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Anti-Israel Petitions Supported by Israeli Academics
Academics and Others Issue Appeal to Stop Israeli "Brutality" and Crimes


MER Comment

The authors of this appeal are Israeli citizens and Jews of other nationalities whose families have been victims of racism and genocide in past generations, and who feel they cannot remain silent.

After six months of relentless military oppression of Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied territories, the government of Israel has made daily life even more intolerable for the Palestinians by imposing a physical siege on their villages and towns. This siege has brought upon the Palestinians a complete cessation of "normal" life. For the majority of them there is no going to work, no shopping for food and other necessities, no medical services, and in many cases no water or electricity.

In 1948 the state of Israel dispossessed the Palestinians, evicted hundreds of thousands of them from their homes into refugee camps and did not allow them to return when the war ended. The same state is now preventing the victims of 1948 from having even the most basic services in their refugee camps and remaining villages and towns.

The inhumane oppressor hopes that starving will help force the Palestinians to surrender, without having any "negative public opinion problems" that live ammunition may have had in Western media. Indeed, public opinion in the West has largely relaxed any protest against the Israeli government's policies of killing civilians -- men, women and children -- since much of the killing is now being done away from the TV cameras. Human rights violations by the Palestinian Authority have also helped Israel
to falsely portray itself again as the righteous victim.

We call on the world community to organize and boycott Israeli industrial and agricultural exports and goods, as well as leisure tourism, in the hope that it will have the same positive result that the boycott of South Africa had on Apartheid.

This boycott should remain in force as long as Israel controls any part of the territories it occupied in 1967. Those who squash the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinians must be made to feel the consequences of their own bitter medicine.

We urge every recipient of this appeal, irrespective of origin and nationality, to:

Start practicing the boycott on a personal level immediately, and make sure that the steps taken are known in the community (for example: tell your shopkeeper why you will not buy Israeli products; avoid leisure travel to Israel).

Add your name to the appeal, circulate it to your friends, and do whatever you can to have it endorsed by groups concerned about human rights.

Organize activities to put pressure on your government to cut economic and commercial ties with Israel and to rescind preferential economic treaties with Israel.

List of original signatories:

01.Meir Amor, Toronto, Canada
02. Yael Arbel, Tel-Aviv, Israel
03. Dita Bitterman, Tel-Aviv, Israel
04. Hagit Borer, Los Angeles, USA
05. Ouzi Dekel, Paris, France
06. Esty Dinur, Arena, USA
07. Aviva Ein-Gil, Tel-Aviv, Israel
08. Ehud Ein-Gil, Tel-Aviv, Israel
09. Arie Finkelstein, Paris, France
10. Rachel Giora, Tel-Aviv, Israel
11. Zamir Havkin, Givataim, Israel
12. Zvika Havkin, Princeton, USA
13. Haggai Katriel, Haifa
14. Irit Katriel, Haifa, Israel
15. Justin Kodner, Princeton
16. Helga Kotthoff, Fulda,
17. Miri Krasin, Tel-Aviv, Israel
18. Debby Lerman, Tel-Aviv, Israel
19. Mely Lerman, Tel-Aviv, Israel
20. Moshe Machover, London
21. Yael Oren Kahn, London, UK
22. Akiva Orr, Kfar Shmaryahu
23. Rachel Ostrowitz, Tel-Aviv
24. Eran Razgour, Tel-Aviv, Israel
25. Eyal Rozenberg, Haifa, Israel
26. Hilla Rudich, Givataim, Israel
27. Hertzl Schubert, Tel-Aviv
28. Ilan Shalif, Tel-Aviv, Israel
29. Oz Shelach, New York, USA
30. Ur Shlonsky, Geneva. Switzerland
31. Toma Sik, Budapest, Hungary
32. Ehud Sivosh, London, UK
33. Gideon Spiro, Jerusalem, Israel
34. Guy West, Herzliya, Israel
35, Adeeb Yaffawy, Jaffa, Israel

There is an additional list of later supporters. If you wish to add your signature, go to:



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