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Anti-Israel Bar-Ilan Mathematician Kobi Snitz just doesnt add up

By Lee Kaplan –Israel-academia-monitor.com


Many of us in our college-aged youth had grandiose notions of how to run the world without the real applicable knowledge or experience in how to do so. As we grew up, we began to see the world no longer as becoming some utopian abstraction, but a dangerous place where our actions as youthful “ revolutionaries” could harm others. Unfortunately, Kobi Snitz, a PhD in mathematics with affiliations at Bar-Ilan University and Ben Gurion University, is an example of the college radical that never grew into full adulthood, even after he began pursuing a postgraduate degree. Of the plethora of Israeli academics within Israel’s college system that seem to work tirelessly to advance the aims of the totalitarian enemies of the Jewish nation, Snitz is working overtime.


Snitz is a member of Anarchists Against the Wall, a group of Israeli anarchists that declares itself “Palestinian-led” (strange how anarchists who are supposed to believe in no social hierarchy would accept being led by anybody).  AATW is part of the International Solidarity Movement, only it was established as solely an Israeli group of ISMers, and its rhetoric is identical to other ISM activist groups opposing Israel. As usual with the ISM, the word “peace” is used while helping the Arabs to make war on the Jews. Snitz has been touring US universities at ISM functions to trash Israel in the minds of American college students and to persuade them that Eretz Y’israel is an “apartheid” state and that the Security Fence is a “human rights violation.”


But to understand Kobi Snitz it also requires some knowledge of what the Anarchist Movement is really all about.  As mentioned, anarchists do not believe in any hierarchy, everyone in the group is supposed to have an equal say (though inevitably, in an Orwellian fashion, some have more say than others). Many anarchists are also communists and feel that wealth should be distributed only as the anarchist leadership sees fit (Snitz is an anarchist/communist).


The main driving force behind anarchism is revolution, or tearing down the present to make way for a new future. As such, anarchists are usually process driven rather than results driven. The “anarchy” created for the revolution is as fulfilling to most of them as any mythical result in some distant future. In general, anarchists are not pacifists. In fact, while they may claim to be for “peace” as the reason for their destruction of property and rioting, they in fact believe in violence as a means to an end, the destruction of the status quo.


Anarchists have their own Karl Marx in the writings of 19th century anarchist Pierre Proudhon. Proudhon theorized that “property is theft.” But Proudhon also eschewed violence as a means to bring about anarchy, something that Kobi Snitz and his fellows in AATW do not adhere to.


Snitz, in fact, is a communist anarchist in line with the rest of Israel’s communist party calling for the end of the Jewish state to be replaced by an Arab-dominated Palestine. A leaflet he helped co-write against the Security Fence tells a lot about what his group really thinks about themselves: “This Leaflet is Distributed by Israeli National Traitor Anarchists” it reads. The leaflet also declares AATW as being part of the worldwide communist revolution against America and Israel as capitalist states.


Snitz has been involved in the constant rioting in the village of Bi’lin against the Security Fence. Every Friday, internationals from the ISM go to the mosque and incite the local Arabs to riot against the Security Fence and attack IDF soldiers.

At such demonstrations there are usually more ISM internationals than local Arabs,

and the internationals act as human shields for the Arabs who slingshot stones at the soldiers. Snitz is one of the Israeli anarchists who participates and lends his birth nationality as an Israeli to the Arab cause, and the Arabs just love him for it.

After all, if an Israeli will attack IDF soldiers over the Security Fence, how can the Arabs be wrong? Like so many other Israeli communists, Kobi Snitz  is used by Arab irredentists to be an Israeli “talking head” for the Palestinian revolutionary cause.


“Comrade” Snitz , as his fellow communist anarchists call him,  has even been arrested for physically assaulting IDF soldiers and has been injured himself as a result of his assistance in rioting. This makes him a celebrity on US campus tours for the ISM where he tries to encourage Americans not to support Israel against Arab terror groups. His tour in October, 2007 brought him to Princeton, Columbia and NYU and was paid for by an organization called Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian Peace, an ISM front group headed by Eyad El Sarraj of the Gaza Community Mental Health Center, another front NGO that receives money from the US through ISM fundraising activities conducted in part by the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee and Dr. Jess Ghannam of Al Awda, the Palestine Right of Return Coalition, whose motto is “From the river to the sea” and that advocates the complete destruction of the “Jewish entity.”   The organization FFIP openly supports Hamas in Gaza and declares that terrorists killed by the IDF are always civilians murdered by the IDF. FFIP has also received funding from the Ford Foundation that routinely funds NGOs that are stridently anti-Israel and was subject to a US congressional review for helping to fund terrorism. Other funding comes from the less-than-impartial EU member, Norway.


At Snitz’s speaking tour in the US, funded by FFIP, besides discussing how a Security Fence built to stop suicide bombers from murdering Israelis is a “human rights violation,” Snitz discussed how Jews have the temerity to make homes in Judea and Samaria (which the ISM and PLO want to be Jew-free).


Snitz, as a faculty member at Israeli colleges, routinely shows his support for boycotts of Israeli academics by other academic institutions and even for boycotts of Israel by overseas labor unions such as what took place in Canada recently with the CUPE. Although his ire and encouragement for violence against capitalist nations is universal, not limited to just Israel, Israel is his most immediate target. He recently called for days of convergence, or direct action, within Israel designed to mimic the “days of action like those that shut down the World Trade Organization meetings in Seattle in 1999.”


The rioting that took place in Seattle against world economic globalization  consisted of smashing the windows of small business owners, looting their stores and assaults on the police, hardly the type of activities one would expect from a college instructor paid by the Israeli taxpayer. Snitz has the constant ear of impressionable Israeli and American college students on campuses worldwide. One has to wonder how many Israeli shopkeepers and businessmen would countenance paying Snitz’s salary by taxes so he can be employed full-time while conducting his organizing and promoting anti-Israel advocacy work from within the academic community, especially if they knew his advocacy work also encompassed destroying their businesses as part of the global anti-capitalist revolution? Even more so, how would overseas donors to Israeli universities feel about the same thing?


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