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Avi Shlaim and Eyal Sivan are participating in 'Israeli Apartheid Week' at Oxford University

Avi Shlaim is a professor of International Relations at St Antony’s College, Oxford.
Eyal Sivan, cinema department of Sapir college in the Negev.

                         Oxford University Arab Cultural Society

 Israeli Apartheid Week 2008
Oxford University Arab Society



11-15 Feb (5th Week)


Featuring: Mustafa Bargouthi, Avi Shlaim, Joseph Massad,
Eyal Sivan, Daphna Baram, Haneen Zoubi, Kamal Abu-Deeb
and Khaled Hroub

*Monday, February 11

Film Presentation and Discussion
with Israeli Director Eyal Sivan

Speaker: Eyal Sivan

Location: St Antony’s College, Nissan Lecture Theatre
Time: 7:30 pm

Renowned Israeli filmmaker Eyal Sivan will present
and discuss one of his most memorable documentaries.
“Izkor, Slaves of Memory” is a film based on one month
in the life of the Israeli State through the school
system. It starts in kindergarten at the beginning of
April and concludes on Independence Day right at the
end of April, in a High school. It powerfully charts
the construction of Israeli collective identity through
the education system, implicitly exploring the mechanisms
of justification, and the cultural roots, of Israel’s
racism towards the Palestinian people. Izkor won the
Prix Procirep & Mention Spéciale du Jury FIPA, 1991
and the 1991 Prix d’Investigation,Biennale Européenne
du Documentaire, Marseille.

Eyal Sivan is a distinguished Israeli director, producer,
and essayist. His films have won numerous prizes including
the Cinéma du Réel Prize at the Centre Pompidou, the Amsterdam
Golden Crown, the Mayor’s Prize at the International Documentary
Film Festival in Japan, the Grimm Gold prize in Germany and the
1st prize at the Festival des Droits de l’Homme in Paris. He is a
founder of Paris based production company Momento! and a lecturer
in Film Studies at the University of East London.

*Tuesday, February 12

Beyond Apartheid: The Path to Peace

Chair: Professor Avi Shlaim
Speaker: Dr. Mustafa Bargouthi

Location: St Antony’s College, Nissan Lecture Theatre
Time: 7:30 pm

Avi Shlaim (FBA) is Professorial Fellow and Professor of
International Relations at St Antony’s College, Oxford.
He is a renowned author on the international politics of
the Middle East and a winner of the WJM Mackenzie Book Prize
and the David Watt Memorial Prize. His publications include
‘War and Peace in the Middle East’; ‘The Iron Wall: Israel
and the Arab World’ and ‘The Lion of Jordan: The Life of
King Hussein in War and Peace’.

Mustafa Bargouthi is a prominent Palestinian political
and humanitarian figure. He is a member of the Palestinian
Legislative Council and the Secretary General of the
National Palestinian Intiative, al-Mubadara. He was runner
up in the 2005 Palestinian presidential elections, receiving
one fifth of the vote. He has played an important role in
furthering Palestinian internal dialogue, holding the post
of information minister in last year’s Palestinian unity
government. Dr Bargouthi is internationally renowned as
an advocate for justice and peace and was a delegate to
the Madrid Peace Conference in 1991. He is also a noted
civil society figure and President of the Union of
Palestinian Medical Relief Committees.

*Wednesday, February 13

Israeli Media and the Palestinian Citizens of Israel
Speakers: Haneen Zoubi and Daphna Baram

Location: Wadham College, Old Refectory
Time: 7:30 pm

Haneen Zoubi is the General Director of I’lam –
Media Center for Arab Palestinians in Israel.
A Palestinian citizen of Israel, she is a political
and feminist activist, and contributor to various
Arab newspapers on feminist-national emancipation,
Israeli media policy and regulations. She is an
expert on the Israeli media and on representations
of Palestinians in Israeli mass culture.

Daphna Baram is an Israeli writer and journalist
based in London. She was a Senior Associate Member
at St Antony’s College and a fellow of Oxford’s
Reuters Foundation Programme. She is a contributor
to numerous publications including the Guardian,
New Statesman, Independent, Jewish Quarterly,
Ha’aretzand Yediot. She began her career as a
human rights lawyer in the military courts in
the West Bank and Gaza and later worked as
a feature writer, commentator, news editor and
deputy editor in chief for the Jerusalem based
weekly Kol Ha’ir. She has several translations
to her credit including a Hebrew edition of The
Nuremberg Interviews. Her book ‘Disenchantment:
The Guardian and Israel’ has just been published
in paperback.

Copies of Daphna Baram’s ‘Disenchantment:
The Guardian and Israel’ will be available
for signing following the lecture and will
be sold at a discounted price.

*Thursday, February 14

Gaza: The World’s Largest Prison
Speaker: Khaled Hroub

Location: Wadham College, Old Refectory
Time: 4:00 pm

Khaled Hroub is director of the Cambridge
Arab Media Project in association with the
Centre of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
at the University of Cambridge, where he
previously served as visiting scholar. He
has also worked for the Middle East Programme
of the International Institute of International
Studies in London. Mr. Hroub was a former host
of the weekly book review program, ‘Books and
Authors’, on Aljazeera.  A recognized expert
on Hamas,Palestinian politics, and Arab media,
his publications include the edited collection
‘New Media and Politics in the Arab World’; ‘Hamas:
Political Thought and Practice’; and ‘Hamas: A
Beginner’s Guide’. He is a columnist for the
Arab daily newspapers Al-Hayat, Al-Sharq,
Al-Ittihad, Al-Kahera, and Al-Ghad. He has also
written for the International Herald Tribune
and his writings have appeared in numerous academic
journals. Mr. Khroub is a member of Queens’College,

*Friday, February 15

Semitism and the Palestinians

Chair: Professor Kamal Abu-Deeb
Speaker: Professor Joseph Massad

Location: St Antony’s College, Nissan Lecture Theatre
Time: 7:30 pm

Kamal Abu-Deeb holds the chair of Arabic Studies at SOAS.
A leading scholar in Arabic literary criticism and culture,
he has written extensively on Arabic poetry and poetics
and the critical discourse in the Arabic tradition. He is
also a renowned poet and a leading translator. His Arabic
translation of Edward Said’s ‘Orientalism’ is considered
to be a masterpiece of modern Arab writing. Professor Abu-Deeb
has founded and taught Arabic programmes in many universities,
including Oxford, Columbia, Pennsylvania, Yarmouk, Damascus
and San’a.

Joseph Massad is an Associate Professor of Modern Arab
Politics and Intellectual History at Columbia University.
A leading scholar of Middle Eastern politics, history and
culture, he is the author of ‘Desiring Arabs’; ‘The Persistence
of the Palestinian Question: Essays on Zionism and the
Palestinians’; and ‘Colonial Effects: The Making of National
Identity in Jordan’. He is a winner of the Middle East Studies
Association’s prestigious Malcolm Kerr Dissertation Award.

Copies of Professor Massad’s latest books will be available
for signing after the lecture.






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