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Israelis in Non-Israeli Universities
Idith Zertal to speak about her book "Lords of the Land, the first book to narrate and analyze the full history of the occupation and Jewish settlements"


MEI Event- Thursday, February 14: "Lords of the Lands"

Thursday, February 14:

Middle Eat Institute presents:


"Lords of the Lands"

With, Idith Zertal, Institute of Jewish Studies at the University of Basel, Switzerland

Professor Zertal is an Israeli historian and essayist, the author of many books and articles on Jewish, Zionist and Israeli history.

The 1967 Arab-Israeli war was a devastating triumph for Israel, which immediately began to establish settlements in the newly conquered territories in contravention with international law and conventions. Those settlements, and the ideological-political movement that made them possible, have utterly transformed Israel.
Lords of the Land, the first book to narrate and analyze the full history of the occupation and Jewish settlements, tells that tragic story, and reveals what a catastrophe it has been for both Israel and the Palestinians. Based on years of research and written by one of Israel's leading historians, and a well-known journalist, the book focuses on the settlers themselves ? their messianic religious zeal, their politics, their attitude toward the Palestinians, and their cult of death.


Date: Thursday, February 14
Time: 12:30pm- 2PM
Location: International Affairs Building, Room 1118


Late Baruch Kimmerling wrote in 2004 about Zertal's book "Death and the Nation: History, Memory, Politics"
: "...What sets Zertal's book apart is her focus on death. She believes that an obsession with death and martyrdom has vitally shaped the way Israelis understand themselves and their state. One of her recurring themes is "ancient graves produce fresh graves." 




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