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Boycott Calls Against Israel
Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel within San Diego Women's Film Festival

Posted by: "Leigh Brady" leigh.gerard@gmail.com   leighb78
Sun Sep 9, 2007 11:05 am (PST)

Dear All,

My good friend Bassemah Darwish, who is a member of the jury of the San Diego Women's Film Festival sent me the following appeal:

She and fellow jury members, but in particular the Film Festival director, Jennifer Hsu (also a personal friend) are under severe pressure and attack by Israeli lobby groups and supporters in the US because they voted to observe an Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel within the festival.

We could help them if we send short letters to the Festival's board of directors (listed below with contact details)
explaining why the Boycott of Israeli films in the festival is justified (give links to supporting documentation) and why they should reconsider their position of firing Jennifer as the Film Festival director.

If anyone of you know Israeli activists who support the Boycott campaign, please pass on this message and ask them to do the same


(see email below for more details)

Dear Pro Peace Community,

The San Diego Women's Film Festival jury selection committee and festival director, Jennifer Hsu, have fallen under attack for deciding to observe the
Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. The Israeli community,
by the Jewish American Association and General Consulate of Israel, contacted the highest levels of the festival's corporate sponsors to apply pressure on the board and staff to rescind the boycott statement and to fire
the festival director. The San Diego Women Film Foundation Board of Directors panicked and buckled to the crushing and antagonistic outcry by posting a public apology and declaration of being "embarrassed and horrified" of the festival director and jury's position (
sdwff.org/home. html). They then issued an ultimatum to the Festival Director demanding humiliating stipulations of apology and inclusion of an Israeli film, or termination of contract.

We join the global community of artists and cultural leaders who act in the
wake of the Anti-Apartheid boycott movement of South Africa 20 years ago. Although that pioneering boycott was against an apartheid of racism, this boycott is against the forced separation of two peoples for the
of land. We firmly believe that we are standing in the Peace camp with other
people of conscience.

As judges of artistic films serving a festival that provides a platform for
women's films to be screened, it was a difficult decision to exclude some artists based on their nationalist affiliations and source of funding. However, as conscientious members of the world, we found this festival to be
an opportunity to bring awareness to an issue too easily hidden from the public. Jennifer, more than anyone on the judging committee, has risked her
name, professional career, and even a sense of safety by confronting these extremists who continue to harass her. These risks have been taken to serve
justice on behalf of the Palestinian people living under occupation and in exile.

Jennifer continues to be attacked on all fronts. Besides the Board's statement on the festival website, there are already several articles on blogs and in publications (mostly Jewish) that attack her and continue to criticize the board for not having fired her immediately. These articles will continue to flood the internet and possibly mainstream media. There is
already a strong campaign against us and we realize that this is the time to
stand as a community or allow our already faint voices to be drowned out in
false accusations and blatant lies.

We are prepared to stand by our convictions, rather than cower, knowing that
our silence would be the greatest risk. But, we cannot do this alone.

We'd like to call the community to action: please mount a media response that is at least equal to, if not larger than, the coverage that has already
been organized that slanders, distorts and muzzles the discussion around the
boycott and also the larger Israeli Palestinian conflict. Reach out to all your media contacts, write to local papers, call the board, the festival sponsors, and news sources and express your support of the festival director
and jury's right to observe the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. Contact information is listed below.

Let us rally around this cause to continue what the San Diego Women's Film Festival director and jury have begun- to shed light on an unmitigated humanitarian crisis and on non-violent methods of resistance.

Thank you,
Jennifer Hsu & Bassemah Darwish

"A boycott is directed against a policy and the institutions which support that policy either actively or tacitly. Its aim is not to reject, but to bring about change."- John Berger, art critic, novelist and painter

San Diego Women Film Foundation Board of Directors:

Yvonne Silva
Multicultural Events Coordinator for The San Diego Union-Tribune
(619) 293-2605
yvonne.silva@ uniontrib. com

Amy Berry
Community Relations Manager for Cox Communications
(619) 266-5286
amy.berry@cox. net

Renee Herrell
Founder of San Diego Women Film Foundation, Nonprofit Fundraising

(619) 688-9498
renee@reneeherrell. com

Carrie Shields
Public relations manager for Bailey Gardiner (BG)
(619-295-8232 x108)
carrie@baileygardin er.com

Shannon O'Connor
shannon720@gmail. com

Festival Sponsors:
Cox Communications
Sony Electronics
Signonsandiego. com <http://signonsandie go.com/>
San Diego Daily Transcript
Channel 933
Museum of Photographic Arts
Pick Up Stix
Karl Strauss



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