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Readers Forum
I would like to inform you about a new website which is dedicated to creating more activism in Israel. We are concerned individuals
To whom it may concern,

I would like to inform you about a new website which is dedicated to
creating more activism in Israel. We are concerned individuals who care
deeply about the future of the State of Israel, which we see heading towards
disaster. We feel that the Israeli political culture is carelessly throwing
away the values of collective responsibility and moral accountability that
should exist at the core of our Jewish state. The political establishment
shows only contempt for the public which employs them and pays their

To our great sorrow, many of the decisions made by our political leadership
have already led to the loss of many lives and to failures and debacles. We
will monitor corruption and those who deceive the Israeli people. We aim to
hold our leadership accountable for their actions as is our right.

We want to encourage activism to become the norm and not the exception in
Israel. There is despondency amongst Israelis who feel they can not do
anything to change the political agenda which guides the nation. By joining
us in this movement you will be sending a clear message to our leaders that
they must stand accountable and that the will of Israel's public will be

We are especially disheartened by the situation on Israeli university
campuses and the delegitimization of this country there. We applaud a site
like yours that exposes this extremism. We have a section on our site titled
'Left-Wing Extremism' and we hope to have a section of its own titled
'Academic Extresmism' where we will call on the government to stop paying
our taxes to those who call for our destruction and delegitimization.

We are looking to partner with any organization which shares these aims and
goals. Your organization is one which we would like to have as a partner
site. We would like to place your website and logo on our site and to ask
you to reciprocate. If you have any images and videos which could be of
interest to us please let me know. We will credit all materials emanating
from another site. Also, if you have any activities which are relevant to
our project then we will gladly advertise them on our website.

Together we can bring the Israeli public out of its despondency and make the
effective changes that are necessary.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Yaacov Sampson

Coordinator, Act4Israel

www.activist.co.il <http://www.activist.co.il/>

www.act4israel.com <http://www.act4israel.com/

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