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Israelis in Non-Israeli Universities
About Ilan Pappe, taken from Iranian News: Israeli urges cultural boycott of regime

  IRIB News


 Israeli urges cultural boycott of regime
03:51:52 ?.?
An Israeli historian beleives that cultural boycott of the Zionist regime is the only way for force the regime to end the occupation, the Zionist Yediot Aharonot daily reported on its website.

Ian Pape also clearly announced its support for the academic boycott of the Zionist regime last year. After that he and his family were threatened to death and had to leave their home.

He left Israel and now live in England but after his recent remarks about Israel he had been threatened to death by phone every day.

In an interview Pape said that he has supported the boycott of the Zionist reigme because he believed the Zionist regime would not end its occupation unless under pressure.

"Only if the Zionist regime receives a strong message that its academics, physicians and authors would not be accepted in the international community, we would see a change in this regard," he added.

In an article titled "Demolition of the Palestinian cities, Spring of 1948" which was published in a Zionist daily this week, Pape said the claims that the Arab residents of the Zionist settlements voluntarily left their homes or fled their country was a lie.

He said a cleansing policy was adopted by the regime was part of a plot to establish a Jewish government.

In his book named "Racial cleansing of the Palestinians", published in 2006 in England, He presented documents over massacre of the Palestinians by the Zionist regime's forces.

"Repatriation of the Palestinian refugees is the only way for restoration of peace in the region," Pape added.


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