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Other Institutions
An Arab lecturer in the Sapir College expels reserve soldier from class because he came in the military uniform

Today's Campus Treason from Israel:
Arab lecturer refuses to teach reservist Student wearing IDF uniform arrives at Sapir College following long army reserve service, ordered to leave classroom. Students say lecturer told reservist, 'I don.t teach soldiers, policemen and officers in uniform'Shmulik Hadad A cinematography student at the Sapir College, who entered his classroom wearing an IDF uniform, was ordered to leave by the lecturer. First Lieutenant (res.) Eyal Cohen, an intelligence officer, arrived at his college in southern Israel this week following a long and exhausting army reserve service. He did not expect the welcome he got."He entered the classroom and was stopped by the Arab lecturer, who refused to let him in," a student at the college recalled. "The lecturer told him, 'I do not teach soldiers, policemen and officers in uniform.' He was pretty shocked." Cohen refused to leave the classroom and tried to protest the order, but the lecturer did not let him talk. "Eyal sat down and refused to leave the classroom," the soldier's friends said. "The lecturer was unhappy with Cohen's presence at the lesson and kept on making remarks like 'yes, commander' and talking negatively about the IDF, while staring at him." According to the other students, when Cohen tried to say something, the lecturer interrupted him and said, "I told you I do not teach officers and
soldiers. Next time, come to class in civil clothes and I will give you 10 minutes to talk." Cohen was angered both by the lecturer's remarks and by the fact that the other students kept silent and failed to protest or leave the classroom. "I thought that in such a situation the students should have left. I was quite surprised when no one said anything or did anything about it," the soldier told his friends after the lesson. According to the friends, Cohen was agitated and said that he would not ignore the incident.Cohen's friends said that they were not surprised by the lecturer's remarks."This is a lecturer who expresses similar opinions during the classes. He has referred to the IDF as the army of occupation and does not speak positively about the IDF. This time, however, is seems that a red line has been crossed and the college must deal with it." According to the friends, Cohen sought to file a complaint but did not want to have the lecturer fired. "He only wants the lecturer to understand the norms in a place where quite a few reserve soldiers study."The Sapir College said in response that the management had received an anonymous letter against the lecturer. "The lecturer is out of the country at the moment. When he returns we will clarify the details of the incident and issue an official response," a college official said. The head of Sapir College is Prof. Zev Tzahor, whose fax is 972-8-6899412-His email is sonia@sapir.ac.il




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