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Dr Talila Kosh Zohar to speak about 'Israel as a Militarised Society', 26 January 2008

Dr. Talila Kosh Zohar is from the Kibbutzim College of Education


"Israel as a Militarised Society - New Profile's Civil Perspective" -  Dr Talila Kosh Zohar from New Profile
Organised by Lampeter Amnesty Group

Saturday 26 January 2008


Old Hall, UWL

New Profile is a group of Israelis, concerned that they seem to be living in a soldiers' state. Many Israelis believe that their country is faced by threats beyond its control; New Profile now questions the true meaning of "national security" and are disturbed by the treatment of the Palestinian citizens.

New Profile opposes the use of the army, police and security forces in the ongoing occupation, and the treatment of the Palestinian citizens of Israel - demolishing their homes, denying them building and development rights, using violence to disperse their peaceful demonstrations.
Thousands of young Israelis who share their views are currently avoiding conscription or combat duty - New Profile offers them support.

Several members of the group are making a lecture tour of UK at the moment so Lampeter Amnesty Group is very pleased to welcome Dr Talila Kosh Zohar who was born in Israel to Slovak parents who are Holocaust survivors. Associate professor at Kibbutzim College of Education in Tel Aviv, her book: Ethics of Memory: Holocaust Memory in the Israeli Literature of the Second Generation is to be published shortly. She has been a member of New Profile since its foundation on 1998.

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