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Israelis in Non-Israeli Universities
Zalman Amit, Emeritus Professor of psychology, Concordia University, Montreal, smears Oded Tira because Tira opposes lawbreaking and sedition

Below is a quick translation of Tira's article. Its is pure slime, ignorance and the height of McCarthyism.

This character obviously thinks that (Ba'al Ha'meah hu ba'al ha'deah) "he who pays the piper calls the tune". It is also obvious that this scion of industrialism has no clue what a university is despite the fact that he identifies himself as a Technion graduate.

So much for the anguished cry for defense of freedom of speech. That is good for others but not for those protecting Israel's security.

Zalman Amit


By Oded Tira

Lecturers should not be allowed to encourage service evasion in TZAHAL

On the day that the Minister of Defense published his noteworthy
to deal with those evading service in Tzahal, I received shocking data. In 2003 358 faculty members in Israeli academic institutions signed a petition
calling on Tzahal soldiers to refuse to serve in the ³Territories² - their definition. Each signer noted besides his name, the faculty and university to which he belonged. Among the signers were 117 members of the academic staff of Tel Aviv University, 41 from Ben Gurion University, 97 from the Hebrew University, 14 from the Technion, 35 from Haifa University, 25 from Bezalel and ten from the Weitzman Institute.

A teacher or faculty member in a university who stands in front of a class and teaches his discipline competently because he is an expert in this area
and by virtue of his status as an educator ­ is a model for emulation. Even if many will say that it is not the role of the university to inculcate Zionist values or values altogether, but rather, to teach an academic discipline for its own sake, one cannot ignore the national responsibility that the Israeli Academe carries on its shoulders. In the corridors and class rooms of the universities in Israel pass through our best sons and among them those that will become leaders at various levels of management, leaders in the command hierarchy of Tzahal, researchers and scientists, public sector workers and those molding public opinion. Obviously also, the
public itself. These people experience the university by the strings of their souls, they absorb the formal lectures and also the informal spirit of the university. It is forbidden to poison them.

The Faculty members and teachers in the universities make their living from tax payers money or from donations of Zionist Jews abroad, most of these do not agree with the position of the signers of the petition. From where comes the presumptuousness, the Chutzpa and the treachery of the signers? Doesn¹t their action contribute to service evasion? I assume that the signing teachers and the university managers  will say that the signing is a private act. A teacher is not a private person in the full sense of the word, particularly when he identifies himself in the petition by noting the
faculty and the university from which he comes.

I do not put the blame for the fact that lecturers from their institutions formed an opinion and acted as they did on the presidents of the
universities, but I do want to ask what they did since the publication of the petition in order to weed out this phenomenon? Did they condemn the actions of the signers? Did they fire them or at least those from among them who did not express regret? Did they explain in the campuses that these views are not shared by them and that they condemn them? If they did not do so it would be possible to interpret this as if they ³confirm² the right of the signers of the petition to express themselves in that manner and perhaps even legitimized the position itself. In that way they contribute to the service evasion phenomenon.


A university is not an ivory tower where everything is permitted so long as the pure and sterile research will continue. The university is an
institution where our best sons pass through its gates on their way to ³Real Life². Such an institution does not have the right and the luxury to abuse the responsibility imposed on every person in Israel, and especially on every teacher ­ to strengthen the security of the State. Also  to prevent
evasion of any kind. Phenomena that destroy the security of Israel must be liquidated, even within Ivory Tower.

The writer is a Brigadier General (Res.) and chairman of the ³Hundred Club² of Technion graduates


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