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Tel Aviv University
RACHEL GIORA (TAU, linguistics) claims imprisoned terrorist accomplice Tali Fahima is a victim of political persecution
Sent: Sunday, December 26, 2004 11:17 PM
Subject: political persecution

Tali Fahima:

The political persecution continues

There is a direct connection between Gil Naamati who was shot by the IDF when demonstrating against the wall, the imprisonment of conscious objectors and the Shabac political persecution of Tali Fahima.

In "the only democracy in the Middle East", the Government, the security forces and the Justice system send a clear message that Israelis are allowed to demolish houses, shoot children, detain and abuse civilians at checkpoints, hold people in administrative detention, contribute to the cycle of blood shed of both people.

Israelis are not allowed to hold political views that are anti-war, anti destruction, anti human rights violations and anti oppression. Israelis are not allowed to demonstrate their solidarity with farmers whose lands are taken, to get to know people living in the refugee camps nor to extend a hand of peace to Palestinians and try to find a non violent solution to the conflict.

The Shabac is trying to silence Fahima, a brave young woman who decided to check by herself what are the conditions in the Jenin refugee camp that cause Palestinians to act against Israel. She met there ordinary people who want to live a life of freedom and dignity.

This political persecution which is a famous method in non democratic regimes is spreading – only this week a poet from Beer-Sheva who wrote a poem for Tali was investigated by the Shabac.

We call upon the court to take its role and expose the truth – that the Shabac is determined to convict Fahima because of her political views.

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