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Kobi Snitz [Bar Ilan U, Mathematics] representing violent "Anarchists Against the Wall"

Anarchists against the Wall: Anarchist Organizational Principles under Pressure
December 14th, 2007
Anarchists Against The Wall (AATW) is an Israeli group that supports the popular Palestinian struggle. The proximity of the struggle on the ground to Israeli cities presents an opportunity for intense involvement by many Israelis. At the same time, the physical risk in such activity is quite high. It goes without saying that the risks for our Palestinian partners are much higher. As a small group with an aversion to
institutionalization, AATW has to be accountable for taking real physical as well as legal risks. We must strive to be democratic and open while carrying out actions that involve a high degree of trust and much outside social selection. We must maintain a situation in which Palestinians are the ones making important decisions, even as they work together with privileged Israelis. I will attempt to expand on these challenges and review the organizational success of AATW.

Kobi Snitz is a member of Anarchists against the Wall. His political involvement started when he joined CUPE local 3902 as a teaching assistant in Toronto. He continued being active as a graduate student in the United States, working on teaching assistant union drives, and to oppose U.S. aggression. His work with AATW started when he returned to his native Israel in 2003.

This program was produced by the Institute for Anarchist Studies during the 2007 Renewing the Anarchist Tradition conference.


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