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Tel Aviv University
Daniel Bar-Tal, School of Education, Tel Aviv University, finds some racism and bigotry - only among Jews!


Asia Times Online Community and News Discussion

[quote][i]Originally posted by 1983merman[/i]
[br][black]Israeli Textbooks and Children's
Literature Promote Racism and
Hatred Toward Palestinians and Arabs[/black]
By Maureen Meehan

[red]Israeli school textbooks as well as children's storybooks, according to recent academic studies and surveys, portray Palestinians and Arabs as "murderers," "rioters," "suspicious," and generally backward and
unproductive. Direct delegitimization and negative stereotyping of Palestinians and Arabs are the rule rather than the exception in Israeli schoolbooks.

Professor Daniel Bar-Tal of Tel Aviv University studied 124 elementary, middle- and high school textbooks on grammar and Hebrew literature, history, geography and citizenship. Bar-Tal concluded that Israeli textbooks present the view that Jews are involved in a justified, even humanitarian, war against an Arab enemy that refuses to accept and acknowledge the existence and rights of Jews in Israel.

"The early textbooks tended to describe acts of Arabs as hostile, deviant, cruel, immoral, unfair, with the intention to hurt Jews and to annihilate the State of Israel. Within this frame of reference, Arabs were
delegitimized by the use of such labels as 'robbers,' 'bloodthirsty,' and 'killers,'" said Professor Bar-Tal, adding that there has been little positive revision in the curriculum over the years.

Bar-Tal pointed out that Israeli textbooks continue to present Jews as industrious, brave and determined to cope with the difficulties of "improving the country in ways they believe the Arabs are incapable of." Hebrew-language geography books from the 1950s through 1970s focused on the glory of Israel's ancient past and how the land was "neglected and destroyed" by the Arabs until the Jews returned from their forced exile and revived it "with the help of the Zionist movement."[/red]


[b]More hate and disinformation from the Masters of War, the demented Zionists of Israel.  By corrupting the minds of their children thru the constant barrage of lies about Arabs, these brainwashed children, when they attain adulthood, will be the trained killers needed by the IOF to finish off what their parents and grandparents started:  The Palestinian Holocaust.

Not long ago, there existed another nation that declared its citizens were more intelligent, handsome, brighter, more industrious, etc. than other peoples.  This county believed their own propaganda so much that they manufactured falsehoods in order to justify their invasion of neighboring countries

So sure this nation was of its own lies that they forced their philosophy upon other countries, at gunpoint.

But in the end, it didn't matter, since the world finally tired of these jackbooted thugs and banned together to defeat this menace.

The name of that country?  Nazi Germany.

Yes, Hitler would not only be proud of the bastard creation he inspired, he'd be envious of the Zionist State of Israel.[/b]



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