
54. Rayna Moss
55. Alon Marcus
56. Lunjin Mahajni
57. Kaputchi Mahajni
58. 'Ala Mahajni
59. Munir Mansour
60. Yusuf Mansour
61. Mohammed Mansour
62. Julia Majlin
63. Dorthoy Naor
64. Regev Nathansohn
65. Akiva Orr
66. Omer Ori
67. Allegra Pacheco
68. Amit Perelson
69. Tanya Reinhart
70. Eyal Rozenberg
71. Galit Rabed
72. Gabrial Rubin
73. Aharon Shabtair
74. Sergeiy Sandler
75. Fadi Shaqour
76. Nurit Steinfeld
77. Shlomi Segall
78. Samer Sleibeh
79. Pavel Simonovsky
80. Sana Salamah
81. Ehud Sivosh
82. Tha'er Salim
83. Nazim Saleh
84. Ibrahim Shalabi
85. Malek Shehada
86. Assaf Schurr
87. Ibrahim Sha'abi
88. Jamil Saffori
89. Ora Slonim
90. Smadar Sharon
91. Dr. Yossef Schwartz
92. Suheil Sleibeh
93. Inbal Tamari
94. Eran Torbiner
95. Tirtza Tauber
96. Manar Wakim
97. Wakim Wakim
98. Shani Weiner
99. Elana Wesley
100. Michal Weiner
101. Naif Zoebi

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