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Israelis in Non-Israeli Universities
Noga Kadman, Department of Peace and Development Research at Goteborg University, Sweden, Promotes the "Naqba Narrative"

Nakba map in Hebrew
Noga Kadman, an activist and geographer with expertise on the 1948 Palestinian villages, has initiated a project in which she will produce with Zochrot a book on the erased Palestinian localities that have been turned into
recreational areas. The book will be completed in 2007 and will include a 11 Nakba map in Hebrew. This map will take the place of Zochrot’s planned project to produce a Hebrew map of the destroyed Palestinian localities, a project that was ultimately not carried out in 2006. Information collected by Noga will also be prepared in a format that can be uploaded onto Zochrot’s website.
Map of the Palestinian villages in Tel Aviv
In 2006 Zochrot completed documentation for the production of a map of the Palestinian villages that existed in today-Tel Aviv. This map will include the villages Jammasin al-Gharbi, Summayl, Sheikh Muwannis, Salame, and the Jaffa neighborhoods Abu Kabir and Manshiyye which are today in the borders of the Tel Aviv municipality. The map is based on the format of a regular fold-out city map made by the Mapa Publishing House, on which the Palestinian villages will be superimposed. Existing remains of the villages will also be marked on the map, and on the reverse side there will be testimonies of refugees and photographs, both archival and current.
Travel guide to destroyed villages Due to the large number of unplanned projects in 2006, the idea of producing
a travel guide that emphasizes the destroyed Palestinian villages was not pursued. The book by Noga Kadman that stands to be published in 2007 will fulfill this need to some extent. Thus, visitors to parks and recreational areas will be able to know and locate the villages that existed in those areas until 1948.


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     From Kerstin Sodergren, Sent in 14-11-2007
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