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Other Institutions
Kobi Snitz, Bar Ilan University, celebrates sabotaging Israel's security fence


cutting where they least expect it.
kobi snitz

26 Jul 2007

Every one of the hundreds of kilometers of the wall is hated and despised by the people on whose land it is built and who are imprisoned by it.  Today, on the lands of the village of Surif Palestinians internationals and Israelis demonstrated what this resentment means: At any moment any part of the hated wall might be dismantled when an opportunity arises.

In an Isolated point along the path of the wall, south of Bethlehem such an opportunity presented itself today. A small number of people were able to cut through the wall in two minutes and disappear before the army knew what has happened. When soldiers did arrive, the only thing left for them to do was to explain to their superiors how their patrols can not possibly prevent this from happening again.

With the same ease, the same action can be repeated in other locations and just like at Surif, it will be virtually impossible for the army to prevent it.

(see video at the link)




Further reading on Kobi Snitz:






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