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Readers Forum
It is very refreshing that your site is providing such an essential sevice
It is very refreshing that your site is
providing such an essential sevice regarding the intellectual myopia based upon a
total misreading of history and comtemporary events by using a perversion of
Marxist/Leftist ideology which ceases to defend what Marx so vehemently insisted
upon, i.e. historical materialism, i.e.? that historical facts do exist and no
distortion can change those facts. Or as Huxley said: "Facts do not cease to
exist simply because they are ignored."The self-hatred that we are witnessing
is, in a very real sense, the culmination of a 3,000 year old anti-Semitic
psychological warfare campaign (Goebbel's 'Total War') and the Jewish professorial
pseudo-intellectuals are preaching an insidious form of cultural suicide cult with
total contempt for themselves and their brothers and a abject glorification of the
most primitive and bestial mass murders which are the legacy of the pro-Nazi arabs,
like Haj Amin
el-Husseini-Hitler's personal guest after a 1942 failed Nazi coup in Iraq.
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